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    Facebook Live Correcting Mirrored Image

    This probably has been answered before but, I was wondering how to flip a video image horizontally on Samsung S8+ for using the front facing camera for Facebook LIVE? (So you can read the text etc.) Any help would be appreciated.. Sonor
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    Essential camera app implements YouTube Live 360 and more

    Essential has just tweeted out that the camera app has been updated to implement support for YouTube Live 360 and Facebook Live 360.
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    Facebook announces closed captioning for Facebook Live videos

    To help their video streaming service become more accessible, Facebook has announced they're bringing closed captioning to their Facebook Live videos.
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    A Cleveland man murdered someone and broadcasted it on Facebook Live

    Facebook Live has been used to broadcast a horrific crime after a Cleveland man broadcasted himself murdering an innocent bystander. The man seems to still be at large as of this writing.
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    Facebook Mentions is getting 3 new features to improve the live video experience

    Facebook Mentions is a way for celebrities and brands to keep track of what people are saying about them. This feature is getting the following new changes over the next few weeks. . . - The ability to blacklist certain words - Customization options for live videos - The ability to edit/trim...
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    Facebook partners with the BBC to launch Live Audio broadcasts

    Facebook is expanding their live media platform with a new service called Live Audio. This has been made possible thanks to a partnership with the BBC, and will include other brands such as LBC and Harper Collins as well.
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    Facebook Live gets 360-degree broadcasts

    Facebook is launching 360-degree broadcasts for Facebook Live. This allows users to watch a stream from any angle they wish. The first live broadcast will be hosted by National Geographic as they give a special look at their Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. Facebook will expand the...
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    Facebook Live gets spooky masks for Halloween

    Facebook Live is dressing up for Halloween. Broadcasters can use spooky mask filters to make themselves look more menacing. Viewers can also use new Halloween-themed reactions.
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    Select people can now schedule live broadcasts via Facebook

    Some streaming services (like YouTube) let a person schedule a live stream so it alerts their followers that a broadcast will be happening soon. Facebook has announced this feature is coming to their live streaming platform, but it will only be available to select users.
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    Bluestacks now lets you stream your favorite Android games to Facebook Live

    A new update to Bluestacks is adding the ability to stream your favorite Android apps and games through Facebook Live.
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    Facebook adds points-of-interest feature to 360-degree videos

    Facebook has announced a "guided tours" feature. Publishers of 360-degree videos can tag spots in a video where the most exciting, funny, or significant action is at any given time. When viewing the video, the user's view will automatically swivel to that area of the video to ensure they don't...
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    Facebook tests live photo and video filters

    Facebook is now testing filter for both photos and live video. These filters can add things like boarders or masks over your videos in real time. Currently the feature is only available in testing to Android users in Canada, and the only themes available are themed after the 2016 Olympic Games.
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    You'll be able to stream longer with Facebook Live, as well as hide viewer comments and reactions

    Engadget is reporting two new changes that are coming to the popular broadcasting platform, Facebook Live. Firstly, the service will now let you stream for longer than it did before although no time length was detailed). Then, the report says you'll be able to hide both viewer comments and...
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    T-Mobile and Facebook are reportedly working together to get Facebook Live on Binge On

    T-Mobile has really been working hard to add as many music and video providers to the company's Binge On service and a report suggests a new partner is in the works. T-Mobile has reportedly been working with Facebook to try and get their Facebook Live streams into the program. There hasn't been...
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    Nextbit will be hosting a Facebook Live session tomorrow to talk about how they designed the Robin

    Nextbit has announced they would like to talk to the community about how they designed their first smartphone, the Nextbit Robin. The session will take place on Facebook live tomorrow, June 9th at 8AM PST at the source link below.
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    Facebook Live can now stream for 24 consecutive hours

    Facebook has drastically increased the amount of time you can continuously stream a live broadcast. The limit goes from 90 minutes to 24 hours. Unfortunately there's a downside to streaming for lengthy periods of time as Facebook will not allow archiving of such broadcasts.
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    Facebook adds a new "Live" tab to their Android application

    Facebook Live is the company's live streaming feature that they introduced a while ago. Now, there's a Live tab within the Facebook that you can use to browse and watch various live feeds from people and companies who are using the feature.
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    Rumor suggests Google will compete with Periscope and Facebook Live with YouTube Connect

    VentureBeat is reporting that YouTube wants to compete in the live streaming market. The company has seemingly lost ground in this space when compared to Facebook Live and Periscope. However, if the rumor is true then they hope to turn this around with their new live streaming application...
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    Facebook Live is officially coming to Android starting next week in the US

    Facebook has just announced they will be bringing their live video streaming service to Android over the next week. The company says this is going to be a regional rollout though, and that they will be starting with the United States first. We haven't been told when other countries will receive...