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    Favorite football (NFL) teams?

    Looks like T.O. is done for his career :(
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    Favorite football (NFL) teams?

    I'm going to be honest - and I think I may have a drinking problem - but I cannot go to a sporting event without beer in hand. I don't care if its hockey, baseball, football, soccer, basketball. Alcohol (in moderation) and sports are bound at the hip ;) :)
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    Favorite football (NFL) teams?

    You have officially just invalidated all sports-related posts by yourself on this forum:) -Sincerely, me.
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    Favorite football (NFL) teams?

    And I guess I'll deliver the knock out blow... literally. YouTube - ‪K.O.! Miami Dolphins Fan Gets Knocked Out By Oakland Raiders Fan After Talking Trash mbdtf‬‏ This is what happens when you wear an opposing jersey into our Black Hole.. trust me, it ain't a pleasant place to...
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    Favorite football (NFL) teams?

  6. woop

    Favorite football (NFL) teams?

    Daaa Raaaiiiiidddaaazzzzz
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    Root [HOW TO] Rooting your Optimus M (and root-related) GUIDES thread list

    All relevant threads on "how to" perform a certain task involving root and the Optimus M will be contained in this sticky. If you have one you would like to add or remove - please PM me with link. This is done because 1) it aggregates everything into one spot and makes it easier to go through...
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    Happy Memorial Day!

    Just wanted to say happy Memorial Day to everyone. Im a huge supporter of our troops and wanted to give a BIG thanks to everyone serving in the military. My hat goes off to you good men and women protecting our country!
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    The Hangover Part II Discussion

    Surprised I didn't see one of these already up (I decided not to bump the other Hangover 2 thread because that seemed to be focused on why certain people were not casted into the movie) Thought the movie was pretty funny. The story line is literally like the first one.. exact same thing down to...
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    The "Best (Category) App" thread list

    Here are a list of threads containing the "Best _______ app." This should serve as a resource for those looking for recommendations for an app to complete a certain task or to fit into a particular category (i.e. best messaging app, best calender app, etc.). See what others think and post...
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    Root [How To] Incredible root guides/threads (updated 3/26/2012)

    I will be posting "How to" guides on rooting topics in this sticky. If you would like your thread added, please PM me. I am doing this so that it is easier to have all the guides in one spot, and also because I cannot do 6-10 different stickies, as that'd make things very messy and confused...
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    New firefox version

    How do you guys feel about the new version of Firefox? I personally HATE it and wish they did not completely rearrange everything. They tried to copy CHrome and make it almost like that browser, which I do not like. Now I might as well just use Chrome if I'm gonna be stuck with that "full...
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    What do you think of the prefixes?

    Being that this is currently the only phone subforum with the prefix setting, it would seem fair to poll you guys on this topic as the staff here would like to know what everyone thinks of the prefixes. Would you be in favor of having this type of formatting in ALL the phone forums, or would...
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    HTC Evo 4G Tips & Tricks Guide Updated 8:53PST Sept 9, 2010

    This is the Tips and Tricks guide for the Evo 4G; it will contain various important links that provide some type of tip or tweak for your Evo. Please utilize this sticky and check back as it will be maintained. If you have any other links you think should be included in this guide, please PM me...
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    Help HTC Evo 4G Support & Troubleshoot Guide Updated 9:28 PM PST Feb 17, 2011

    This guide will contain various important links to threads that discuss either well-discussed errors/bugs and/or threads on how to fix certain problems. If you feel like a thread should be added to this guide, please PM me and I will update accordingly. Evo 4G fixes...
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    Root Samsung Vibrant Root Guide

    All important root threads relevant to the Vibrant will be placed in this sticky. If you feel like there is another thread that should be included in this guide, please PM me and I will update it. How to:
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    Root Samsung Captivate Root Guide Updated 9:12PST Aug 30, 2010

    All important root threads will be placed in this sticky. Please check back, as it will be constantly updated. If you feel like a thread should be included in this guide, PM me and I will update it. AT&T...
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    Root Motorola Droid X Root Guide Updated Sept 2, 2011

    All important root threads will be placed within this guide. If you feel like a thread should be placed in here, please PM me and this guide will be updated. Motorola Petition to un-encrypt bootloader!
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    Root HTC Incredible Root Guide Updated 4:15 EST Oct 1, 2010

    The staff on AF has decided that we will be implementing a guide per each phone forum to make things simpler and less cluttered. All important threads related to root will be placed in this one sticky. Please check back and utilize this guide. If you have any other thread you feel should be...
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    HTC Incredible Tips Guide Updated 8:18PST Aug 30, 2010

    This is a guide containing important threads from this forum. This sticky is created to reduce the clutter in terms of stickies and also help users find useful threads easier and quicker. General tips:
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    4G subforum

    Phases- What do you think about adding a 4G/WiMax subforum onto the Sprint forum. This is stemming from the complaints regarding all the "4G in _____" threads in the Evo forum, and this new subforum might give those threads a place rather than have them all be merged into one huge thread.
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    "Other Androids"

    Is the Other Androids subforum under Other Android Devices" a bit repetitive? There were 4 threads in there, 3 of which were phone related (and thus moved to the Other phones [Android and Non-Android]) subforum, and one that was tablet related, which was moved to Tablets & MIDs. With that said...
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    Root You got your wish..

    As many of you may remember, some were asking that subforums be created for some of the cooks/chiefs here that push out a good amount of ROMs. With that said, Phases has entertained the idea and certain members from this community, such as adrenalyne, now have their own subforum. The subforum...
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    Motorola Flipout

    Supposedly hitting AT&T some time in the next few months. Time for a new subforum?
  25. woop

    Another new Desire forum

    The HTC Desire Z has now been leaked. I believe it will be a UK phone from what I've seen online. New forum?