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    XTC Clip PaYg S-OFF

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    Root ROM/.zip compatible with CWM3 work with CWM2 as well?

    just as the title states, will a ROM, or .zip file that is made compatible for CWD3 also work when I'm using CWM Thanks guys.
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    Root What Clockwork mod verison is everyone running?

    Is anyone else kickin it old school with ClockworkMod, or is 3 nice? I personally have tried it, so I'd just like to hear some thoughts about it. Is it worth upgrading? It seems it's just too much of a hassle unless you use like CM7 or a ROM that is CWM recovery 3 capable. Thanks, Peace...
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    free apk that turns wifi off when out of range?

    just as title reads, anyone know of any apps that work well for this that are free?
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    Root <theme> Gingerbread black menu for Skyraider 3.5 sense

    This theme is based off of distINCtINC's theme "INCredible distINCtion v1.7 : inversion" Found Here The framework-res.apk and were used and modified. All Credit goes to distINCtINC Issues: wallpaper popup clash - fixed text msg attachment clash - fixed LET ME KNOW WHAT...
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    once thunderbolt is released..

    will it cost more for 4g service? or will it be based upon data usage, or who t f knows right now lol
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    Root <THEME> SkyRaider 3.5 Sense - Black Status Bar Theme

    A little theme I put together for SkyRaider 3.5 Sense. Thought I would share if anyone is interested. Black status bar with green underline, and blacked out rosie Blacked out lock screen buttons blacked out top banners DOWNLOAD LINKS download link with green status bar...
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    Root Stock ROM and want MODs?

    This is no disrespect to the ROM developer or anything of that nature. I like to learn things for myself rather than having someone else do them. But basically if you like a MOD and want it on your stock ROM (which must be deodexed) you can add some cool things from other DEVS. like from the...
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    is anyone else considering switching to droid pro?

    I am not a fan of the motorola blur and am an advocate for HTC Sense, one of the main reasons I went with the Incredible rather than the droid X, the droid pro looks sweet. I am considering using an early upgrade from another line on my family plan, how does this work? would I be able to open...
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    Root new power bar mod fo eVO

    can anyone help port this and or the hibernate from HD rom??
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    Root deodexed and added root to nov update any interest?

    Title explains it pretty well. I was messing around with linux on my windows computer and figured id give the android kitchen from xda a try and I deodexed the stock RUU, no name to it or anything, just bone dry stock deodexed and zipalined. added root and busy box and thats it. Well even...
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    Will someone PLEASE port the BrickBreaker game from the blackberrys

    My mom can me her old BlackBerry Curve 8330. POS. IMHO. but hey it's good for a backup for camping trips or whatever switch over to that real fast at their website.. anyway I LOVE the brickbreaker game that it comes with and no game on the market even compares. that i know of. Thanks!
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    Accessories Juuust because I was bored, I weighed the new white back door vs. stock

    So here are the results. stock a perfect 8 grams white back, from verizon, OEM. 7.7 grams. - just has to do with the finish they use barely a difference I felt it so I checked it. just a shits a giggs, if there were any interest to this, and sorry if it's been covered.
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    Root They are crackin down on FRU

    I'm having legitimate issues with my Incredible. The CSR rep had me call from my brothers 2 year old LG Dare and goes wow, that's how choppy and horrible it sounds. So the CSR rep says that since it's a smart phone that he has to send me to tech support since they can do things he can't. Here's...
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    Root Been 3 days since a new CM nightly... new release in the works?

    So it's been three days since a new nightly has been put out, hopefully this means a release is being cooked up. :cool::cool:
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    Root Hibernate to stock or RMK new leak stock ROM?

    Can anyone please help me port the Hibernate feature that is in the new SkyRaider 3.3 ROM, and for the Desire. I am very interested in getting this feature on either RMK's new stock leak ROM or the 2.2 OTA stock ROM. Yes I know about the 3-1 reboot option along with hot boot. but im really...
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    Called *611 today... ipad?

    So I was put on hold and I hear the lady speaking, go to blah blah.. does this mean apple and Verizon made the deal and pretty much confirms the iphone, or am i behind sorry if so Unleash the iPad on Verizon Wireless
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    Offered upgrade from other line account number?

    So one time as I was talking to a really cool rep about getting another refurb for my Incredible, she offered me to use an upgrade from a family member on my family account. I declined at the time as I was short on cash. I have some money coming in and I have a few questions if anyone would have...
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    Root <theme port> Riptide9's ColorNClear glass

    It's late, no screen shots, just got done putting this together I've been working on this for HOURS straight. stock rom deodexed only. sorry i know its a select few, but this theme rocks, and is looking really solid so far there isn't much to fix! enjoy i take no credit for this! original...
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    Root Will somsone PLEASE look into porting the galaxy S lock screen to the Incredible

    title explains enough. I'd love to have a fully functional lock screen like the one on the fascinate. It's like the MIUI lock screen how u can unlock holding say sms and it opens that app. really cool. were are all the geniuses?
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    Root Hot boot

    Anyone giving this a try? Works pretty good for the inc. I usually have 160mb free on a full restart. this gives me 240mb. i can deal. cool concept at least until the hibernate like the HD port comes our way in a form like this. costs under a dollar on the market.
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    Root May have bricked for real

    I flashed Shadow ROM, and when it should of been booting up, it beeped 3 times and then flashing green notification light. I couldn't do anything but pull battery. tried to turn it on same 3 beeps and light. the only thing that works is when I pull batt, then plug the phone into a charger and it...
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    Accessories new battery, any info is appriciated

    So, I've had the phone for a few months now and love it. upgraded from an Eris. The Eris was very solid and I never used a case. I use a case on this just because the creeking I get from the back door, I went as far as to buying the new white back door and a new case from Verizon, but the...
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    New PRL version

    Just did a *228 and went from 518.. something to 52011
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    Help quick sync question

    So if you have your weather set to sync every hour or whatever. and you have 3g turn off, does it drain your battery cos its trying to syn and it cant cos 3g is off and i shuold change that setting, or does it just not sync?