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    battery question/deal

    Now is it true that battery without being removeable will last a much shorter time and start to fade after a year? Second there is a life case water proof if i get that i wont need screen protectors right? Second is it worth saving at least 150 getting this phone over the note which has...
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    droid 4 os

    how much space does the operating system take and preloaded apps before we turned on this phone? This phone has a total of 16gb
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    turbo and power saving mode or ultra saving

    does the turbo have ultra saving mode or power saving mode? maybe it does not with android 4.4 but has it with android 5 or L?
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    Note 4 or Droid Turbo Verizon

    down to two phones droid turbo or samsung note 4. Now I have tested both and both can fit in my pocket totally fine. I like both although the turbo is cheaper with the 100 dollar automatic trade in. I love the turbo for its battery its probably better than the note 4, but its overall look and...
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    Verizon dumb sales rep?

    First she claims the iphone6 can last 2 full days then says, " The pre-loaded apps on note 4 does not take up any of your 32gb provided space and the operating system only operates the device and lets you know the space allowance that you have Only what you upload and download and your...
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    how much space does the Verizon Note 4 have after you turn it on

    To those of you who have a verizon note 4 how much space did you have after you turned it on. Rumor has it from verizon they claim about 24 or 25ish. Do you think this phone needs a wireless charger and pad?
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    verizon note 4

    Now got a question and a tip. Now if you buy the note 4 at verizonwireless store they charge you tax for the full retail price of the phone despite the discount. But if i were to get it at best buy can verizon store still look at it and get me a manufactures warrentee if need be? How many of...
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    new s6

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Smashing Specifications | Galaxy S6
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    about the battery

    I would say the size of this phone either 32gb or 64 fits my size for sure but how is the battery life this will be key for me if i were to get the note over the maxx or galaxys5
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    droid maxx advice (could be new user!)

    Hey everyone I may want to get a new droid maxx when my contract is over in Aug 28th but got few questions and problems. Id rather not have a contract but it is what it is. 1. I know its only sold in verizon stores as the 16gb version as far as I know. Anyone know if I can get a 64gb version...