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  1. Help Speedtest for an SSD?

    Hi I have an Adapter who allow me to charge the Phone while an SSD is connect to. I want use Software to record a Video to that SSD. I dont know what speed the SSD support on the Phone. So maybe I can shoot a 4K Video. Thanks
  2. Help Stereo to USB-C Mic Adapter?

    Hi I want to Film and bought an Stereo Mic and forgotten that I dont have an Stereo Input Adapter all are Mono... :rolleyes:... So can someone recommend one? I use Google and found nothing with an reasonable Price. Thanks :cool:
  3. Help Android 8.1 drive me insane...

    Hi I bought this one: I need them just when I ride my Scooter and need the Here Map and VLC for listen Music. VLC Working perfect on my first try. Well... when it come to other Software I am not that lucky. APKPure dont download any Software...
  4. Access an USB Cam and set some Settings?

    Hi I got this: Camera who use an OM5640 Chipset. The Camera have NO IR Filter so IR Light pass truth. I got an Optical Filter who Filter the Optical Light out and just let the IR Light pass to make IR Images. Yes Ladys it reveal some secrets...
  5. Accessories Software for Generic Headphone IR Adapter?

    Hi My Phone does not have a USB- OTG or USB-C so the only IO Port is the Headphone. I saw on Ebay some IR Headphone Jack IR Adapter. I looking for as Software maybe is there some open avaiable? There are some interesting TV and POS Display here who I want to send some IR Stuff in. There also to...
  6. Help ☝️ Can someone Edit my Username?

    Hi Can someone (Admin, Mod,...) set in the DB my User name to ⁉️Android ? I forgott the "r". Thanks
  7. Help How to add a Proxy to a Lan Connection?

    Hi I run a Virtuell Android on my Virtual System Machine and I just need to a Proxy Server to the Lan connection. I can browse Internally but without the Proxy I cant surf in the Web. Thanks