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    Root Back...

    ... and what a wonderful thing to come home to! Thank you Dan! One question: is the "device unLocked" LG screen normal with Loki? If not, I have a truly unlocked bootloader.
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    Root Vacation

    Just wanted to let everyone know I will be gone from Sunday until somewhere around the end of the month.
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    Root [Virgin Mobile] Partitions

    Hello. Can someone please upload a dumped aboot, boot, and recovery partition? Just doing some experimenting with another device ;)
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    Root Question...

    Just a thought... What would happen if I were to boot my phone, use adb to completely nuke the filesystem except for the kernel, bootloader, and boot (this should be enough to have at least basics working, right?), then replace it with the filesystem from another phone that is unlocked? Is this...
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    Root Prevent reboot from emergency mode?

    Anyone know a way to stop the phone from rebooting out of emergency mode when the firmware is "finished" flashing? I would like to see what happens if that last ~10-20% goes across, if anything. This last part could be the modem flashing, which I have heard possibly isn't actually being changed...
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    Root Recovery key combination

    Is it possible to modify an init script or something to allow us to enter our recovery using a key combination on boot with stock, like is done with Cyanogenmod?
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    Root What Calls "Secure Boot Error"?

    Do we know where "Secure Boot Error" is called? This is not the same as morningcall, as far as I know. It is not the same screen.
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    Root [WIP] Red and black themed rom

    I am currently working on a red and black themed rom. What do you think so far? My goal is to have all the main apps red and black as well, especially the settings menu. If people are interested, I will upload a flashable zip of what I have so far. Will definitely upload when it is closer to...
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    Root [GUIDE] UOT Kitchen

    Background: UOT Kitchen, at first glance, does not appear to work for our phone, the LG Motion 4G. However, I found an easy fix. First, I looked at the error logs for my failed attempts, and picked out the line that seemed to contain the error that was causing all the problems, I then...
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    Root UOT Kitchen Status Bar

    I used UOT Kitchen to make a theme, only one problem. The icon I chose for the status bar, instead of appearing under notifications, appears above them, as seen in the attached screenshot. Anyone know a solution or the cause of this? EDIT: Picture removed for privacy reasons.
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    Sim to Micro-sim

    I have a phone that has a micro-sim slot, but only have a normal-sized sim card. Is it safe to just file/sand/cut down the plastic until it fits, or is there something vital, like a chip, embedded in the plastic? (Other than the obvious area where you can see the connectors.)
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    [root][dev] atags

    Hello. Anyone know of a way to get the atags for kexec?
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    Root Kernel From LG Source?

    If we download the LG kernel source, build it, and flash it, will it boot?
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    Root Apktool

    I have installed the framework for my phone, but when I try to decompile SystemUI.apk, I get a bunch of "could not decode attr" errors and an exception saying it got package id 1 when it expected 2. However, everything appears intact after decompile. Should I just not worry about it and continue on?
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    Root rom?

    True ROMs are usually built from source, correct? If so, what would a "ROM" be called that you just took the stock, removed/added apps, and themed? Would it still be referred to as a ROM, or just a theme?
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    Root Symlink

    While working on a ROM I am (attempting) to make, I installed a new launcher to my phone, then re-exported my system folder. I then packaged this into a ROM, which I attempted to flash to my phone. However, I got a symlink error. The only thing changed was installing the new launcher. Any ideas...
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    Root Bricked/bootloop [solved]

    So... I managed to brick again. I can get into e-mode and start the phone, but after the boot animation, it just freezes saying metropcs. I have tried restoring the firmware, and it didn't make any difference. I can't seem to get it to factory reset either (volume down + power, correct?)...
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    Root Optimus Regard aboot

    If someone can get me their optimus aboot file, it will help us a TON with unlocking the bootloader for the motion and optimus. EDIT: You should be able to just do adb shell (i think the phone has to have busybox) then su, then dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/aboot...