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  1. rosered

    Xperia Play Video Review

    Just a quick link to a video review on Expansys by Jason Bardbury of the UK TV series The Gadget Show who also blogs for Expansys on Tech.
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    Sony Ericsson Neo

    Just posting a link to Sony Ericsson's specifications for the Neo Xperia? neo | Android touch phone - Sony Ericsson If anyone has links to reviews/youtube videos feel free to add them to this thread.
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    T-Mobile UK Release Pinch to Zoom

    Just for info really, phone been saying no update available so thought I'd give SEUS a whirl and lo and behold I now have pinch to zoom. Small word of caution tho.... took blooming ages stuck on the Sony Ericsson screen, thought I may have bricked it, before it all came back to life...
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    Xperia X8 Guide Updated 12.01.11

    All useful threads will be added to this global sticky, if you feel a thread is worth of inclusion then please pm me with the details and I'll look it over. General
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    T-Mobile UK 2.1 Update

    So it was with much trepidation that I connected my phone up to get the update, what if I bricked it, what if I ended up with all the numerous weird and wonderful problems that people have been reporting.... Well I bit the bullett and I have to say the upgrade zipped through quite happily and...
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    Help HTC_IME Keyboard

    Can I ask a favour of someone from the mini forum? I have the HTC_IME on my X10 and love it, I have just this week discovered a variation that works on my X8 but don't have access to a mini to try it out on. If I link you to the thread on the X8 forum would some intrepid soul give it a whirl...
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    Pinch Zooming On X10 Q1 2011

    News just released on the product blog to confirm that we will be getting pinch zooming during an upgrade in Q1 next year. Product Launch Blog
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    Help HTC_IME Keyboard for X8

    Big thanks to narendrakini from SE own forum for pointing me in the right direction. The one thing I hated about my X8 was the keyboard, it did not compare to the HTC_IME I had for my X10. Well now problem solved... Link removed - not working see below Download the file to your pc, if you...
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    09.11.10 New Info On Product Blog 2.1 Update

    There has been new information released on the Sony Ericsson Product Blog regarding the update. I would suggest you have a look at the number that is mentioned and see if any of you have phones with the corresponding number. Product Launch Blog Please confirm if you have recieved the update...
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    09.11.10 New Info On Product Blog 2.1 Update

    Just to bring to peoples attention the update information on the Sony Ericsson Product Blog Product Launch Blog They have actually confirmed which phones should have had the update.
  11. rosered

    Help 09.11.10 New Info On Product Blog 2.1 Update

    Just to bring to peoples attention the update information on the Sony Ericsson Product Blog Product Launch Blog They have actually confirmed which phones should have had the update.
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    Help Stupid Question Time - Video help reqd!

    OK so someone on my other forum was having problems with where to store videos on the SD card so that Mediascape can 'see' them. Easy I thought, but I spoke too soon. So now I bow to someone else's superior knowledge, where the heck do you store them? Tried Video, Media, getting desperate...
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    To All X8 Lurkers

    To any X8 owners who are popping in to the forum for a peep but haven't yet joined up..... Come and Join Us! The forum is quiet because the device is new so we need all the new blood that we can find to get this place buzzing like the other Xperia forums. It is a great place for advice, it...
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    Show Us Your Homescreens X8

    Hello there and welcome to all new X8 owners. I am making a thread here along similar lines to the one on the X10 forum. It is a place to show what you have done to modify your phones set up. The first thing you will need are instructions on how to take screen shots so I will post the...
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    X10 2.1 Update - Issues/Problems

    As you know the update is due to start rolling out this Sunday evening, so this thread is for any problems and solutions your encounter on your journey to 2.1. Please don't post until you have got the update. Thanks!
  16. rosered

    X10 Update By Country / Carrier

    As you know the update is due to start being rolled out this Sunday evening. Please keep this thread simple, just tell us where you are, what carrier you are with and what firmware number you received. There is a seperate thread for issues/problems and general 'stuff'! Please don't post...
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    Help X10 2.1 Update - Issues/Problems

    Please use this thread to discuss anything to do with the update and any problems encountered and hopefully what solutions you found. Please don't post until you have actually upgraded. Thanks!
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    X10 Update By Country / Carrier

    As you know the update is due to start rolling out on Sunday evening. This thread is for a really basic tell us where you are, what carrier and what firmware number you got. Please don't post until you actually have it. Thank you!
  19. rosered

    X10 Update By Country / Carrier

    We all know its due, so this thread is purely for you to say your location and carrier and what firmware you get. There are seperate threads for issues/problems and discoveries. Please do not post here until you have the update. If you want to chat about the update in a general way...
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    Help PDANet Tethering for Wifi

    Having given it much thought I decided against rooting until the updates are out and XDA have sorted out a new 2.1 root for us which meant Barnacle was out for me at present so I have just installed PdaNet on my phone and netbook. OMG I'm so over excited by it. I am typing this on my netbook...
  21. rosered

    Root Universal Root Solution for most Android Devices

    Current as of 10/12/2010 For all phones except: Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic) Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible) HTC Desire GSM HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC) HTC Aria Droid Eris (HTC DesireC) HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz) How To: Root Your Android Phone (SuperOneClick Method) | TheUnlockr Edit...
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    Help User CP

    Hello peeps, I am just pointing out the joys of the User Cp part of the forum for any newbies who don't know. I kept looking at peoples side bars when I joined and thought how the heck do you put all that in. If you look in the bar just under where you are Welcomed, first on the left and...
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    Android Paid Apps Now Available In More Countries

    Don't know if you guys have seen this info elsewhere but thought I would post a link to the SE Product blog detailing the new coutries.... Product Launch Blog Now all they have to do is sort out worldwide availability of the market:rolleyes:
  24. rosered

    SE Product Blog Announces 2.1 from End Oct

    Just to keep you all informed, have a look at the link Please don't shoot the messenger! Keep it clean, respectful and calm guys. At least we have some definite news now.
  25. rosered

    X10 2.1 Update - Discoveries

    This thread is being opened in anticipation of the upcoming update. (And no I do not have any inside information other than what is publicly available) This will be the place to share the great new things that you can do with your phone. Please do not post in here until you have...