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  1. Whatstreet

    Verizon Video Voicemail Battery Hog

    The uninstallable Verizon video voicemail app uses too much battery. It is usually the thirstiest app in the battery list. What can be done to tame its ravenous appetite? To make matters worse, it is not an option and can not be uninstalled or disabled. Guidance on this will help many.
  2. Whatstreet

    Moto Z hands free

    I have the Moto Z Force. I migrated all my files from the old phone and have been going over settings for the last couple of days. I noticed the phone didn't detect driving and use driver assist for text messages. Further more it did not appear to respond to voice commands of any kind. I finally...
  3. Whatstreet

    Moto Z and Moto Z Force 50% off

    Deal is two year purchase contract you make monthly payments and you get half the payment credited back. Yes, it is a two year commitment to keep your line or you will pay full price remaining. Still you get a great phone for half off. Deal is for Moto Z and Moto Z Force at Verizon and Best Buy...
  4. Whatstreet

    Is the Turbo a Tick or a Tock

    Phone designs seem to go in two year cycles. A new design is released then the next year features are added and it might even get larger, then another totally new design and so on. Tick Tock pattern... I think my Motorola Droid Maxx was a Tock.
  5. Whatstreet

    What do you dislike about the Turbo 2

    I am interested in impressions, especially things that might not be good. Honesty is the best policy.
  6. Whatstreet

    32GB or 64GB

    I am wondering why buy the 64GB version when there is a place to install a micro SD card and go all the way to 1TB if desired. I don't recall the limitations of SD cards because I haven't used one in years and I have forgotten.
  7. Whatstreet

    Verizon Motorola DROID Turbo 2

    Anticipation! How does this phone stack up next to the Nexus 6? My contract will be up soon and looks like I will go no contract from now on. The battery on my Maxx is not as good as it use to be and I need Andriod L or M for Android Auto car infotainment interface. So I will get a new phone...
  8. Whatstreet

    When Lollipop is installed

    Is it better to do the factory reset before installing the OS Lollipop or after the OS is installed?
  9. Whatstreet

    Increase range with Network Extender

    I'm doing a contract gig in the San Diego area. I got a furnished studio apartment in La Jolla which overlooks a park area in the gulch between the hills. The apartment was built by digging out the hillside so its under ground on three sides and is all glass on the wall facing out of the hill...
  10. Whatstreet

    Miracast car stereo

    I found this car stereo that supports Miracast. It also has it's own GPS but Google Maps is better if you have a data connection at your location. Eonon M2 with Miracast| Car GPS | Car DVD GPS | 2 Din Car GPS DVD | In Car DVD | Best Car GPS
  11. Whatstreet

    Google Drive

    Google Drive promised 50 GB for two years as a promotion for purchasing a Droid including the mini. I recently upgraded my family members phones and received the 50 GB for the Droid Maxx phones but I haven't received anything for the Droid Mini which is my daughters phone. I saw an advertisement...
  12. Whatstreet

    Status bar pull down menu question

    I have purchased several Droid Maxx phones recently and successfully activated them and for the most part successfully configured them. I have compared the phones and found that there is an icon that is different than the other in the top right corner of the status bar pull down menu. One...
  13. Whatstreet

    Is there anything you don't like about your Droid Maxx?

    I recently visited a Verizon store to see the Droid Maxx up close and personal. While I have heard some say negative things about the camera on Motorola phones, the camera on the Droid Maxx seems OK to me. I compared photos taken by me in the store with the Maxx and my old HTC Thunderbolt and...
  14. Whatstreet

    Jelly Bean

    Will the TB get Jelly Bean?
  15. Whatstreet

    RAZR MAXX Reviewed

    Read the RAZR MAXX review on anandtech website. AnandTech - Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX Review - 1.8x The Battery
  16. Whatstreet

    Anyone use RAZR as USB host

    I am interested in experience with RAZR connected to USB memory device, such as USB thumb drive or memory card reader. How well does the RAZR perform for this task.
  17. Whatstreet

    USB hosting

    Does the RAZR support USB hosting. I would like to be able to read USB memory devices.
  18. Whatstreet

    Gnex or Moto Razor

    My wife wants a smart phone and we have VZ. I'm thinking about getting her the Gnex or the Moto Razor. Which one is best and why?
  19. Whatstreet

    Dreaming of my next phone

    Dreaming of my next phone 1.) Brighter screen for better outdoor viewing. 2.) Bigger stock battery so maybe I won"t need to buy a big bulging one. 3.) USB hosting so I can use any USB adapted memory to transfer files such as photos from an SLR. 4.) A nice cute slender figure like the latest...
  20. Whatstreet

    USB Hosting

    I have a Verizon smartphone and I am interested in the Sammy Galaxy S2. I am particularly interested in the USB hosting feature. I appreciate any comments from anyone who has used this feature.
  21. Whatstreet

    How do I change the lock screen?

    I want to do more personalization to my Thunderbolt. How do I change the lock screen back ground?
  22. Whatstreet

    Early upgrade

    What is the best way to get an early upgrade on a phone. Is there a trade in on old phones?
  23. Whatstreet

    Help USB OTG for Flash RAM

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 supports USB On The Go, which enables the device to read external mass storage devices directly with the USB. I am a Verizon customer and I a wondering if the Samsun Charge supports this feature. It would be usefull to me to avoid laptops when traveling and upload photos...
  24. Whatstreet

    USB Flash RAM

    I know the Matrix has a laptop dock option. So it must have extended USB support compared to other smart phones. Can the Matrix read a flash RAM USB dongle?
  25. Whatstreet

    Root USB Flash Ram

    I would like to read a USB flash ram dongle with my Thunderbolt. This would add convenience in uploading photos to the cloud, taken with my DSLR when on vacation. Has anyone rooted their Thunderbolt to add this feature?