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  1. Medion

    Android Phone of the Year - 2008 through 2012, 2013 TBD

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
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    Mobile hotspot "tattle tale", Moto T1053 doesn't do it (edit: yes it does)

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
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    Switched from Galaxy S4 (GPE) to Moto X - My impressions (ZOMG GIANT WALL OF TEXT!!!)

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
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    Slim case comparison (with poorly shot video)

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
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    We can't have nice things! (wife dents iPhone 5s)

    I've been meaning to take these photos for awhile. My wife and I buy our phones unlocked. We ordered her 64GB Gold iPhone 5s ($849) the day that they were available. But, we slept in so it took about 3 weeks to get it. Anyway, I kept telling her to get a case, and she didn't listen. View the...
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    When high specs attack - why a you should aim for that "sweet spot."

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
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    Parting shots for S4 GPE users (I'm out)

    As of this upcoming Monday I will no longer be an S4 GPE user. However, I figured I'd leave current and potential users with the following two nuggets of information. 1. The camera has vastly improved lately due to the 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 updates as well as updates to the camera app. The shutter...
  8. Medion

    The Google Play Edition - (Nearly) One Year in

    Background: During the Keynote of Google I/O in May, 2013, Google announced the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition. Both this device and the HTC One (M7) went on sale June 26, 2013 as the first two Google Play Edition devices. They officially began shipping to customers on July 9, 2013, although many...
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    [SPECULATION] The last Nexus

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
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    Android 4.4.3 thread

    I know that this forum doesn't see much traffic anymore, but I'll continue to post until I ditch the phone :) Received the 4.4.3 OTA on Tuesday. I've included a screenshot of the update. It weighs in at 156MB, which is larger than most of the Nexus update, I believe. I'll try to keep a running...
  11. Medion

    Requesting feedback - Must be stock/non-root, MicroSD installed, KitKat

    I'm putting together one of my "guide" threads for the Android community, but I need some preliminary feedback from you guys before I post it. Please bear with me here, and please only post the requested feedback if you meet the following guidelines; Your phone has a MicroSD expansion slot...
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    [Speculation] Today was a prelude to Android Silver

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
  13. Medion

    Samsung WatchON (by Peel) for Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
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    Bluetooth and Android - read before you buy Bluetooth headphones

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
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    At what point will/do you upgrade?

    I'm just curious to see what everyone uses for their personal upgrade criteria. For example, do you upgrade on a set time interval? Do you wait for a specific requirement (hardware/software)? Do you just upgrade when you see a phone that you like? Read below for my criteria, or post your own...
  16. Medion

    Google Camera - Is this the answer we've been waiting for?

    As some of you know, Google released their separate camera app today. Users of Nexus and Google Play Edition devices will see this as an "update" to their current app when you open the Play Store. So, unlike OEM variants, you won't be running two cameras side by side if you download this. Before...
  17. Medion

    Cloud storage options from an Android perspective (DropBox, Drive, and One Drive compared)

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
  18. Medion

    Long-time Android user considering switching - An editorial

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
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    Android 4.4.2 hitting Google Play Edition Devices today

    Earlier in the S4 GPE forum, I broke that Samsung had uploaded the ML4 source (4.4.2 for S4 GPE) to their open-source repository. Seems HTC did the same today as well. I can confirm with my own eyes that an LG G-Pad GPE and an HTC One GPE got the 4.4.2 rollout today. However, Google tends to do...
  20. Medion

    4.4.2 OTA released, chime in when you get it!

    Just wanted to share. Samsung Open Source Release Center If you NEED to see it yourself, it's under mobile phones. Update is "ML4." EDIT: Update is now live. I didn't get it, but someone had to!
  21. Medion

    Kit-Kat update, chime in when you get it

    Got it a few hours ago. More bad than good is my initial impression, but it's too soon. Lots of instability, especially with issues related to photos/videos stored on the phone. Both the Gallery and Google Photos apps crash like mad. I'm going to do a factory reset, as I'm overdue for that...
  22. Medion

    GT-i9505g - Quite possibly the worst modern smartphone camera

    My last four phones have been; Nokia E71 (OEM unlocked) HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon, and I was a ROM developer) Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 (OEM unlocked) Samsung Galaxy S4 GPe GT-i9505G (OEM unlocked) So, I've had a nice range of smartphone cameras. For video, the S4 GPe beats all...
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    Redbox (non-streaming) update - congrats to Redbox! I want to extend a personal congratulations to Redbox for finally hiring real programmers. They have finally enabled HW acceleration within their app. It was the last app that I used that required HW Acceleration...
  24. Medion

    Why the Moto X is NOT a mid-range device

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
  25. Medion

    Chrome 29 available now, please check if you also have this "bug"

    In the release notes, they claim "improved scrolling responsiveness." However, one particular website just became an insane lagfest - 's mobile website. If I switch to desktop, it's fine. So if you get a chance, and you've already updated Chrome to version 29 on Android, please head...