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  1. Wom

    Wanna help with a new Android Gaming website?

    Currently im busy with relaunching The look and feel has been updated, and im currently busy with adding content. If anyone is interested in helping out with writing reviews and news items, please let me know. Unfortunately this is currently without compensation, but there is...
  2. Wom

    Preview of Reckless Racing 2

    I've had the chance to play Reckless Racing 2, the new racing game by Polarbit due for release on the Market the 2nd of February. After playing for a bit the game looks to be prettier with more content and better drifting. Think im going to like this game a lot :D Below you can find a...
  3. Wom

    Whale Trail - Highscores

    Anyone playing this great endless runner? One of the more fun games i played last few days :) Share your high score here! Score: 319.671
  4. Wom

    Real Racing 2 on Android out now! Go get it!
  5. Wom

    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation available on Android now

    The new Modern Combat has been released on the Android Market. It requires a hefty 1,37 GB of additional data, but it only downloads half of it. Not sure what the reason is for this. source: Modern Combat 3: Fallen...
  6. Wom Celebrating 10 billion downloads Google is giving huge discounts on some of the best apps in the Market, games included! Check this...
  7. Wom

    Train Conductor 2 USA coming to Android soon!

    I've had the chance to play with the beta of Train Conductor 2 USA, which will be released in about two weeks. The game released on iOS before, but comes to Android with tons of new stuff, including a new city and new game mode. I've made a gameplay video to show the game, this way you can get...
  8. Wom

    World of Goo out on Android now

    World of Goo has been released on the Android Market: Demo: Full:
  9. Wom

    Remember Chu Chu Rocket? It's on Android now!

    If you ever owned a Dreamcast you must have played Chu Chu Rocket. It's now out on the Android Market, with more then 500 levels for your puzzling pleasure!
  10. Wom

    Disney's Where's My Water? available on Android now

    Disney has launched there physics based puzzle game Where's My Water? on Android just now. Fun game, which already received good reviews on iOS. Disney lanceert Android-versie Where’s My Water? | AndroidGaming
  11. Wom

    PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer no longer Xperia Play Exclusive

    Well, the title says it all basically. PES 2012 is no longer Xperia Play exclusive. After the initial download you need to download an additional 170mb for the game to run. The 2011 version was the best footbal/soccer game on Android. Looking forward on playing this version. PES 2012 Pro...
  12. Wom

    GTA III coming to Android!

    Announcing Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition for Select Mobile Devices & the Limited Edition Claude Action Figure | Rockstar Games This Fall GTAIII will come to Android. w00t! " [INDENT]To commemorate the game
  13. Wom

    Minecraft Pocket Edition available in two hours!

    Minecraft will be released for all devices within two hours on the Android Market! Screenshot below is from livechat with one of the devs. Will try to get larger one uploaded in a sec. Minecraft Pocket Edition binnen twee uur in de Market | AndroidGaming
  14. Wom

    Extreme Formula

    Anyone an idea what is happining with this game? I seem not to be able to download it. Using the Android Market app i cannot find the game looking for the game or the dev and using the webbased Market the game initiates the download but it stops before starting. Anyone else having that same...
  15. Wom

    Just saying hello

    Well, it's a common practice to say hi if you are the new kid, so here is me saying hi to all of you here! I'm Tom from the Netherlands and particular interested in the gaming side of Android. I have my own blog/website on this in Dutch ( – Nieuws en reviews van games voor...