1. D

    Help Partition Problem

    Hey all im new to the site. I can partition a HDD, SSD or SD Card 12 ways to Monday on a windows platform with my eyes closed while asleep. But dont have access to a windows computer or a windows device. I have an SM-T860 running Android 11-R armarch-64bit Qualcom octi core, 6GB and 128 GB...
  2. Willster419

    Use up to 256GB sdcard with the old commando

    Thread updated 12/31/16 You can buy a micro sdcard up to 256gb (so far) and use 3rd party software to format it for FAT32. It will work with the commando. Windows will not let you format FAT32 micro sdcards, however. You need to download 3rd party partition software. I reccomend AOMEI partition...