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  1. Stigy

    Nokia DT-900 Deal Today (10/03)

    Just as an FYI, for anyone looking for a Qi wireless charger, Daily Steals has the Nokia DT-900 on sale for $25 and free shipping. I will probably pick one up as it has really good reviews on Amazon as well. Daily Deals | One Deal A Day | | Main
  2. Stigy

    Help 3G Nexus 7 - Gray Bars?!

    So my boss got a Nexus 7 over the weekend and for some reason we cannot seem to get "blue bars" on the device and it cannot connect to Play Store, etc. The lockscreen reads AT&T so I know the SIM is in there and its reading it correctly AND it has 4 gray bars with the H (HSPA+) icon over top...
  3. Stigy

    Happy 4th Birthday TMobile G1

    The phone that started it all - the original Android device. I remember getting mine a week or two after its release and leaving the Blackberry platform behind. Who else had this amazing device? Here is a great review to read about it. T-Mobile G1 review, part 1: hardware -- Engadget...
  4. Stigy

    Google Play Gift Cards

    They're real and they're coming! Google Play gift cards are real - and here's what they look like | Android Central
  5. Stigy

    A Day in the Life, with Google

    Found this article over at the Verge and it was very interesting - link is at the bottom of the post. Pretty crazy when you think about it. So Let Me Get This Straight... | The Verge Forums
  6. Stigy

    T-Mobile USA Pre-order, release date, and announcement discussion

    Starting June 21, T-Mobile
  7. Stigy

    Flipboard Beta Released

  8. Stigy

    Jury: Google did not infringe Oracle patents with Android

    Good news for Google / Android! Jury: Google did not infringe Oracle patents with Android | The Verge
  9. Stigy

    Google Officially Closes Deal for Motorola Mobility

    How do you think this will affect Android from here on out? Google officially closes deal for Motorola Mobility -- Engadget
  10. Stigy

    Apps Android Cookbook

    Note this is not my book, just found an article for it and thought it would be perfect in here. Android Cookbook: Home Source: Android Cookbook Is A Crowd-Sourced Book Of Recipes For Learning App Development (Available Both In Print And On The Web)
  11. Stigy

    Help MMS Won't Send on First Try

    Does anyone else have an issue where a picture message (MMS) will not send on the first try. Sometimes I just need to resend the picture, other times I need to restart my device. Rarely does it work on the first time though. I always get confused when someone doesn't answer and I realize I...
  12. Stigy

    In-App Purchasing Price Question

    Just looking to get some information from fellow Android users about money they spend in the Google Play Market/Store. Developing an app and it will be totally free, but ad-supported (at the bottom and non-intrusive). I have setup an In-App Purchase to remove the ads, but my question comes...
  13. Stigy

    Another Samsung Nexus - Your Thoughts?

    I hope they fix they give the next Nexus a real camera and some good radios - I hate sitting at my desk with 1 bar of service while a Rezound has 3-4 bars.
  14. Stigy

    Weight Watchers Calculator Testing

    So since I post mostly in the Galaxy Nexus threads everyone in there has a GNex running 4.0 or higher and I need some help with pre-4.0 devices. This is my Weight Watchers app in the Play Store (it's free):
  15. Stigy

    Sign Up Page Live!

    DL article here: [url=]Sign Up Page Goes Live for Updates on Samsung
  16. Stigy

    Apps ActionBar Tabs

    Hello All! I currently have an application using TabActivity and TabHost which are now depreciated according to the Android Developer blog. Has anyone done any coding with Tabs in Android 3.0+ that could help me out with moving my old code to be compliant with the Action Bar and Android...
  17. Stigy

    ICS Color Code

    Made this for everyone trying to match widgets to the blue in ICS -- this was verified by a few threads online. Here is the HEX and RGB values of the ICS blue.
  18. Stigy

    WiFi QR Share

    Check out this awesome app I just found via Reddit:
  19. Stigy

    New Dropbox for ICS

    They just release a update for dropbox. Not in the market yet so you can grab it from their website. (12/20) - Android Forum Build - Dropbox Forums Direct Link: Dropbox - Dropbox1306.apk - Simplify your life
  20. Stigy

    Help Battery Life Test - Android OS

    A developer over at XDA wants to try to figure this battery issue and high Android OS usage out so he asked me to make a post regarding a test he would like us to perform. Please follow the instructions below to help out -- the first part everyone can participate in and the second part requires...
  21. Stigy

    Battery Drain Issue - Try This

    Someone over at XDA found this regarding the Awake Time and battery drain issue. xda-developers - View Single Post - AudioOut_1 wake lock?
  22. Stigy

    Help High Keep Awake Times

    Anyone seeing high "Keep Awake" times on Android OS? Spare Parts force closes when I try to check Partial Wake usage so not 100% sure what this could be. Wondering if this is the cause of some lower-end battery life we're seeing.
  23. Stigy

    [International / GSM] MoDaCo: 28 Nov Ir3 MCR (Custom ROM)

    So seems like Paul at MoDaCo released a custom ROM for the Galaxy Nexus with a ton of tweaks. Not sure if this development is HSPA+ only or LTE, but just wanted to point out the amount of customization already going on. 28 Nov Ir3: MCR (new: volume bug fix, faster rotate + more)
  24. Stigy

    [International / GSM] Always Active Menu + Search

    Found this today over at MoDaCo forums. Paul found a way to move the "three-dot" menu button as well as keep them active all the time. The best part is he found a way to integrate the search button into the dock so that we have access to it all the time in every app. Note: This hack requires...
  25. Stigy

    USB Mass Storage

    For those that read Engadget's initial review it said that the Galaxy Nexus does not support USB mass storage mode, but rather only MTP and PTP (media transfer protocols). Check out this thread and quote about what that means and what to expect. First quote has a basic explanation of USB mass...