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  1. ShanDroyd

    Root Will Beta 3 Marshmallow 6.0 get official OTA pushed?

    I am running an unlocked Nexus 6, with boot loader unlocked, and rooted to install official beta 3 Android 6.0. Phone is set up fully stock, nothing frozen or removed, and even though it was rooted to install this update, there are no root apps on phone, and no "unlocked" icon at boot up. When...
  2. ShanDroyd

    Corporate VZW Employees are a-holes / Idiots...

    90% of the employees that I have encountered, (with the exception of a few friends of mine) , are complete idiots.. Never mind the fact that they want nothing to do with you if your not buying a new phone... ( commission based ) Keep in mind, I work in the IT field, I am in school for...
  3. ShanDroyd

    Help not enough memory to upload photo error message?

    when trying to upload photos to random social media sites via the web browser ( site currently has no app, just a mobile site, this is for numerous sites ) I get an error message on the bottom of the screen stating that there is not enough memory available to perform this action. I have...
  4. ShanDroyd

    OTA update 21.21.15

    just got it today, don't really see any difference other than the startup sound is even more annoying now...
  5. ShanDroyd

    Help no LED message waiting indicator?

    as stated, i can not seem to turn on message waiting indicator LED:confused:
  6. ShanDroyd

    Verizon offering waved activation / upgrade fees for Turbo!

    I went in today and walked out with a 64gb turbo, 2 year contract for roughly 65.00 !!! :):):) I got waved activation, and $196.00 trade in for my Note 3. They are also guaranteeing a minimum trade in of $100.00 on any working smart phone! There is also some sort of deal for the Edge...
  7. ShanDroyd

    Help Has anyone had their Note 3's "digitizer" go bad yet?

    ( rooted, de-bloated, running NOVA launcher and using Swift-Key ) Yesterday my screen started going nuts right after I powered on my phone from an over night charge. I could wake up the screen and let it sit there untouched, and the screens would start scrolling and my app drawer would...
  8. ShanDroyd

    Root [Verizon] TowelRoot works on latest OTA VZW 4.4.2 !!!

    towelroot by geohot :D:D:D install as "one click" and it worked!!! no Knox tripped, but I do have the unlock icon at power up. It's all good baby!!! :D:D:D
  9. ShanDroyd

    Root [Verizon] VZW gave me Refurbished Note 3 with stock 4.4.2 Need ROOT

    tried kingo and Vroot, and can not root. I am not real concerned about safestrap and roms, I just want to root to freeze/debloat. any suggestions?
  10. ShanDroyd

    Root [Verizon] Need tutorial to restore Note 3 to stock from leaked 4.4.2 root

    Issue resolved I need to take my phone into VZW for warranty reasons:mad:. I used the leaked 4.4.2 rooted update. I did a pretty heavy debloat on the phone. I have the "Unlocked" logo when I power up the phone. I can not get Kies 3 or the VZW repair assistant to restore the phone...
  11. ShanDroyd

    Root [Verizon] any updates to: KitKat 4.4.2 rooted leak NC2 ?

    I used this method: KitKat 4.4.2 rooted leak NC2 available and it's awesome:D, but the current OTA KitKat update has a higher build number. Is anyone working on an update for us that took the rooted leak? Thanks
  12. ShanDroyd

    Help "Touch Wiz has stopped" error after update/root?

    Samsung galaxy Note 3 just rooted and updated to KitKat 4.4.2 via leaked software: and ever since then I am getting the error constantly popping up. Now I have done some...
  13. ShanDroyd

    Root [Verizon] Root Failed! VZW Note 3

    fully stock, never before rooted device. Using Kingo v. 1.2.1 failed to root every attempt. USB debug is turned on. tried using official Samsung USB 2.0 and 3.0 cables any suggestions? :confused: SM-900v android v. 4.3 baseband v. N900VVRUBMJE KERNAL V. 3.4.0 BUILD NUMBER...
  14. ShanDroyd

    WTF!? once again, everyone gets an update except Verizon

    as stated above, every carrier with the Note 3 has officially launched Kit-Kat OTA update............... Except Verizon as usual. So how many security invasions, and how much bloat-:mad:ware is Big Red adding to this update? every update we get from VZW is late, and full of crap that was...
  15. ShanDroyd

    Root Root for LTE model T217S.04 Sprint?

    Is there a root method for the LTE model? Will the above method for the WIFI model work?
  16. ShanDroyd

    Help I need a link to download the VZW upgrade assistant

    I am having a lot of troubles connecting my GS4 to my laptop. When I connect via USB, the phone will show installer mode in the status bar, but my laptop doesn't launch the installer. I have been looking for a link to manually download the installer. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. ShanDroyd

    Are you seeing Red, or is it just me?

    My ChromeCast seems to have quite a red tint to the picture quality. It seems more red on the home screen and especially while watching a Netflix video. I exchanged my ChromeCast for a new one, and same problem. I have 2 TV's in the house, and same problem on both TV's. Both televisions are...
  18. ShanDroyd

    Root [Verizon] how do I reinstall a bloat app that I backed up and then removed?

    I use System app remover ( New2Android | Comments Are A Developers Portal To Improvement ) to debloat my phone after rooting. I always make a backup using the program, before uninstalling. I have access to all the apk's that were backed up. when I try to reinstall an app, the remover program...
  19. ShanDroyd

    what device are you using to connect your GS4 to your TV?

    What device are you using to connect to a tv? ie: hdmi cable, xbox, ps3, dlna, MHL adapters, blueray player, smart tv??? I want to connect wirelessly to my HDTV, but I do not want to be tied down by an HDMI cable. I can of course send most videos and pictures through my Xbox-360 while...
  20. ShanDroyd

    Root [Verizon] Samsung Custom unlocked boot screen. How do I remove it?

    Now that I am rooted, and installed Clockwork Mod, I have a picture of an unlocked padlock on the screen and it says Samsung custom when I power on or reboot my S4. how do I get rid of it? I have tried replacing the boot screen with the stock Samsung boot logo/animation ( not the Verizon one...
  21. ShanDroyd

    Root [Verizon] The software installed on this device is not authorized by Verizon, please take your phone to VZW...

    So I tried to install the Deodexed 4.3 google rom, all seemed to have went well, I followed all directions to a "T" and I got an error message when I rebooted the phone saying, "The software on this device is not authorized by Verizon Wireless, please take your phone to the nearest Verizon store...
  22. ShanDroyd

    Help can not add location to smart actions RAZR M

    It doesn't matter which mode I select, IE: home, work, etc. I can not add a location to make the setting work automatically. I tap on add location, tap the + button, and nothing happens. I have tried clearing the settings for Smart Actions in the remove apps section, but still no luck. I am...
  23. ShanDroyd

    just bought WIFI model, love it, thinking of getting 4g LTE model instead?

    First off, I am absolutely in love with this Tab! I waited long and hard to finally find the right device for me. I even tried a few other models and returned them immediately. I am currently using Verizon for cell phone service, and I am now seriously contemplating taking this table back and...
  24. ShanDroyd

    Root swap internal and external memory card positions?

    :D back in my Droid X2 days, and even as recently as on the Droid RAZR/Maxx, you could easily swap the position of your memory cards as to trick your phone into thinking your external/removable SD card was the primary memory. All this required was to reboot with bootstrap, and flash the file...
  25. ShanDroyd

    Root Do we have recovery yet?

    Sorry if this has been asked already, but do we have a flash or SBF file to recover phone back to stock using RSDlite? I really hate to root until I know I have a simple, solid recovery option.