android studio

  1. L

    how do i Allow file access from android web view?

    hi, i am loading a web page in to the android web view. When loading done, the upload button is not working. any idea for fix this please?
  2. M

    "Can't resolve symbol 'mywebview'"

    Hey all:giggle: Adding Webview to my app since I have website already made but getting the error above within my page. All of the xml file are coded fine its just this problem. Can anyone help? Thank ya!!! Code: private Webview mywebview; @override protected void...
  3. A

    cast-enabled Android App vs. Cast-enabled Android TV

    I see there is Google Cast-enabled Android App and Google Cast-enabled Android TV. The first is said to be the sender and the second the receiver. Do I have to have both of these to create an Android TV app that can be on Google Chromecast device? If yes, how do I do this?
  4. J

    parseUri instead of getIntent(); does not work ...

    Hi, I would like to use parseUri instead of getIntent(); but parseUri the does not work. What I have to do ? try { //Intent intent = getIntent(); Intent intent = (android.content.Intent) parseUri( "android-app://com.example.myapp.MainActivity", 0); // message...
  5. J

    Exception dispatching input event :(

    Hi, I am trying startActivity function on a set of simple images which are placed to a GridView, but I am getting a suspicious error - see below. Can someone help me where is problem ? Here is source code (AndroidStudio 2022.1.1 Patch 1, Java)...
  6. A

    Android Studio - How do disable "Go to declaration" when long press on a Mac

    When I long press a highlighted area or keyword in Android Studio (Electric Eel) on my Mac, it automatically jumps me to the declaration, which is extremely annoying, as I invoke this feature by accident 99.9% of the time. As such, I would like to disable it. However, I couldn't find any...
  7. L

    Apps usbManager.getDeviceList() returns empty list after boot

    I'm developing small android app using android studio and java. App have to write to serial port of connected Arduino. There is no issues with connection to device once otg cable plugged, but if I reboot the phone while cable is plugged app unable to establish connection. It turned that...
  8. F

    Beginner Android Studio setup

    I was watching this on youtube and noticed that everything is completed automatically in his Android Studio. For example at 3:08 he gets a drop down menu in MainActivity.kt which consists of the id's created in activity_main.xml. I do get a dropdown but it doesn't consist of the id's that I...
  9. M

    Grid layout Android Studio

    I am trying to learn about Android Studio Grid Layout with a simple example with four buttons. I have made three copies of a button to get four buttons but they stay on top of each other. I have set 2 rows and 2 columns. Shoulden't the buttons adapt to four separate buttons in a grid? I have...
  10. T

    Apps How to get constraints working in Java

    I am trying to programmatically define objects in one of the activities, so I'm using the ConstraintSet class it Java to do it. However, when I run the application, all of the widgets that I gave constraints to with java go to 0,0 as if they don't have constraints. I've tried looking online but...
  11. J

    Issue to write SD Card

    Good morning, I would appreciate some help with an issue that I have with a code in Java with Android Studio. This work perfectly in Eclipse, but not with android. This apk consists of saving data from a form to a txt file. I can't see any error while debugging, but no folder or file is...
  12. Jensonbotones

    Apps About 5G NSA

    Hi, I want to retrieve the ARFCN (Channel Frequency Number) while the device is connected to a 5G network, which can be of 2 certain types (SA and NSA). The type (NSA) I have problems with (and it is the type which most of the actual 5G networks fall into) uses a 4G LTE network cell as a...
  13. M

    Android missing from tools in Android Studio

    Hello everyone, I'm new to all of this but, learning quickly. I just downloaded Android studio and it is missing the "Android in the tools" not sure what is going on I have tried numerous ideas that I have seen on Google by searching it out and everything that I have tried just failed...
  14. H

    How to use the emulated software image in the avd manager of android studio

    Hi guys, I've been stuck with a problem for a while now and it's about the good Android Virtual Devices (AVD) or the emulator that comes with Android Studio. For some time it has been possible to specify a front and rear camera for a virtual device under "Advanced Settings" (on the last page...
  15. G

    ActivityThread: handleWindowVisibility: no activity for token android.os.BinderProxy package com.example.library; import android.content.DialogInterface; import android.content.Intent; import android.os.Bundle; import android.text.TextUtils; import android.util.Patterns; import android.view.View; import android.view.WindowManager; import android.widget.EditText...
  16. W

    Problems with Android Studio and the emulator

    Hi everyone, i'm relative new to Android Studio but until now i had no troubles with running applications with CTRL+F9 and then to run the app i normally hit SHIFT+F10. This worked normaly. When i try to run my app over the console (adb -s emualtorXY install -t myapk.apk) it is working. My...
  17. C

    Apps Advice on making to-do list / reminder app

    If you were to make a to-do list / reminder app with notifications on a specific date/time - How would you make it? (A small step-by-step list would be very helpful) What tools/databases would you use? SQLite, WorkManager, AlarmManager or are there any better/easier ones?
  18. ivanburyy1r64rewtr

    virtual devices not working in android studio

    hello in android studio not working virtual devices say error "The emulator process for AVD sfdhfhdsh has terminated" and others apps where too have android virtual devices android sdk connected and virtual on in my pc bios can who help
  19. G

    Help How to use a secondary APN just for a specific Android Application

    Hello everybody, I have a question about app developing... Is it possible to use a secondary APN just for a specific Android Application and let the current APN to be used by the other applications (simultaneously) ? If yes, how? I would be grateful if you could write a code example to set...
  20. U

    Apps error: cannot find symbol import com.urbannet.ryamusicplayer.BuildConfig;

    I am working on an open-source project based on Phonograph. I renamed the package/domain name and I am getting the error: "C:\Users\user\AndroidStudioProjects\Rya Music Player\Play Store\Rya Music Player\app\src\main\java\com\urbannet\ryamusicplayer\glide\ error...
  21. DridriLaBastos

    Apps Cannot use Kotlin object pinnig to pass a buffer to a C function

    I am working on an app, and I need to pass a buffer of audio data from kotlin to a C function. The prototype of the C function is : DECL(void, fftBuildAudioData, const jshort* const recordedAudio) (DECL is a macro to declare the good prototype and name function to match JNI specifictions) I...
  22. P

    Slide from one html page to another

    I am making an android book app with java using web view and my pages in html. As I am new to this, I am trying to find how to slide from one html page to another instead of clicking buttons. please if you know how , set an example because like I said I am new to this. here is a link to the...
  23. A

    Can not install the new update of Android Studio Arctic Fox in MacOS

    I can't install the new update of Android Studio Arctic Fox in MacOS. Please check out that screenshot which I uploaded here.
  24. J

    View executed code while running / debugging an app

    Hello everybody, I am very new to android studio and app development in general. I am working in a project which already has developed an app with a lot of features. I shall improve certain features and therefore I need to understand which files and which code are executed at which point in the...
  25. C

    How can I make my android apps which I build using android studio to work properly.

    Hello, i if this is the right place for this kind of question. If it is not the right place please point me into the right section. I created a simple app using android studio to stream my audio/music from my website, but the problem is that it is playing/streaming very very slow, I know it is...