1. bg1991


    A pretty cool, new Android social media App on Google Play called Giffamous. Who wants to try it out? It's a social media app with the caveat that it's GIF centric, although photos and videos are allowed. Every reply, post, and...
  2. J

    Help Anybody have any idea what this app is? ? There's multiple NEW sketchy looking "systemapps" like this on my android, Cant adjust permissions or Uninst

  3. D

    Manage Gradle project dependencies with configurations

    In my Android project, I have a folder whose content is generated by a gradle task, and I need to package this folder as assets for the .apk I build. Initially, this is how I am setting up my gradle build file: ``` android { ... sourceSets { main { assets {...
  4. A

    How to prevent apps/services from restarting once closed?

    On my old phone, I had powerful battery options to prevent apps from consuming battery in the background. On stock Android, however, the options seem to be more limited, which is why I use the "KillApps" app to get rid of these battery suckers. However, I have noticed that after several hours...
  5. B

    Help! a 20yo girl know if she should stay or go

    Hi! I recently broke up with my bf of 9-10 months and moved out due to the relationship being incredibly toxic and abusive. He came to me and said he’s getting into therapy and changing himself. Long story short he sent me a screenshot, trying to prove himself, that he wasn’t doing wrong but I...
  6. Irfan Latif

    [APP][7.0+] WhatsRunning - Know what's running on your Android device

    Have you ever been suspicious about the services, processes and apps running on your device? We have a unique all-in-one solution. WhatsRunning shows: A lot of information about native processes and Android apps running on your device A detailed breakdown of RAM and swap usage System services...
  7. E

    System apps 1969 installed??

    so the other system apps say installed in 2008 but this list on the bottom is 1969 and my ex wife is an IT specialist who used her skills to clone my phone and hack it before in the past I can't delete any of these apps or even look into them and can't disable any permissions what do I do?
  8. Lilmama88

    Best App for:

    So I'm looking for the best apps that will do the following: 1) Recovering SMS/MMS texts that were deleted 2) Best app for recovering deleted photos/videos/documents/downloads 3) Best app for Texting (that actually respects your privacy and data and doesn't sell it to other companies) 4) Best...
  9. L

    Help Apps: Discover Content that matters for you

    Apps who can ease your thirst for knowledge thats really interesting for you, as those apps fine tune the input you gave them and recommend more articles/content of this kind. News Inshorts displays news in a 60 words summarize, your...
  10. July Hoang

    Have you used the music player's equalizer?

    Have you tried using the equalizer feature of the Music player - Mp3 player app? I usually use the equalizer to adjust the songs to my own style. Adjust to genres: Hip-hop, jazz... sounds quite interesting. Please try it out. Link download app...
  11. S

    Help Firewall and VPN won't turn on on Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro. Please help.

    I had a Unimax U504TL smartphone and used a free firewall called Firewall No Root by Protectstar Inc. on from the play store. The firewall would turn on just fine when I turned on the phone and tapped it to turn it on. It wouldn't turn on automatically with the phone like it said it would for...
  12. I

    What apps are these

    Hi all what apps are these? apart from the obvious Snapchat’s and gmail ones?
  13. I

    SIMPLE MOBILE IS A SCAM (To assist in being more informative, I have included the imgur link to a screenshot of a random sampling of Simple Mobile "broadband LTE speeds" I've been taking from July to September of this year, you'll note the adverage "Broadband" speed is around 200...
  14. shoyyds


    no photo
  15. C

    Stat tracker apps question[off topic]

    I'm curious if anyone knows of a stat tracker that dates back to the game's start or shows you how many kills an account has ever gotten in a single match. I have a friend who (supposedly) scored a 21 kill game a few years ago, perhaps four years ago. We also don't have any proof. The majority...
  16. H

    Android best live cam - live cam hd - live satellite view

    Live cam - World Maps app is the best for 3D maps and live satellite view. With a free satellite map app, you can discover famous places around the world and see the nature of beauty. With this most popular app you can share your current and the location of any city, town, parking, work and...
  17. C

    Who can help me?

    Who knows wich app this can be? on android top bar left, see screen: Skull-android by Cheesecaketiny posted Jul 20, 2021 at 8:47 AM
  18. Steveyg777

    Help Can i 'undelete' my erroneous sd card?

    Last night my phone suddenly reported that my sd card (sandisk extreme Pro 128gb micro sd) had a problem (i think to write to it) so it has made it read only. After restarting the sd card wasnt detected any longer. When connecting it to my Mac or asked if i wanted to format it. When looking at...
  19. khalen

    Help I need Help 5 five-star ratings for my game

    You guys I need Help 5 five-star ratings for my game Bounce Ball 7 My Game Bounce Ball 7 : :thumbsupdroid: Download Google play : Thank you guys :eek:
  20. F

    [LWP][5.0+]TheCity 3D LWP, LaGoon 3D LWP, PolyPond 3D LWP - (3) 3D Live Wallpapers

    TheCity 3D Live Wallpaper Free Free Features: Complete 3D mini town ! 3 different camera views Gyroscope Sun flare and vignette post effects Airplane fly over animation Clouds Explore and enjoy the the city through every nook and cranny. Up to 3 cameras in free version and 14 in pro...
  21. Brainsoft

    [FREE] [GAME] Multiplication Table - Learn Easily

    Learn times tables with one of the coolest math games! Our App is an effective way to learn multiplication tables (from 1 to 20) and improve your mental math skills by playing and having fun We designed multiplication flashcards especially for you. So you can practice multiplication and guess...
  22. MoodyBlues

    System Settings: How to display all apps by default? [Android 10]

    Going from Android 8 to 10 has been fun, for the most part. But there's something I don't like, and I don't see how to change it. In System Settings, when I choose 'Apps & notifications,' this is what I get: Then I have to select 'See all X apps' in order to see all my apps. How do I change...
  23. I

    Help Call forwarding over internet

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a certain set of features in an app (no problem if it requires root). I've googled it but didn't find anything that matched my exact requirements. Here are my requirements: The app should have 2 modes: 1 mode receives calls on the simcard and starts an internet...
  24. S

    Replacing Google dialer app

    First, is there a way to group contacts in the stock Google dialer app (friends, work, etc)? Or combine that app with the contact app which does group contacts? If not, what dialer & contact app would? Nothing artsy just a good basic app. Android used to do it 4 yrs ago, but now I can't.
  25. Android News

    How and when you should clear app cache data on Android

    Curious about app cache data and when and why you should clear it? Android Central has a good primer on knowing when you should get rid of those old files.