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    Help Screen doesn't always auto rotate

    Is there a place to callibrate the screen on the s4? Most times when I go to view a video or a photo on my phone and turn it sideways, it won't rotate the image to give me full screen view. And sometime when it does rotate, it doesn't rotate back when I put the phone vertically. The only way...
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    Help How do I mount the internal sd card?

    Hi with my S2, I was able to mount the internal SD card so I could see what drive letter it was on the computer. I've accidently deleted a video from my phone that was stored on the internal sd and I wanted to run a file recover software on the internal memory card. I've dont this before on my...
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    Help Galaxy S2 won't stop downloading a particular file

    I have an SGS2 and hav ehad it for a while so I know the ins and outs of it. But tonight I tried to download a photo from an email and it showd up in the task bar as usual that it was downloading. But after about 5 mins it was still downloading. I went back to my gmail (on the phone) cancelled...
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    App that requres PIN to delete files from phone memory?

    Hi Is there an app out there that makes it so your phone requires a pin to delete files? My 3 year old plays with my phone often and he's actually deleted a few videos and photos before I've been able to transfer them onto my computer. so i've been searching for an app that will request a...
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    Handcent how to delete outgoing message

    I tried to send a namecard (contact number) from my contacts group to my friends mobile number but the message is stuck trying to send. How do I delete it? I have sent the phone number to my friend as a text message so just need to delete this outgoing message thats showing that its sending and...
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    I don't think ICS installed properly how do I do it again?

    I received a notification from my phone provider to let me know that I can update to ICS. I did it and it downloaded two seperate items. I installed the first item and it rebooted, then when it was trying to install the second item I accientely hit cancel. Now I have no idea what the second item...
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    repeatedly being asked to "Name New Device" (facebook)

    Everytime i log into facebook on my SGS2 it keeps asking me to "Name New Device" as if its a new device accessing my facebook account. Its really annoying and when i go into facebook and look at the devices that have accessed my facebook account, there's about 30 different devices but i know...
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    New Android Market sucks balls! its sooo slow, is there a fix yet??

    I've done a search on these forums and google and i can see that this was a problem for a few people a few months back but I've only started noticing it recently when my Market app updated to the new version. Does anyone else find that its really slow? Some apps it downloads no problems but...
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    repeated "complete action using.." prompts

    Hi I have had launcher pro on my samsung galaxy s2 for a month now but its just recently now when I wake my phone up from the lock screen it keeps asking me, "complete action using..." Even though I select "launcher pro" and tick "set as default". Its really irritating and it also happens on...
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    Help Ringtone volume decreases after receiving a call.. weird!

    My mum and I have SGS2's and my mums phone seems to be acting strangely... She sets her ringtone volume up to maximum and if i make a test call to her phone it rings at maximum volume. However without touching the phone, if I (or anyone) rings it again, the volume is very low and if you press...
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    Help Send more than 10 sms in group message

    I noticed that my sgs2 limits me to sending upto only 10 recipients in one group message. Is there any way to increase that number?
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    Emoji plugin for stock messaging app

    Is there an emoji plugin app that I can download for the stock messaging app for my gs2? I had handcent sms on my htc desire because the stock app was poo but I quite like the stock sms app on the gs2 (I'm using the one with the cats, so cute!) Do I need to use handcent to be able to see...
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    Gmail inbox colours differentiate between read and unread

    Is there an app for the gmail inbox or something that I can download so that I can change the colours in the inbox so its easier to differentiate between the read and unread emails? the stock Gmail app has a blue bar up the top and the emails are listed in black font on a white background. I...
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    Help facebook photos not sync'ing with GS2 phone contacts

    With my HTC Desire, if facebook photos were not automatically sync'd to contacts on my phone, I was able to "link" them manually. But in my SGS2, when I go into "join contacts" either the contact name is not listed or the contact name is joined but there is no photo but there is a photo if you...
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    Help Samsung Kies You Will Be The Death Of Me!!! (full backup help)

    Ok so correct me if I'm wrong but from what I understand Samsung Kies is the only way I can do a full backup of my SGS2. Im having some problems with my phone so I may need to exchange it for a new one come Monday but I don't want to go thru the pain of setting it all up again (I've installed...
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    Gmail unread count alternative

    I've used the free version of gmail unread count for ages on my htc desire but now I have ags2 and found that it force closes quite often. So I see that there is a paid version but all the most recent reviews say that it also force closes. So obviously I'm not going to waste my money paying for...
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    How do you pronounce Samsung "Kies"?

    So looking for the correct pronounciation of "Kies".. is it like "Keys" because the logo looks like a key, or is it pronounced like "Kies" rhyming with "Pies", or I've also seen it on a youtube video pronounced as "Kiss"?
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    Help SGS2 hissing sound on calls

    I've had my SGS2 for 3 days and everyone that I've spoken to has said that there is a "hissing" sound each time they call me. And since they pointed it out I also hear the hissing sound from my end too. Is there any reports of this and whether it is a common issue is there a fix? Should I be...
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    Help SGS2 not sync'ing with Gmail calendar (Pure Calendar Widget)

    I have gone from a HTC Desire to a SGS2. With my Desire, I used the stock calendar widget and everytime I updated teh calendar from the phone it would update on my gmail calendar and vice versa. However, as there is no similar stock calendar widget on the GS2, I have downloaded Pure Calendar...
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    Help Launcher Pro + not showing contacts in People widget

    Hey just got my SGS2 today and am busy installing apps :) I have just installed the Launcher Pro Plus. I made good use of the People widget on my HTC Desire so I have paid for the unlocker for the Launcher Pro. But when I select the People widget and select my Family group, no contacts show...
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    Help cant use music as alarm tone

    I've just factory reset my desire and now I can't seem to select an mp3 from my music folder as the alarm tone. I used to be able to go into alarm tone and select "my music" and choose any of my mp3s. Any ideas?
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    Help Gmail contact photos not sync'ing to phone

    I just did a factory reset on my Desire and after sync'ing gmail contacts, most of my gmail contact photos aren't sync'ing to my phone although they previously had sync'd to the phone before i did the factory reset. :confused: Any ideas how to rectify this?
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    Did you go from a HTC Desire to GS2? Need your help please :)

    Hi I'm actually deciding betwen the HTC Sensation and GS2, both of which are coming to my netowrk in Australia at the end of the month. I've watched countless comparison videos of both phones online and now have a few qustions for someone who came from a HTC to a GS2... 1. Did you miss the...
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    GS2 camera button?

    So I'm looking at getting the GS2 from the HTC Desire but I've read somewhere that the camera button is badly placed on the GS2? Or something along those lines?? Can anyone confirm that? Aparently sometimes if you try to take a photo, you turn your phone off by accident if you hit the wrong...
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    Help No option to mount as disk drive when connect usb

    I'm not sure if its just me, but I connected the Desire S to a pc using usb cable and there was no option to select "Mount as Disk Drive"??? I have the first Desire and when you connect the phone using usb it gives you the options to select "Charge Only", "HTC Sync", "Disk Drive" or USB...