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  1. H

    Turkey Travel Guide App

    Hello friends, I develop a travel guide app one week ago and I want to share with you. Your opinions and reviews are too important for me. If you want to try and share your opinions, ideas and your comments with me I will be glad. Turkey Travel App Google Play...
  2. T

    Is private apps on Google Play affected by "target API requirements"?

    I currently have an app that have targetSdkVersion 30 that has been published as a private app. I was wondering if anyone knows if I will be prohibited from updating my app after Nov 1st? (Because of the Google target API requirements...
  3. samaspotion

    [APP][THEME] "Stranger Icons" icon pack, inspired by Stranger Things

    Hi there! My icon pack "Stranger Icons" is now available on Google Play: a set of glowing red and black icons for your apps and games inspired by Stranger Things! Stranger Icons icon pack comes with 2900+ HD icons and new ones are added with every update. :thumbsupdroid: Download on Google...
  4. Milo Williamson

    I do not know what happen...

    So I added more to my account through, google play, and it has been fine when the money is just into my p.c., ergo when I do make a purchase on my cell, it said "1.33$" when I just put on 25$ more into the account earlier today. Now tell me I am not the only one, right? Right...
  5. ObamaLemon

    Help All Google related Services not Working

    For the last two days, any application that relies on google services or the google play api in any way has been unusable. This includes chrome, maps, gmail, the play store, any sort of location using app, and even google's calculator. The first time I noticed this problem was when I closed...
  6. APVBri

    Exporting a 64bit Android app that uses TinCan (xAPI)

    I'm using the Unity game engine to develop an Android app. It's using the TinCan.NET xAPI library for tracking user activity. The app already works when built to Android with the "Mono" scripting backend. But when I switch to "IL2CPP" (for the Google Play 64bit requirement), I suddenly have...
  7. S

    Apps Is it necessary to show "Location Access" Prompt every time requesting for the location?

    Recently google made it mandatory to show alert message to describe why location access is required, before requesting for location access. This is the link where all the details have been mentioned --...
  8. soulman2150

    [Game] [Free] [Android] BURST TO POWER - Anime Fighting RPG

    The creator of Power Level Warrior is back with the ultimate Anime Fighting Role Playing! Unlock heroes from Legends Within, Power Level Warrior 1, Power Level Warrior 2, The Final Power Level Warrior and other BOOLit related games to take into battle. Explore, Battle, Train, Level Up and Power...
  9. MohanDev19

    Help App is not getting listed in the google play store when going from Samsung S10 Android Phone

    We are having this odd issue with our app "CyranoApp". This app has been in the google play store for almost 4 years now. But suddenly this app is having issues getting found and not getting downloaded on to Samsung S10 phones. We tried with multiple S10's and also did a factory reset of S10...
  10. P

    [Game][Tilt] Ball Balancer Pro

    If someone like tilt games maybe should try. Ball Balancer is a simple tilt game. Your task is to properly balance the device so that the ball can reach the portal. It may happen that you have to collect some stars along the way to activate exit portal. Some obstacles may move...
  11. Android News

    Google Play adds new audiobook features

    Google recently added audiobooks to Google Play, allowing users to listen to their favorite reads across Android, iOS, web, and home speakers, and presenting another option for readers aside from Audible or iBooks. The company has now rolled out some new features to listeners, allowing them to...
  12. Android News

    Android malware found inside QR code apps

    SophosLabs has detailed a recent ad-spawning malware strain, Andr/HiddnAd-AJ, that slipped into Google Play through innocent-looking QR code and compass apps. Google has already been notified of the apps and have removed them from Google Play.
  13. Android News

    Google Play Instant lets you try games without downloading them

    Google announced a new service geared towards Android gamers: Google Play Instant. When you want to try a new Android game, you must download and install the app. But now, with Google Play Instant, you can try the game without downloading anything
  14. Android News

    Google Play services 11.9.75 fixes Cast device WiFi issues

    Google has pushed the latest fix for Google Play Services 11.9.75 to the stable channel, bringing fixes for the WiFi issues for some Chromecast devices.
  15. Android News

    Google is testing ‘My subscriptions’ and ‘Free up space’ features at Google Play

    Google may bring changes to how users can remove unneeded apps on devices that are running out of space. Similar to what it’s doing on Google Photos and Files Go, Google might soon display a prominent sign that reads, “You’re running low on storage. Free up space.”
  16. Android News

    Google Play had more than 145% more app installs in Q4 2017 compared to the App Store

    App Annie is reporting that Google Play saw 145% more app installs in Q4 2017, compared to Apple's App Store. Play Store downloads exceeded 19 billion.
  17. Android News

    Audiobooks are now available at Google Play

    Google has announced that it’s now selling audiobooks on the Google Play Store, filling out its offerings of movies, music, TV, and ebooks. The new titles are available on Android, iOS, and the web.
  18. Android News

    Google deleted 60 games from its Play Store after porn ads found their way into them

    Google has deleted 60 games from its Play Store after security firm Check Point uncovered a malicious bug that displayed porn in game apps, many of which are aimed at children. Some of the apps include those that have been downloaded over 1 million times, like Five Nights Survival Craft and...
  19. Android News

    10 new Chromebooks get access to Google Play

    10 more Chromebooks are getting the Google Play Store. The goods will come either through stable or beta channels, depending on which device you have.
  20. Android News

    Google Play 12 Days of Play sale serves up 99 cent movie and TV show rentals

    Google Play's holiday event takes select movie and show rentals down to 99 cents, takes 40% off a premium TuneIn subscription, and offers in-game discounts and holiday goodies in various free-to-play games. The 12 Days of Play deals kick off today and run through January 2nd.
  21. Android News

    Deal: Get a $50 Google Play gift card for $45

    Amazon is offering $5 off Google Play gift cards of $50 or more when you enter promo code GOOGLE at checkout. This digital gift card will be emailed to you quickly after purchase.
  22. Android News

    Google Play direct carrier billing now supports Telcel

    Google has updated its list of direct carrier billing partners to include Telcel, one of the large major wireless carriers in Mexico. The page also mentions that Omantel, a major carrier in Oman, is now supported.
  23. Android News

    Google Play Store starts showing free and premium filters for searches

    Some users have been seeing free and premium filters when performing a search on the Play Store app. This should make it easier to find apps that fit your needs appropriately.
  24. Android News

    Google Play's best apps, games, and movies of 2017 published

    Google has published its Best of 2017 list, highlighting the most popular apps, games, movies, books, and songs of the year. Pic Tools' Photo Editor turned out to be the most popular app of 2017, followed by weather forecast app What The Forecast?!! and Cartoon Network's Boomerang service.
  25. Android News

    More Chromebooks get Google Play support

    6 more Chromebooks now have Google Play support. The Acer Chromebook 11 (C740) and Dell Chromebook 11 (7310) now have Android app support in the Chrome OS Beta channel. Meanwhile, the HP Chromebook 13 G1, Lenovo Thinkpad 13 Chromebook, and Samsung Chromebook 3 now have the Play Store in the...