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  1. RavenFox

    Netgear unveils a pair of 42Mbps HSPA+ routers, and one for LTE

    Netgear unveils a pair of 42Mbps HSPA+ routers, and one for LTE -- Engadget
  2. RavenFox

    Help Can skype be disabled or uninstalled?

    Hi guys friend of mine wants to know since he has the continuum. He claims it was running during the night as a service and participated in draining his battery. Anything other than rooting?
  3. RavenFox

    Google Unveils New Android 3.0

    Today at CES, Google unveiled the new Android 3.0 OS that was designed specifically for the growing tablet market. Vid in the link
  4. RavenFox

    Android Tops Windows Mobile in Smartphone Share

    Google's Android mobile operating system has now passed Windows Mobile in smartphone market share, according to a new report from comScore. The firm's results claim that only Google's Android made gains for three months ending in July, and that RIM, Apple, and Microsoft all lost ground...
  5. RavenFox

    Google Instant for Android this Fall?

    Google has released their predictive and quite fast search feature officially today. I also got a tweet that they will be incorporating this into the android os this Fall. Here is the link to the blog for the Web feature and all about Instant Official Google Blog: Search: now faster than...
  6. RavenFox

    3G or E not showing up

    Started lastnight and AT&T doesn't seem to know what's up. I was fooling around with the AT&T Nav and the Google Nav when it happned. Not that I haven't mess with them before but I found it strange. Also got a small screen that popped up once when I went into applications saying Sim on/off with...
  7. RavenFox

    Glowing yellow light on captivate when unlocked

    Hi everyone. After running three updates this morning. I started getting a weird light effect when I unlock my phone. It happens at the top of the screen just to the right below the battery. It's a quick yellow glow then it disappears until my phone is locked then unlocked again. One of the...