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    Protect your business with Zero Trust security on Android

    Android Enterprise’s Zero Trust security model helps businesses secure devices with over 100 unique trust signals.
  2. J

    Help me plz!

    This is my second try. I am being hacked really bad. Someone is remotely accessing my devices. Even my smart TV. They block phone call, texts and emails. Listen to phone calls and take my picture. I have factory reset many times but everything comes back at install_ even tho i use all new...
  3. A

    Should I suppose that KG Status CHECKING finally disappears from Download mode?

    In my Tab S6, the line in Download mode stating KG Status Prenormal was totally disappeared after I completed the Android initial setup; while I had different experience with my Tab S7: The line KG Status PRENORMAL has changed to KG Status CHECKING and remained Checking even after I've fully...
  4. Android News

    Two-factor authentication is used on less than 10% of Google accounts

    A new report suggests that less than 10% of Google account owners use two-factor authentication, while around 12% of these users take advantage of a password manager.
  5. Android News

    Samsung begins rolling out the January security patch to the Galaxy Note 8

    Samsung isn’t making Note 8 owners wait too long this time around. An update that bundles the latest security patch is now rolling out to the Note 8 in France.
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    How to get your Android data protected in case your device gets stolen

    Gadget Hacks has published a tutorial on how to get your data secured in the case that your Android smartphone gets stolen.
  7. Android News

    ExpensiveWall malware could have affected up to 21 million people

    A new malware being called ExpensiveWall has been found in as many as 50 apps on Google Play. It's said up to 21 million people may have downloaded these apps. Google has already removed them.
  8. Android News

    Latest security scare is high frequency voice attacks

    Researchers are warning of a potential security oversight that could affect nearly any voice assistant platform out there. It involves issuing commands to phones in a frequency too high for humans to hear, but perfectly heard by gadgets. It's a stretch that anyone will be able to do anything...
  9. Android News

    Google releases Android's September security bulletin

    Google has officially detailed the September 2017 Android security bulletin. It contains the usual details about vulnerabilities that could be affecting various Android devices. OTA and system image files are sure to follow soon.
  10. Android News

    Two new changes for Android Wear app policies

    Multi-APK apps are now supported for Android Wear 1.0 watches and requirements for the "Enhanced for Android Wear" Play Store badge have changed.
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    The August security patch starts rolling out to Blackberry devices

    BlackBerry has announced that it has started pushing out the latest security update (August patch) to its Android smartphones.
  12. Android News

    The latest Xperia X update brings July's security update

    An update is currently rolling out to owners of the Sony Xperia X and bumps the security patch to July.
  13. Android News

    How to turn your old Android phone into a security camera

    Joe from Phandroid takes a look at how you can repurpose an old Android phone and turn it into a security camera for your home.
  14. Android News

    Android 7.1 Nougat features a "panic detection" mode

    A new security feature in Android 7.1 Nougat can automatically detect frantic back button presses in succession. This will be beneficial if an application attempts to take over the user's screen and prevent the user from leaving the app.
  15. Android News

    Photo hiding applications may not be as secure as you think they are

    A research team did a study on a number of popular applications that claim to hide personal images that you have stored on your phone. However, a study has shown that these apps are vulnerable and very easy to exploit.
  16. Android News

    Google has removed 41 ppps infected with a piece of malware called Judy

    41 applications have been removed from the Play Store because Google detected they were infected with malware called Judy. Most of these apps were from one single account from a South Korean company called Kiniwini.
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    A new vulnerability found in VLC, Kodi, and others exploit the device through malicious subtitles

    Some media players will use subtitles from websites like but it has been discovered that there's a vulnerability that lets these apps execute malicious code. Apps like VLC (PC version) and Kodi have been patched, but the Android version of VLC has yet to be updated.
  18. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy S7 starts getting May security patch

    Some users of the Galaxy S7 have reportedly started receiving the May Android security patch.
  19. Android News

    Some think Google should cut-out the middle man for its monthly Android security updates

    Andrew from Ars Technica has published an opinion editorial which suggests that Google should cut out carriers and manufacturers when it releases monthly Android security updates.
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    Study says 234 Android apps are listening for ultrasonic ad beacons

    Most of us first heard about SilverPush back in 2016, and now a new study shows that over 200 applications are using the company's technology. Once installed, an application will listen for ultrasonic ad beacons 18kHz to 20kHz from TV ads.
  21. Android News

    Samsung brings the April security patch to the Galaxy J7 (2016)

    The April security patch has started rolling out to European owners of the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016). This is only a minor update and doesn't add anything else to the device.
  22. Android News

    PINLogger is a new exploit that can steal PIN codes from your smartphone

    A new exploit has been discovered that allows website to execute JavaScript code which accesses motion and orientation sensors built into most Android devices. Using this data, researchers have discovered they're able to guess the digits in four-digit PINs with a 74-percent accuracy the first...
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    The European Galaxy A5 2016 is starting to receive the March Android security update

    Samsung has started to push the March security update to the Galaxy A5 2016 to owners of the device in Europe.
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    April's Android security update is coming to the Galaxy J3 (2016)

    Samsung has already started rolling out the April Android security update to owners of the Galaxy J3 (2016). The update also brings various bug fixes and "device optimizations".
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    The March security patch comes to the AT&T BlackBerry Priv

    AT&T is rolling out the March Android security update to owners of the BlackBerry Priv. The update also includes various "performance-related optimizations".