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  1. moondrius

    Odd text messages received after porting to T-mobile.

    I just ported into Tmobile the other day and I have been getting text messages from a number I have never seen in my life. I have had my number for around 5 years and it is kind of strange to start getting messages like this the day after I port my number to a new carrier. The texts are from...
  2. moondrius

    Help 3g/Data not working

    I live around that area and was thinking about trying out At&ts lte network out due to having similar problems with Verizons network when switching between 3g and 4g. I have been eyeing the GSII for awhile now but if they both have the same data issues I might as well stick with Verizon.
  3. moondrius

    Droid Charge desktop dock and cases.

    I just had my Charge swapped for a Bionic so I am trying to unload my accessories. I have the Desktop dock with an extra battery and wall charger, an extra battery cover, an Otterbox Commuter case, a blue Trident Cyclops case with screen protector, and a red Trident Kraken II case with belt clip...
  4. moondrius

    Verizon wireless gps issues

    I have been a long time Verizon wireless customer. I have explored other carriers in the past such as an iphone 3gs on Att or the Evo on sprint. I have noticed since coming back to Verizon in July of last year that gps location services have been really inconsistent across all of my devices...
  5. moondrius

    Check your Bests Buys, I have my charge

    I just went to buy a placeholder thunderbolt until the charge was released but the guy pulled a charge out and sold it to me. I will post pics and a review soon. In the mean time I have to call verizon because they messed up my port. The boot animation is awesome btw Sorry about the bad...
  6. moondrius

    Help Touch screen stops responding

    Once in awhile my touchscreen stops responding until I hit the power button to turn off the screen and when I turn the screen back on everything is is fine. This is happening in all apps like email, browser and the dialer. It happens once in while and it is getting annoying. I think it is a...