1. P

    The buttons on my Bluetooth earphones are unresponsive...

    Help! My Bluetooth earphone buttons don't work anymore. I can't adjust the volume or skip tracks. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  2. E

    Bluetooth connection manager?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. I'd like to be able to be able to set on my phone whether a paired device will connect automatically or prompt me every time. Does anyone know of an app that can do that? The stock Bluetooth connection settings don't seem to have that functionality. Thanks...
  3. ThisWreckage

    Bluetooth earphone buttons don't work...

    I bought a pair of cheapo JVC HA-A5T bluetooth earphones. They pair, connect and play fine but I can't make the buttons do anything. My previous earphones worked fine. What might I be doing wrong?
  4. 3

    Help Can someone tell me if these Bluetooth services are normal even when I have it off

  5. O

    Looking for Smartphone advice

    Im look for some advice on a Smartphone Looking for a inexpensive Smartphone that my kid can play around with. Something he can also use as a cheap MP3 player with Bluetooth capability. I would prefer a Android preferably a Galaxy and under $100
  6. elflamablanca

    Bluetooth tethering internet speed

    I have my Z Fold 4 sharing it's internet connection with my Pixel 6a via bluetooth tethering. How can I see what type of connection/download speeds I am getting? Is it throttled? My Fold will be connected to 5G network but the Pixel loads websites, emails, etc pretty slow. Also, does the...
  7. G

    Anyone know where to find the setting that automatically plays music when Bluetooth connects?

    When connecting to Bluetooth the Huawei Music player automatically starts playing music I use Black Player as my default music player I have seen the setting that controls resume on Bluetooth but that was years ago and I can't find it anywhere. So: Anyone know where to find the setting that...
  8. wilkyyb

    bluetooth headphones not working on specific device

    My phone doesn't give sound to my JBL Bluetooth headphones but other phones do give sound. pls help :)
  9. RashmiE

    In Android devices we are receiving two pairing dialog pop ups ? We need user input pairing pop only

    From Xamarin forms application While initiating pairing firstly it will ask pair with device (device name)i.e just pair pop up appears on click of OK button one more pairing pop up appears requires user input (pin)is required to pair. I want a user input pairing pop up we require only one pop up...
  10. H

    Help Fire tablet Bluetooth Keyboard

    What Bluetooth keyboards work with Amazon Fire HD10 tablet 9th gen? Preferably full-size which also allow physical mouse or keyboard touchpad. All info gratefully accepted. Thanks. Jeanne
  11. J

    Help Can Tasker limit apps to not run when Bluetooth Audio is on?

    I have a BLE application that screws up Bluetooth Audio Streaming. The other possibility would be to only allow the application to run when connected to any WiFi network. The application is Polar Flow. It runs in the background, so it isn't easy to terminate. I have disallowed background...
  12. R

    Apps Bluetooth disconnect (via reflection) does not disconnect device

    I'm building a custom bluetooth connect/disconnect app and so far I am able to connect my device using the a2dp profile, however when I try to trigger a disconnect, it runs through the disconnect method just fine but the device remains connected. I've tried everything I could find on the web and...
  13. E

    Help Notification Sounds Not Routing to Only Earbuds

    I've been trying to get notification sounds and ringtones to only play through my Bluetooth earbuds and not the system speakers at the same time, but there doesn't seem to be a functional option for that. The only thing that is close is the Samsung Sound Assistant with alerts through headphones...
  14. K

    How to remove blue focus rectangle getting created on Bluetooth mouse onClick (TextField)

    I am using On Lenovo tablet m10 and the torgus bluetooth mouse and with these running my application then clicking on textfield after that get the blue rectangle as shown in pictures. this rectangle coming from android if I navigate to the next page then the rectangle will stay on the same...
  15. C

    Apps Bluetooth discovery issue - Jetpack Compose + Kotlin

    Hey all. I am new to android development. I discovered compose and kotlin working with react and figured I would learn and get good at something new. I am trying to figure out how to use bluetooth. I followed the developer guides and have done a bunch of looking around but can't seem to solve...
  16. K

    activity restart due to Configuration Change

    My activity is getting restarted, to avoid this I have added the possible configuration changes in my Android manifest still activity getting restarted. The android manifest as below <activity...
  17. T

    Finding Blue Tooth "Scan"

    LG Volt Android 4.4.2 Zigee Docting Station Hello, I just bought a new docking station. The instructions call for: Go to 1. Settings > Bluetooth ( turn it on ) > Press Scan 2. Zigee (the phone dock ) will show up under available devices, click on it to connect. I have Settings > Bluetooth...
  18. E

    Help 'Bluetooth Keeps Stopping'

    Neighbours Samsung phone (J3) problem. Every time it is switched on/logged in ...message in box at bottom of screen (rest of screen greyed out)...Bluetooth keeps stopping...'App Info'...'Close App' are the two options. When selecting either option it will go to App info...after a few attempts...
  19. M

    Bluetooth keypad with touchpad?

    I can cast phone to TV for photo and video editing, Microsfot Office stuff. It would be much easier if I could hook a keyboard with an integrated touchpad to the phone via bluetooth (so I can keep phone charged). Or failing that hook a bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse to phone. Anyone done...
  20. G

    Zoom, Skype, Bluetooth

    I can't get my Bluetooth speaker to work with Zoom or skype with my phone or Samsung Galaxy tablet. I understand it's an android issue. Anybody know anything about this?
  21. Sowmi

    Is it possible to communicate among devices using bluetooth without pairing from same Xamarin app

    I am new to Xamarin development. I wanted to know is it possible to read data using bluetooth among devices without pairing? I will install Xamarin app on multiple devices. This app will store some data like, user name, email, phone number etc. I want to read this information from another device...
  22. A

    App Inventor Unknown characters "��" received via Bluetooth Low Energy in Android Studio

    Good morning all, I am working on a project to transmit data from a microchip card with Bluetooth Low Energy module (BM64 Microchip) to a mobile application developed in Android Studio. While reading data on my phone, I notice receiving unknown characters from time to time. The characters...
  23. A

    Apps Android Bluetooth discoverable time is always 120 seconds

    According to a documentation if you set the EXTRA_DISCOVERABLE_DURATION extra's value to 0, the device is always discoverable. Intent discoverableIntent = new Intent(BluetoothAdapter.ACTION_REQUEST_DISCOVERABLE)...
  24. Android News

    Qualcomm's 'Broadcast Audio' uses the Snapdragon 845 to stream music to multiple Bluetooth devices

    Qualcomm has announced a new feature of the Snapdragon 845, called Broadcast Audio. This will allow users to stream music to different Bluetooth devices at the same time.
  25. Android News

    Qualcomm's high-res Bluetooth audio codec aptX HD is now on over 60 devices

    Qualcomm announced that more than 60 devices use its aptX HD codec, bringing more detailed music over a wireless connection.