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  1. J

    Android 10 Update

    Just received the USA version of Android 10 update this morning.
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    Security update

    Virgin Mobile sent down a Security update Yesterday 10/3/17
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    Help Google Chrome and Recent apps

    When i try to close all my recent apps Google Chrome will not close. It stays persistent. I can't clear all it's grayed out when only Chrome is showing. Swiping does not work. Anyone having this problem or know why it's happening?
  4. J

    Accessories Any case suggestions?

    Need a decent case for this phone coming tomorrow any suggestions?
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    How do you search a specific thread your on. The old forum had a search box that said search this tread. I can't seam to figure it out i don't want to search all threads and i don't want to have to drill down the list in advanced search every time i want to search just one area of the forum...
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    Help watchon ir problems

    When I try to set up the watchon or peel remote the first test button is to test the power. It turns my tv on but also activates the shutdown on my tablet. I can hit back button but tablet still turns off. Contacted Samsung and when they didn't really understand what the problem was they said to...
  7. J

    Just received update to LS720ZV8 (VM)

    I am on Virgin Mobile and I just got updated a moment ago to LS720ZV8. Just a heads up to all.
  8. J

    Root [Virgin Mobile] Too many variants Too many ways

    OK I am not completely new to rooting but there seems to be so many phone variations and ways to root this S3 i have become totally confused. My software version is un-rooted stock VM L710VPUCNDC I see a lot of questions and answers for ND8 and others but not much on NDC. A few questions...
  9. J

    Virgin Mobile increased minutes for free.

    Virgin Mobile has increased my minutes for free. Went to site and noticed now i get 312 minutes for 35.00 instead of 300 WOOT WOOT Happy days. Hope this don't put them out of business. LOL
  10. J

    GS3 on VM website shows no data usage.

    I guess this might be a good thing. Ever since getting 4.4.2 update my phone now says Samsung, There is no Virgin mobile start up animation and the VM app does not work. All this is fine with me. An added benefit is that when I visit the VM website and check data usage it shows none. anyone else...
  11. J

    Root [Virgin Mobile] Best way to root 4.4.2

    What is the best way to root 4.4.2 Virgin mobile
  12. J

    Samsung galaxy s3 on sale

    Amazon has the s3 on sale right now for 164.59 hurry before price goes back up. I got mine at 179.99 2 days ago arrives tomorrow. Called and they are refunding difference.
  13. J

    OK Folks S3 or Supreme

    I want a larger phone. Currently have F3 and like it a lot but screen size and screen quality are important to me. Camera quality should be good but not that big of a pic taker. Low internal space is ok if moving apps 2 sd is available. The only thing that concerns me is : Some people say...
  14. J

    Are the Quad Core phones worth it?

    Virgin mobile coming out with lower priced quad core phones. Are they really any good at that price point? Wonder why so cheap? Makes me a little nervous getting one. Any Thoughts?
  15. J

    LG Volt now available

    Was thinking of getting the Supreme but This is VM's first Kit Kat phone. wonder if it's worth getting it or not.
  16. J

    Root [Virgin Mobile/Sprint] Anyone have the V6 update installed?

    Has anyone succesfully updated their vm phone with this update. does it show you have the new v6 or still v5? If so anything new that you can see?
  17. J

    Root [Virgin Mobile/Sprint] anyone willing to try this?

    This is supposed to be a unrooting script that works on any phone. My f3 is my only phone right now so can;t try it myself. Maybe if this works unrooting before any updates may help prevent soft bricking you phone. Find it here How to Root & Unroot Any Android Device: Simple StepsTechDistinct...
  18. J

    Help Battery question

    Is anyone esle getting this on their f3? This is what i see when i go to my account/dashboard/battery status/recent alerts. Battery Snapshot Battery problem-Charging-Unknown charging issue-Health:Overheat The real problem is i am not charging the phone and these alerts happen approx every...
  19. J

    Root [Virgin Mobile/Sprint] Caution after rooting

    trying to go into recovery using quick boot will also do a factory reset as it did with rom toolbox for other user. This may happen with any kind of recovery starter until boot loader is unlocked. it did not re-install the apps i removed after rooting it just returned the user settings to...
  20. J

    Root [Virgin Mobile/Sprint] Why did you root?

    Besides the obvious of removing bloat and possibly getting the app 2 sd working why did you root your F3. There is no recovery or roms available so is there any other reason to root other than for-mentioned at beginning of post?
  21. J

    How good is this phone?

    I am thinking of getting this phone. How is it? Anyone have problems? I am also thinking of getting the victory but like the current price of the f3 both phones have about the same specs other than the fron camera which i don't really care about. Any thoughts?