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    Heal is like Uber, but for in-house doctor visits

    People are calling Heal the "Uber for Dr. Visits." So instead of using an app to tell local drivers that you need a ride, you tell local doctors that you need a doctor visit. The visit will cost you $99 and is currently supported in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, Oakland...
  2. Android News

    Square Enix releases a port of Romancing SaGa 2 in the Play Store

    Ramancing SaGa is another one of those Square Enix game franchises that never really broke into mainstream success, but still had a strong and dedicated following. The company has just published a port of Romancing SaGa 2 in the Play Store and it even comes with English translations and...
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    Nadoku is a minimalist Sudoku style game with a twist

    Omelette Games has a game in the Play Store called Nadoku that is strikingly similar to Sudoku. Joe of Phandroid describes the gameplay and says it "feels more like hacking a lock than writing numbers in a grid."
  4. Android News

    Spotify releases a new app specifically for Android TV in the Play Store

    Earlier this month we saw reports that Spotify was working to create original video content and now the company has launched their own Android TV application. For now, you can enjoy your Spotify playlists on your TV and with your soundbar (if you have one), but we could see this as a way for...
  5. Android News

    Poncho launches a beta of of their weather app in the Play Store

    Poncho is a fun, playful weather service that recently released an iOS application earlier this year. The company has just announced they have brought their app into the Play Store for Android, but it's only available via Google's beta program right now.
  6. Android News

    Noisli is now available as an Android application

    Noisli is a productivity application that helps to drown out background noise so that you can focus on the task at hand. The team had previously launched the app on iOS, the web and as a Chrome extension, but now it is available in the Play Store so you can use it while on the train or on a plane.
  7. Android News

    The Google Play Developer Console gets its own application in the Play Store

    The Google Play Developer Console is a backend dashboard for those who develop and publish applications in the Play Store. Until now, it was only available as a website but now it has its own Android application. You won't have access to everything, but you can check on performance statistics...
  8. Android News

    SwiftKey releases a new beta keyboard app, Swiftmoji, to predict what emoji you'll use next

    SwiftKey has been pushing out experimental applications for a while now and their latest is what they're calling Swiftmoji. It's only available in beta via Google Play right now, so you'll have to opt into the beta before you can try it out. The app is similar to SwiftKey (meaning you get their...
  9. Android News

    Ubisoft Entertainment publishes Hungry Shark World in the Play Store

    Hungry Shark World is a free game in the Play Store right now (with in-app purchases) that was published by the big gaming giant Ubisoft. The game has you starting off as a small shark and then eating smaller fish as you grow bigger. Try to avoid the bigger sharks as well as other obstacles...
  10. Android News

    Plughy is plugin for Giphy that will let you insert the URL of a GIF into any app

    Piot Apps just released an application into the Play Store that lets you grab the URL of a Giphy GIF without ever needing to leave the app you are currently in. For example, if you're in a WhatsApp conversation, you just need to type something like "/giphy angry;" without the quotes and then...
  11. Android News

    5217 is productivity app from Francisco Franco and Liam Spradlin

    Franco is known for his Nexus custom kernels and Liam is known for his work on Android Police. The two have been working together on a few Android applications and today they've released a new one. The app is called 5217, and it's based on a study that says the most productive schedule you can...
  12. Android News

    The Google I/O application has just been updated in the Play Store

    Google has an I/O application in the Play Store to help those who are attending (or are just interested in) the developer conferences they host. The app has just been updated to include all of the 2016 speakers and events. You'll be able to find the following features in this year's application...
  13. Android News

    Beme app is now available in the Play Store

    Beme is an application similar to Snapchat where you capture videos and share with them with friends. You can even let your friends watch your reaction to the videos they send you. It has been an iOS exclusive app for a while but the company has finally released a version for Android. Some...
  14. Android News

    There's now an app for managing your Google Fiber account

    Just like Google did with Project Fi and its companion application, there's now an app for managing your Google Fiber account. You can change and update your account details, configure WiFi, check your speeds, restart the Google Fiber box, manage your bill and more.
  15. E

    Paribus finally has an Android app

    Most retailers will give you a refund on the price difference of products you've purchased if they go on sale shortly afterward. Unless you keep track of these things religiously, you're likely to miss out on some free money by not knowing about them. Paribus is an online tool that will track...
  16. Android News

    You can now download Zen Studios' Aliens vs Pinball from the Play Store

    A little less than a month ago we told you about an announcement from Zen Studios about their next pinball game, Aliens vs Pinball. The release is here and you can download the game for Android in the Play Store right now for free(with in-app purchases).
  17. Android News

    Logitech's Harmony app for Android TV is now available in the Play Store

    Logitech Harmony is the company's smart home system and today they've released an application for Android TV that lets you control your smart lights, blinds, and thermostats directly from the TV.
  18. Android News

    Companion app for the Homefront video game sequel is live in the Play Store

    Homefront was a video game that was released back in 2011 and it's finally going to be getting a sequel in a few weeks. Deep Silver has just published the companion application for this sequel in the Play Store and it can be downloaded for free right now.
  19. Android News

    Google releases Montage, a war footage analysis tool for free

    User-generated videos has essentially replaced a lot of the media coverage in war zones around the world. To help those looking for this type of information, Google has released Montage for free. Montage is a curation tool that turns a flood of user-generated video into data for humanitarian...
  20. Android News

    Space Launch Now is an app that reminds you when the next SpaceX launch will be

    Caleb Jones has just released an application into the Play Store called Space Launch Now. The sole purpose of the app is to present space flight data from Launch Library so you don't ever miss another SpaceX launch again.
  21. Android News

    Natsume publishes Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories on the Play Store

    Harvest Moon is known by some as the first game that used the Farmville style of gameplay. Natsume released Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories on iOS last year but now the company has brought it to Android for $10 with no in-app purchases.
  22. Android News

    Google releases Beacon Tools for developers who use Bluetooth Low Energy beacons

    We're likely going to start seeing a mass influx of Bluetooth beacons put all over the public areas in hopes to attract more customers to various destinations. Google has a couple of beacon APIs like Google Nearby and Proximity Beacon that will work in conjunction with Android devices. With...
  23. Android News

    After the GoPro acquision, Replay enters the Play Store as GoPro Quik

    GoPro recently acquired a couple of video editing apps/teams in hopes of expanding their action camera platform. The company has rebranded this Replay video editor as GoPro Quik and it is in the Google Play Store right now. You'll need to join the beta first, if you want to download it from the...
  24. Android News

    Slidebox is a gesture-based photo organizer that's free in the Play Store right now

    Organizing huge collections of photos can be a daunting task and that is the goal that Readonly is trying to solve with Slidebox. Slidebox debuted on iOS but has finally been released on Android. The app can be likened to Tinder as you swipe a photo to the left to trash it. This way, the less...
  25. Android News

    Domino's releases an app called Zero Click to let you automatically order a pizza by launching it

    Domino's has been trying to integrate more technology into their business over the last few years and one way they've been doing this is by experimenting with mobile apps. The company has just released a new application into the Play Store called Zero Click. Once setup with your favorite order...
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