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    Android version of app "word lens"?

    Anyone seen the iphone app "word lens". Very cool translator. Check it out if you have not seen it. Does anyone know the android versions name if there is one yet. Insanely Cool iPhone AppVideo
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    Root 3G and 4G reception terrible

    I thought it was ok until I played with my wife's stock 2.2 phone. I get terrible reception compared to her. I am unrevoekd forever, fresh 3.2, netrachys toastmod 4.1.2 kernel, pri 1.4. Any ideas on what to do. Do I need to flash a different wimax or radio?
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    Cell phone reception boosters

    I've seen a few but heard very few reports of them working. I am looking for a 3G booster in particular. I want to be able to use it on my boat which gets a poor signal.
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    Root When applying patch from 3.0.01 to 3.0.02.....

    Do I need to wipe everything? DO I apply from recovery just like a ROM. Never mind. Got it and the answer is no and yes.
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    Root Wireless tether help

    I cannot seem to get my wireless tether to work. My phone is unrevoked 3, fresh 2.2, netarchy kernel, latest tether software that supposedly fixed it. It is set up identical to my wife's who is 2.1, unrevoked and hers works fine. Slow compared to my t=mobile HTC HD2 tether but it works. WHat...
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    Handbrake video

    Ok I have read much of the hanbrake threads on here and didn't this question answered. I have a few blurays that I have ripped and the braked and they are coming in at 2.15gigs which of course is unplayable which is fing stupid if you asked me. So how do I trim just a bit from the movie? Is it...
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    Root anyone running a custom kernel on unrevoked3

    Id love to run netarchys to overclock and unlock fps. Is it done the same way as flashing a rom? in recovery I mean.
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    Root Simpleroot help

    This is probably a very simple question but I am stumped. I downloaded the file to my computer and it is zipped. When I go into the program it's a bunch of different files. Which one do I open for the program to start. On the videos there is just one icon they click and the program starts.
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    Root Really starting to dislike my Evo

    Ever since updating fresh 2.2 my phone is such a PIA. The internet is barely usable. It lags and does funny things. With people that are unrooted it seems a hard reset is what cures their ills. I guess we can't do that with ours? BTW i'm rooted with unrevoked 3. Any help. I would kill to go back...
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    It's official 2.1 is better than 2.2!

    At least in our house anyway. As long as I have a nice controversial title to rope you in i'll explain. I spent last night playing with both my parents DroidXs and my wife's Evo all of which are still on 2.1. I can say without a doubt and everyone in the house agreed thier phones run better...
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    App that measures FPS?

    Can't remember and can't find it in a search
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    Root Help with fresh 2.2

    I need help please. I am rooted with unrevoked 3 so I tried to flash fresh 2..2 today but my phone is stuck on the screen that says "fresh" after rebooting. It's been that way for an hour. I tried pulling the battery and reflashing from the bootloader but it does the exact same thing.
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    Root I am torn. stock 2.2 or custom 2.2?

    I am stuck and don't know which way to go. I could go back to stock and lose free wireless hotspot and underclocking. Or I could do three new custom 2.2 but people are losing wireless tether and 4g which is a no no. I don't know how to install the new 2.2 out how to " wipe" which is what I need...
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    Froyo, not convinced. Convince me.

    OK soI am new to android phones and all I have heard over there last few months is how magical froyo will be. turning my phone into a money printing, ass kicking, blow job giving piece of machinery obviously descended from the gods. So far I am a bit underwhelmed by what I Have been reading...
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    Help So chinese batteries don't charge through the phone

    I'm getting a ton more time out of the batteries charged in the wall charger but I have noticed the batteries won't charge in the phone via USB. Anyone else have this problem? I like the extra time but not being able to charge in anything except the wall isn't that great. Guess i'll just use...
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    Dvdfab works very well

    Just thought I would post that for people like me having problems with handbrake. Dvdfab takes movies in one step and makes them ready for your Evo. Can't wait to try some bluerays to see how well it works. My question is do I have to have a blueray player in my computer or will it work with a...
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    Root Unrevoked 3 warning

    If you are doing this app for the free tether think twice. Myself and another member have both measured max wireless tether speeds at .4 down and .1 up. This is both 3 and 4G. My 4G was doing 3-4mbs down and 1 mbs up but when I turned on the wireless tether it dropped like a stone. ANother...
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    Downloading movies

    What's the best place to download movies to your phone? Do any of you guys download them directly to your phones? What format do they have to be in on the computer to put on your phone? I know my iphone was mpeg4. Keeping my kids busy on road trips, plane trips and restaurants is of...
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    So we're told not to run task killers....

    But has anyone actually had problems with their EVO because of task killers. I have one but I will uninstall it if it's going to cause lots problems later on the down the line. Mine didn't save me that much juice anyway. My battery saver app did a lot more than the task killer.
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    This phone rocks

    my wife and I both have one. no screen problems, wifi works good, no camera crack. and this phone is seriously fast over Dallas's 4g. its faster than my home dsl and my officeT1. it measured 4.8 down and1.8 up just now.
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    can't get fring to work

    it just keeps hanging up on me. any help? it dials a 1 before the number. I tried putting a 1 n before my number in the settings but no dice.