1. itstermoh

    (Java) Android IR Blaster app

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread so I hope that this will bring me to a solution. I recently bought a SMART IR Blaster for my phone that connects via otg port. I'm currently making an app to control every kind of device of all brands. I installed the app made for this IR and works...
  2. P

    Testing of Apogee Indigo App

    Which is the best company for testing a mobile app?
  3. RASelkirk

    Looking for a FREE lightweight texting app

    Hi All, Went from an LG G6 to a Samsung A54 over T-Mobile, the factory messaging app sucks! DL'ed a half dozen off Play Store so far, some look good but all have very intrusive ads. My LG factory app was perfect enough that I tried to "APK it" in there, obviously a no-go. I don't really want my...
  4. B

    Note taking app

    Dear android forum I'm looking for an app where I can write, draw, paste images and automatically create a table of contents. It would be used for my studies where I need to make sketches of various things like workflows and physical properties etc, cut out some part of script handed over and...
  5. P

    How do I move an app to my home screen

    quite some time ago I moved my text messaging app back to my home screen and then I locked my home screen to prevent it from ever again moving away from my home screen. However after a recent update the app is once again not on the home screen. How can I move it back to the home screen and...
  6. H

    App notification name?

    (Not my phone so) Which app is the blue quotation marks icon for?
  7. beingbeetle

    App for Limo Business - Ground Alliance

    Hello, Limo Operators and Chauffeurs Ground Alliance is a limo software that's been a game-changer for my business, First and foremost, what I appreciate most about Ground Alliance is its user-friendly interface. It's incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate, which is a huge plus for someone...
  8. M

    Help What app notification icon is this?

    What is the icon at the very top above the purple? It looks like E2 or EZ but I've tried to find the app and cannot. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!
  9. E

    Search for an app that lists the installed apps line by line

    Hello! I wrote an app like this myself a few years ago, which no longer works under Android 13. As a senior, a clear alphabetical listing in Text Icon is important to me. Then just the tapped app should be started. Thanks if you have a tip for me
  10. D

    Completely offline news app?

    Does anyone know of an app to read news and other articles that auto updates when it has data but works completely offline? I'm using usa today and it says it has offline, but doesn't work well when offline anyways. I though we'll maybe email news, but all they do is send you links so you need...
  11. TThompson

    Samsung J2 Pro app update boot-loop, need contacts

    So, trying to help out a mate whose phone started to optimise apps and hit "63 of 63" before rebooting. It complains about a missing file/directory, though the friend says nothing was done by him other than turning it on. I charged it overnight and then tried the old "wipe cache" from the...
  12. D

    [APP][FREE] Daily - Simple To-Do & Grocery List App [PROMO CODES]

    What is Daily? Daily is a super simple app you can use to create to-do lists, grocery or shopping lists. Unlike other apps, Daily doesn't have unnecessary features and uses a modern Material You design for the interface. It's intuitive, easy to use and has all features available for free...
  13. B

    Which app is this from?

    It’s a P, but the bottom of the P is a downward-facing arrow!
  14. S

    urls of buttons in the instagram app

    hello i would like to ask how to copy and paste the url of the watch more button in the instagram app. thanks very much.
  15. M

    Downgrade app fails

    I have an app that will not connect to network. My wife has a working older version of the app so I have copied it and tried to install it but the installation fails. I have tried just clicking to open the file, using adb and Split APK installer without luck. I get a Java error 'cannot open...
  16. A

    What app icon uses a half face with horns

    Had no luck with Google lens. Appreciate the help.
  17. K

    How to do automated testing of a smartwatch app in a emulator?

    I have an android app that can connect to a smartwatch. In android studio i can manually pair a smartphone emulator and a smartwatch emulator, but i was wondering if there is a way to automatically run smartphone emulators, pair them to a smartwatch emulator and test different metrics like...
  18. S

    Help Problem installing app

    I have downloaded a app mod from somewhere and I don't know. Now I tried to update it it said conflict with package so I uninstall it and by accident I selected keep app data and try to install from play store but it's not installing and tried another mod but it's showing update not install option.
  19. V

    Apps Upgrade app

    It appears Sqlite is no longer allowed. To upgrade my app, need to read Sqlite to write to another more modern method. Also, unable to upgrade my app. It has too many conflicts. Layouts are handled differently, etc. Plan to write it from scratch. But, would like to have a way to convert my...
  20. K

    Android App for Engineering Numerical Calculations?

    Hey there, Looking for an Android app that can handle engineering numerical calculations across different fields. User-friendly and versatile features are a plus. Any recommendations? Thanks! Kashif
  21. M

    Please help identify an app icon

    I was having issues with my keyboard all of a sudden I use fancykey keyboard so I long pressed on it pushed the info button and then went to go update it on the Google Play Store. The app would not open and now Google Play Store would not open. I finally got Google Play Store open and typed in...
  22. 3030tsantini

    Heart icon on my boyfriends phone.Does anyone know what this is? And the other lock icon app also?

  23. RizbIT UK

    When google says this kind of app is not functional when it is...

    google claim that its not functionally possible for an Android device to estimate the weight of an object. I have proven this to not be true and via several clear video demonstrations I have shown that not only can you use your Android device to weigh objects but it can be quite accurate too...
  24. N

    What happens to my data if I uninstall Google Phone App updates

    If I uninstall updates to my Google Phone app, what will happen to data like recent calls, contacts, visual voicemail, etc.? Thanks.
  25. P

    Double app?

    Hi, in my apps list I find two "Download" apps, in two different versions, but only one in the file manager, which one can I delete without causing damage?