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  1. NeoSabin

    Optimus S with jellybean

    Jelly Bean is now running on the (wait for it) Optimus S via a CyanogenMod 10 port | Android Central
  2. NeoSabin

    Root [Guide] Deodexing Stock ROM

    Deodexing is the process of recombining .odex files to an apk and making it a complete package again, mainly for themeing. This is really for those of you out there that want to stay on stock and theme it. As a shortcut i have uploaded the deodex and zipaligned files for those who want to...
  3. NeoSabin

    anyone having service problems?

    My antenna and 4g are staying gray so is my gf's phone (she's but here atm) getting no internet and i'm wondering, is anyone else getting this?
  4. NeoSabin

    MetroPCS launching live mobile TV service

  5. NeoSabin

    New phone coming to MetroPCS So if you aren't sure about the esteem you could wait to check this one out.
  6. NeoSabin

    Root [Guide]Connecting to adhoc networks

    For anyone who wants to connect to their laptop, Android, or any other device that uses an adhoc network, this guide is for you. This can be installed on other Android devices besides esteem. MAKE SURE WIFI IS OFF BEFORE YOU PROCEED Files/apps needed: A file browsing app with r/w access...
  7. NeoSabin

    Root cyanogen compiler

    Haven't tested it my self yet just putting the info out there [CMC] Cyanogenmod Compiler [Alpha] [Dec 28 2011] - xda-developers Currently only for supported devices but cool nonetheless
  8. NeoSabin

    Root Live logcat & Live Dmesg working

    I got tired of the MetroPCS boot animation and decided to see if live logcat and dmesg would work and they do :D So if you like watching scrolling text or what your phone is doing at boot:
  9. NeoSabin

    Help MMS help if you can for verification.

    I'm noticing alot of people saying they can't get MMS working, including my gf and her family who just got new lines on MetroPCS on stock ROM still. If anyone stock or not try to send an MMS to someone they know just as a test and post whether or not it was successful. I'm thinking this is a...
  10. NeoSabin

    Root Stupid question prl related

    What part of the phone the does the prl reside in and is there anyway to have an easier way to flash it into the phone through recovery, app or some other method that can get it over to that side in an easier way than downloading a program to get it on there?
  11. NeoSabin

    Root Powered down charging

    I remember when I had the stock ROM I was able to shut off my phone with USB cable in place and it would reboot into a battery indicator screen. After flashing to cm7, 2 different roms, I can't charge the phone with it not ruining the OS unless I leave it in recovery. I prefer the...