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    Root [CDMA] [Q] XT1028 Crashing when using root apps(Verizon)

    I have used the pie method to install the temp root, but when i try to use a root app, it crashed the phone? What is the cause of this, can it be fixed?
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    Root Reverb bricked

    My phone will not boot at all but can access download mode. The recovery mode doesn't show up using the button combo Power+VOL up I have flashed the boot.img the kernal, and recovery all to stock. My only chance is to try and create a bootable recovery sd card Or do you have the stock...
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    Root Rever bricked? Help?

    I was installing a rom from a different device (I don't know why just felt the need), It doesn't load the bootloader, but it can enter download mode. Also, it can't enter the recovery mode.
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    wifi kill

    what apps can kill wifi for certain computer wifikill.apk doesnt work for the computer zanti cost money to dos if anyone can give thanks
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    Root Help with tutorial

    i am using this to unbrick my phone and i get the first error thats normal than when i do it the second time it the iparam = 100 than error 89 what do i do
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    Root optimus v is bricked please help

    ok here the story, my dad was getting a new nexus 7 and he said i can have his galaxy player 5.0 so my phone was rooted and he need to format than he read online to format through recovery mode. now it isnt showing up on computer cannot access recovery adb doesnt recognize is it...