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    Battery Calibration!

    *This is just a personal theory and I posted it in another thread as well* My theory on the vast variation in battery life experiences: The battery gauge is atrocious on this OS. I turned the phone off and charged it for a while, the indicator that shows charge while off said a little over...
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    Help OS Awake Bug

    Haven't checked out XDA yet, but has anyone figured out a fix for the Android OS keeping the phone awake 100%? I'm sure there'll be an update for it soon, but I was hoping someone here had fixed it. Thanks in advance.
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    Root S-off!!! (Possible, not released)

    S-Off Acomplished...? - RootzWiki Only one question keeping me from picking this phone up when it drops now. Will it suffer from the same RIL problems the Tbolt did since it uses the same SVDO chip??
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    Bad Luck

    So after going through 3 Eris handsets, I was finally upgraded to the Inc for no charge, first one got here Monday. I pulled it out, charged it up to 100%, activated it, and...instant bootloop. Researched, took it to the store and found out it was actually a fairly common bug. No sweat, I'll...
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    Root Dialer issue

    My dialer is absolutely destroying my battery right now (higher than anything else besides display), anybody have any ideas how to remedy this? I'm thinking I'll just flash another ROM, but I figured I'd find out if anyone else had any better ideas. I'm running CELB on 3.5.
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    Should I worry?

    So I pulled a full on moron move over the weekend while I was at the lake. I left my phone in my truck not thinking about how hot the truck would get, well I came back and my temp warning on SetCPU had gone off and when I looked at the temp it was at 57.6C! I stuck it in front of the A/C and...
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    Root Messages apk

    Does anyone have the stock messages apk? I used TI to back it up and then uninstalled it, but it won't restore so I'm just going to manually push it back on.
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    Reasonable Price?

    I'm thinking pretty seriously about buying an already rooted Eris off of a member of the site and then selling the 2.1v3 version I have. Anyone have a reasonable price suggestion? I'm thinking $150, it's only a month and a half old and has never not had a screen protector and Verizon's "wrap...
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    Battery Killers

    Thought it would be a prudent thread to list all of the battery killing apps and processes (ie don't shut down right)that have been found in 2.1. The one that I found, the hard way after 3 straight days of only getting 10 hours of battery life, is the Google Talk service. I accidentally...