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    Accessories SteelConnect Kickstarter I want to get mine, so we need to get this fully funded.
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    LG G vista 3200 mAh battery in G3

    Wonder what size the LG G vista 3200 mAh battery is. The form factors are so similar, wonder if it may fit the G3? I am sure it won't but just hoping.
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    Help daydreams - PHOTO TABLE

    The G3 does not have the photo table daydream. Any ideas on how to add daydreams?
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    REVIEW - Cheap Vent Mount for Smartphones My Wife's 2014 Civic SI does not have the navigation (hoping Android Auto is an update for the 2014). The Civic outlet placement did not let me use my outlet mount I used in my Expedition. I don't like window mounts or the free floating sticky...
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    Help Honda Handsfreelink

    Just got a 2014 Civic for my wife and the sms feature in the handsfrelink works on my GS3 (Alliance Rom 23 - Android 4.3) and not my wife's G2 (Android 4.4). I read that 4.4 phones, after having updating lose the SMS compatibility with various car systems like Ford and Honda. Anyone have a fix...
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    Lock Stream

    Anyway to lock down a stream. as in if I start a stream on my laptop, i found it easy to start one on my phone and kill the first stream. Nefarious kids of mine may get too smart and try to screw around and interrupt my Arrested Development Marathon. Or you can easily rickroll someone i guess...
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    Which way do you landscape

    I noticed an ad with a picture of a phone rotated with the button on the left side. I usually do it with the button on the right (assuming because I had the original droid and the keyboard slid up that way). Just curious.
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    Help Smart View Remote

    Anyone get the smart view app to work? I have a blu-ray BD-E5700. It has the network remote option and shows up in list of devices on my S3 in Smart View. However it stops trying to connect and never connects with an authentication error. UPDATE: Samsung support verified that the blu-ray...
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    [Verizon] 4.1.2 Update

    any one get it yet? Verizon Galaxy S3 Receiving Update to VRBMB1, Improves Keyboard and Bluetooth – Droid Life
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    Help Flickering Notification Pane from Lock Screen

    This morning I got a message and pulled down the notification pane form lock screen as I was driving to spy what it was since I live in a drive and text unfriendly state. When I pulled down the notification screen the entire screen started to flicker wildly. When i pulled up the pane it was...
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    Update loop between play and amazon

    I have the ad free angry birds installed. Somehow both Google play and Amazon appstore think they own it and it is stuck in a update cycle (as soon as one updates it the other one wants to update it). Anyone know of a solution to stop the cycle? I tried uninstalling and installing from just...
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    FYI NBA JAM Updated to S3

    I had purchased NBA Jam when it was on sale for $.99 when I had my Droid 1. I never got to install it with plans of getting the new phone to keep unlimited. The S3 came out I got it but was not compatible with NBA Jam until recently. SO FYI. If you want this game you can now get it.
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    I just signed up for a new email. It will not configure in the corp email setup like hotmail did. any one have the specifics on the settings necessary? I was using as the server and no domain with email as username.
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    Samsung tweet

    So i get this tweet from samsung: Never interrupt a video again on the #GalaxySIII. Pop-Up Play lets you email or text while watching YouTube! -- Samsung Mobile US(@SamsungMobileUS) Since when can the pop up player play streamed content? Just a matter of pr folks not knowing what they spout out.
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    Help Favorite Contacts

    Any way to make a shortcut directly to favorite contacts or make favorites default view in contacts?
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    Help Email Counter Disable?

    Is there a way to tun off email counter on the stock email program. I finally got hotmail correctly installed (use exchange settings rather than live) and i put it in a folder (which passes the counter up to the folder itself which is neat). I just don't want a counter at all. I have...