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  1. ndh777

    Anybody Work in IT?

    I work for my family and they have me doing IT things on the side...minor stuff like managing the server, setting up new computers, troubleshooting internet and server issues, virus removal...very basic things for a mid-sized company. But I'm enjoying it and I'm thinking of pursuing it as a...
  2. ndh777

    Both Laptop Speakers Go Mute?

    About a week ago, I was playing music in my car through my laptop that was sitting on the passenger's seat. All of a sudden, the music stopped and there was no sound. Things had been going fine until I was playing music yesterday and the music stopped once again. It began also happening on...
  3. ndh777

    Windows 7 Updates Increased CPU Usage

    I try to never update via Windows Update if possible, but my school, for whatever reason, forces us to update to access their WiFi network. Upon performing the updates, I noticed that my CPU usage has increased. Before the updates, my speeds would be around 1%-5% at most, then it upped to...
  4. ndh777

    Switching from Yahoo! Small Business to Google Apps?

    The company I work for wants to change from using Yahoo! Small Business which we use for our e-mail addresses associated with our company's domain name, and instead move over to Google so we can use Gmail. We want to switch because Yahoo! has not proven to be safe enough as our e-mails are...
  5. ndh777

    AndroidForums-like for iOS?

    I really enjoyed my time here when I owned Android devices, but I moved to iOS a few months ago and haven't been able to really come here except for when friends needed help. But the people here have been absolutely a breath of fresh air unlike other forums for people learning like me. I just...
  6. ndh777

    Apps What Type of App Would You Prefer?

    If you were to design an app, which would you prefer (or you currently use)? -create an app that requires money to download -create an app that uses ads -create an app that has in-app purchases -rely on voluntary donations -use two or more of the above -not generate any sort of revenue from your...
  7. ndh777

    Root [Sprint] Internet Passthrough?

    Is internet passthrough available for the HTC One on Sprint? And if so, do I need to root or can we do it without rooting? I have a friend that has an HTC One for Sprint and we work in a building where she gets no internet and she wants to use it so I thought internet passthrough would be her...
  8. ndh777

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] Switch Internal SD to External SD for Apps

    Certain apps, more like games, use the SD card for saving data like many Gameloft titles like Gun Bros save over a gig of data onto the card so that the actual app doesn't take up too much room. The only problem is that our phones use that internal storage for everything and I was wondering if...
  9. ndh777

    Google Play Music Automatically Switches

    When I play a song on Play Music and it finishes and switches to the next song without me switching it, it automatically switches the sound from going to my headphones and begins playing the song through my device's speaker. This never happened on any of my other phones and it happens lots of times.
  10. ndh777

    How To Stop Apps from Updating?

    I know it sounds strange, but I'm rooted and running a custom ROM on my Galaxy S3. In the ROM, there is a modified version of the Apex Launcher with some custom icons. My phone already automatically updated the launcher before and it removed all of the cool custom icons that were there. So I'd...
  11. ndh777

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] SD Card Destroyed??

    I picked up my phone looking to download a new ROM to it but then found that my ES File Explorer (given root permissions) was not able to view my external SD card via the mnt folder. At the same time, I was trying to back up my apps and such via Titanium Backup but it said that it couldn't...
  12. ndh777

    Help Wifi Keeps Turning On

    I keep shutting off wifi and it keeps turning itself back on. I can't find anything in the settings that would allow it to turn on by itself. Anyone got any ideas?
  13. ndh777

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] Will Update Ruin Root Access?

    I rooted my phone but haven't updated anything over OTA. The phone keeps displaying a message telling me that I should update (not sure which update this is for but I think it's for a Samsung update) again and again. I asked on the general section if there was a way to disable these messages...
  14. ndh777

    Help How To Use Full Picture As Wallpaper?

    I downloaded a few wallpapers on the web for my phone and when I long-press on the home screen and ask it to change the wallpaper, it always asks me to crop my photos and I am not able to use the whole picture.
  15. ndh777

    Help Turn Off Update Notification

    I just rooted my new Samsung Galaxy S3 for Sprint and by doing so, I don't want to update the phone via OTA updates. The phone keeps alerting me that a new update is available and that I should update now, I can update later, and there's also a third option I can't remember. Is there any way...
  16. ndh777

    Root To Come with Unlocked Bootloader?

    Word on the street is that new Motorola devices will come with unlocked bootloaders starting with this model. Rumor or truth?
  17. ndh777

    Root No More 4G Wifi Hotspot?

    I remember a time when we could activate WiMax 4G on our phones and use the hotspot feature, and if we had 4G coverage, we could use the wifi hotspot and it would enable a 4G hotspot. But now, when I activate the hotspot with 4G, it doesn't disable my 4G, it just ignores that there is a 4G...
  18. ndh777

    Stop Google Maps from Starting

    Google Maps keeps opening in my running services and I know that most of these apps don't take up memory but I'm concerned more that someone is tracking my position through the app. Either there any good app out there that can keep this app or any app from auto-starting? Or a method...
  19. ndh777

    Apps 2 Questions About Eclipse Codes

    I have started coding Android apps using Eclipse but I am having two problems with codes. 1. I have had experience coding Windows programs in Microsoft Visual Studio Basic and it is very similar to Eclipse's layout. In MVSB, it allows the user to type codes and while coding the program will...
  20. ndh777

    Apps Android ADT Installation Trouble

    I'm reading from the 2011 version of Android Application Development for Dummies and I followed their steps to the letter (some things are outdated so I had to make changes) but now I'm at the step where it asks me to install the ADT with Eclipse. They told me to go into Eclipse, then use Help...
  21. ndh777

    Root MikG No Unlock Screen After Reboot??

    I rebooted my phone and when it came back on, it sat at the (what is supposed to be) unlock screen. The only problem is that my background is showing, the status bar is there, the 3G symbol is there...basically the whole taskbar is there. But where my unlock button is supposed to be, it's gone...
  22. ndh777

    Sharing Network with VirtualBox Over Secure Network

    I'm running Windows 7 and recently installed VirtualBox and Ubuntu 12.04 in it. I run it every now and then especially when I'm at school. When I'm at home or another location, I allow VB to share my host computer's connection by going into Settings and telling it to be a "Bridged" connection...
  23. ndh777

    iTunes Duplicates Driving Me Crazy

    I got a brand new computer because my old computer is shot. Unfortunately all 30 something GBs of music was gone, or at least I thought it was, until I remembered that it's all backed up on Google Music servers [thanks Google :)] so I redownloaded all of my old music. I only had about 4,000...
  24. ndh777

    Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit Not Loading After Splash Screen

    I am trying to install Ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop yet it's giving me a few problems with the monitor. I was successful in installing Ubuntu side by side with Windows 7 through my installation DVD that I created. Then it told me to reboot my computer to complete the installation so I did just...
  25. ndh777

    Root MIUI Answering Calls Is Not Working

    I switched over to MIUI earlier this week and it's been giving me one huge problem and that's when I try to answer a call. I slide down the bar and then it tries to answer the call but it just ends up giving me a force close screen saying that phone.apk has crashed. Many other people have had...