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    Dumb Question-how do I scroll down dialog box using Chrome?

    I swear I am not stupid. My wife got me a Dell android tablet for reading. I really like it so far. However, the one thing that frustrates me is I don't know how to select the drop downs on certain sites. Like for example on I will want to select the "scores" option under MLB...
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    Any apps that read PDF books save last page on?

    Went with Iphone a couple of years back after being android user for my phone. My wife got me a Dell Venue tablet for my birthday. I know it's not the best, but all I am going to do is read on it. I have some books on PDF. Is there an app I could use that would "remember" the last page I was on...
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    Any chance this phone or some variant coming to Verizon?

    Iphone user here...I am really sick of IOS, but love the camera on the 4S. I would definitely switch back to Android if I could get a phone with a camera like the One X..any chance this phone or some variant with the camera tech will be coming to Verizon soon?
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    Verizon-Any new Androids coming out B4 XMAS/Iphone 4 S?

    I am currently an Iphone 4 user..I had an Incredible and liked it..but I drank the Apple Kool-Aid and got an Iphone 4. I have been happy with it, but I have continued to use my Incredible as well on my Wi-Fi Network-no service. The one thing that is important to me is the camera-that is the...
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    Just got Iphone-want to return it for TB-Release date?

    I had a Droid Incredible. I bought into the Iphone hype and got one this morning. I have been disappointed with the speed and general "feeling" of the phone. I think I liked my Incredible more. I think Apple gets way too much credit with Android is faster, more responsive, and more robust. I...
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    Are any of the new Droids going to have backlit sensor camera?

    Before I go out and purchase an Iphone tomorrow..will any of the new Droid phones have a backlit sensor camera like the Iphone? I can wait if there is going to be one...
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    Dropped Again-Do I need to replace LCD or just the front glass?

    Somehow my Incredible fell out of my jacket pocket at the grocery store Dropped it for the second time within a month. This is getting to be a bad habit. I think this is partially HTC's fault. They sell a 2150 battery, but they don't make a protective case that will hold the damn thing...
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    Accessories Best Protective Case For Those Who Bought HTC Extended Battery?

    I dropped my Incredible and it disintegrated. I had a protective case until I got the 2150 MAH battery..then they did not have anything at the store that would fit. What is the best case for the phone? Money is no object. Anything is cheaper than the $89 deductible.
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    Installing Swype

    May sound like a dumb question, but how do I install Swype? It's not on the Marketplace. I went to the web site of the company to do a manual install-no where to download it.
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    Help Bought extended life battery-still draining quickly-help!?

    Ok I posted the other day...My battery started draining rapidly all of a sudden. I had the Seido 1750 battery. I stopped yesterday at the Verizon store and got the 2150 Battery-it is also draining quickly. I guess the Seido battery was not the problem. The battery was fully charged before I...
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    Help Applications starting up without my input/draining battery

    I am not sure what is going on here. I posted about my battery going down quickly. I think I found out why. Applications are STARTING without my input. I did Advance Task Killer-killed all Apps-I pick the phone up 5 minutes later and nearly all of my applications are running. I did NOT start...
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    Help Seido Battery Life-All of a Sudden Not So Incredible

    Not sure what changed with my phone. I used to be getting long life with my Seido battery and suddenly it is no longer giving. It has been unplugged for about 4 hours and it is down to about 40%. I did use Google Maps for about 10 minutes but this is ridiculous. I do not have location settings...
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    Accessories Problems Seido 1750 Battery-Should I sent it back?

    Not sure what the problem may be. I got the Seido 1750 battery. I make sure it is fully charged. However, it appears to go "down" faster than the original OEM battery. Is the battery defective? Should I send it back? It has been off the charger 37 minutes and 1 second and it appears about 10%...
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    Help How soon can Incredible users hack phones and install Froyo?

    Just wondering...
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    Help Phone does not switch to landscape when rotated horizonally?

    Not sure if this is a problem or if it has always been like this-I was out on Friday night and had my phone laying flat horizontally-I tried to get it into landscape mode by rotating-it wouldn't work. The only way I could get it to flip into landscape mode was to hold it vertically. Is there...
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    Help When I hold phone horizontally, rotating it does not change view

    Not sure if this is a problem with the phone or not-also not sure if it was like it when I got it. I just became aware of the issue on Saturday night. I had the phone on a table and was holding it horizontally-I was trying to get it to switch to landscape view (so I could use full keyboard )...
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    Underclocking Incredible during workday-save battery life?

    Just wondering if underclocking my Incredible will save battery life during the day-I can't use my phone much at work-maybe when I go somewhere to pee or grab something to eat-that is about it. I wouldn't care about speed during the day..say if I underclock it to like 400 MHZ, would that save a...
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    Just got Incredible-Want T9 for texting while "moving"-Best T9 Keyboard?

    I just got the Incredible..and well it is Incredible. I just want to be able to use T9 like I did on my Dare (my previous phone). It is the only way I can text while "moving" so I don't have to look at my phone. What is the best "keyboard" for that application? I would want to switch back to the...
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    Which photo program can put you next to celebrities?

    I had an Eris a while back and returned it..glad I did because now I have the Incredible which solved all of the problems I had with the Eris. There was a photo program which could put you "next" to celebrities. I cannot recall the name of the program and did a search on the marketplace and...
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    Is the Incredible 2150 MAH Battery For Real? Vaporware?

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    Accessories Is the Incredible 2150 MAH Battery For Real? Vaporware?

    I thought it was going to be available through Verizon... No word on the VZW site. I love the phone. I would feel more comfortable about just buying another battery (stock) if the snap in system wasn't so tedious-I have a feeling I am going to break something if I keep swapping.
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    Any Camera Applications that do "beauty"shots?

    Just wondering if any camera applications have a beauty shot as an option.
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    Do the Eris Extended Life Batteries Interfere With Camera?

    Just wondering if using them, especially the 3500 MaH batteries, have a negative effect on using the camera since they stick out so far?
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    Eris 3500 MaH battery? How long does it last?

    Just curious.
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    What is the size of the Eris Battery that comes with the phone?

    Just wondering. What is the size of the battery that comes with the phone?