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  1. Android News

    A brief history of LG's G-series flagships

    Android Authority just whipped up a brief summary of all the LG G-series smartphones that have been released so far. From the LG Optimus G all the way to the LG G6, you can catch up on how the series has done until now.
  2. R

    Help sticks on LG logo: hardware issue?

    After replacing battery of my LG G2 (D802) everything seems good. I also upgrade to kitkat (though official lg windows software) and root phone (through LG root script). but after 3 or 4 weeks, it suddenly begin to have some issues during start. When I turn ON, my phone unpredictable some...
  3. Diana Mueller

    HELP! Lg G Flex 2 camera cannot be found

    Lg sent me a refurb LG g flex 2. I got it all set up and ready to go . The camera doesnt work. If i reset , remove sd card, restart, empty cache, all i have read, it works a couple of shots. I have done everything I have read- Except drop it. I read the newest android update doesnt play...
  4. D

    L2 G2 - won't turn on and keeps flashing LG sign, on the screen

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone could please help me, with my LG G2 phone. I have the phone for over 3 years and until now, I have had no problems with it. My phone keeps flashing the LG logo on the screen. When I hold the power button down it turns off and then shows the LG screen...
  5. G

    Help Probably bricked LG G2 running SlimSaber

    So basically this rom is awesome but it had only one problem. When I plugged my phone in the charger while it was turned off, it bootlooped until I restarted with the cable off. It was no big deal and nothing bad ever came out of it. Yesterday my batter ran out while I was asleep and when I...
  6. R

    Trying Page Plus on VS980 LG G2- but getting Verizon's Phone Activation Screen?

    Hi everyone - first post here so try and bear with me as I am a newbie to all the terminology. I have a VS980 that was active with Verizon for two years through my work. I was able to keep the phone once they upgraded to the S6. I have an active T-Mobile sim card that works in the VS980 with...
  7. K

    LG g2 d802 need lollipop

    I have LG G2 d802. I need official lollipop for LG. I want to install kitkat to lollipop Kindly help and give me installation process. Thanks
  8. C

    Verizon lg g2 ROMs on att

    I have a Verizon phone with at&t sim because that's the carrier I have. Would I use Verizon ROMs?
  9. T

    Help Phone Turns Off after i insert SIM...

    Hello everyone, my LG G2 worked fine for almost a year now... Yesterday I changed my phone number, and i inserted my new SIM card, then the phone turns on and start searching for network and automatically turns off ! I tried to turn it on without SIM card and it worked great ! I'm really...
  10. E

    Help LG G2 screen problem

    Hello, androidforums users. Recently out of nowhere my LG G2 has been acting up. The screen started to flicker out of nowhere. The weird thing is, after some time, it fixed itself and I could use the phone again without problems, that happened about 3 times. I assume that's now the screen...
  11. P

    Root Need factory recovery partition

    I failed to backup my factory recovery partition before installing TWRP. Now I need to dump TWRP and restore the factory recovery partition. Does anyone have a download link? LG G2 AT&T North America D800 Android 5.0.2 Software version D80030g
  12. I

    camera app..

    Few questions about the camera app 1. Is there any good alternative / replacement? What are the advantages / disadvantages? ================== Question about default camera app - why doesn't it put date-time in file name? I find it to be very convenient when the camera names picture/video...
  13. lolitha


    first of all i had kitkat version in this phone so i dowanloaded the flashtool like i have done before in my nexus 4 and downloaded the correct kdz file for my phone to upgrade it to lollipo.. my phone booted into downloaded mode just fine and when the flash started my computer switched off...
  14. T


    My G2 is stuck in a boot loop. It wasn't dropped or anything, it just stopped working. It won't power on long enough to try any of the Pwr/Vol+/Vol- combinations. Also if I charged it to 100% then turned it off I would lose +15% overnight. Since Im unable to connect to a PC is simply replacing...
  15. W

    Help please! LG G2 bricked?

    Hello, I tried to update TWRP with autorec but something gone wrong :( :( Now when I connect my LG G2 with my PC (USB) I can only see multiple drives (like E, B, C, D, E..) and the request of formatting it. Please somebody could help me? I'm a newbie and tomorrow I have to go for a trip.
  16. Kamel kgb3

    Lg g2 sprint network issue (I cannot unlock the phone)

    Hi Guys I have LG G2 sprint I tried to unlock the network to use different sim card than Sprint, by replacing the carrier folder "in root" , but it didn't work for me. - a popup with "to place a call first turn off airplane mode" when i try to make a call. - it shows "radio off" under setting...
  17. P

    Root To Root or Not to Root - That is the Question: LG G2

    Phone: LG G2, v. 5.0.2, Verizon I'm a newbie to Rooting so I am fearful - I see a lot of posts here about Bricked phones which scares the Hell outta me. I'm just wondering (for a newbie) how likely is it that I could end up with a Bricked phone? Is it a rare occurrence (if directions...
  18. B

    No Recovery, Fastboot won't work, & Bootloop

    Phone: LG G2 (D801 - T-Mobile) Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Accidentally flashed non-working recovery img. Tried 1000s of xda pages to fix this. PLEASE help I DO NOT wanna have to factory reset. [x] adb universal drivers installed [x] sdk installed, google usb drivers installed [x] computer...
  19. I

    screen protector and did you notice any double tap to awake issue?

    1. how resistive to scratches is the lg g2 screen? .. 2. appears to be that my screen protector is causing the double tap to wake to fail at times .. i have tried two different ones .. same thing ... works fine without them .. very annoying .. i am just curious if anyone else experienced this?
  20. D

    Root Custom ROM recommendations?

    I'm currently running CloudyG2 Kitkat version. Recently some apps won't update because they no longer support Kitkat so looking for a Lollipop or Marshmallow ROM to replace with. From what I've read, seems like most Marshmallow ROMs have bugs that need to be worked out. What ROMs are you guys...
  21. B

    5% battery life mode power saving

    Hi, When the G2 gets to 5% battery life left, it automatically goes into some power saving mode. (not the battery saver mode where you can choose immediately, 15%, 5%). From this 5%, the phone lasts a long time even if i increase the brightness of the screen. Yet i do not notice any decrease...
  22. D

    Sim unlock fix

    I have g2 (recently purshased)......model on the back said d802 and setting did too I tried to flash with autorec i briked my phone To unbrick i used the motherboard metode and tot file but as i open the device the mother board name was ls980 .. I tried the d802 tot and i got bootloop so...
  23. Rehman Ahmed

    LG G2 Kitkat Battery Draining Quickly

    Hi, My G2 is on LG G2 Cloudy Rom 2.2 and Its in Kitkat. My battery is draining fast & I do all the things to stop battery drain too quickly but Nothing Helps. I read lots of Threads of forums and Do all the things but Battery is draining Quickly. My phone stay 4 hours to 5 hours Maximum and 3...
  24. B

    LG G2 Qhsusb 9006 partitions flash error !

    I unbricked my LG, it's on qhsusb 9006 with many partitions, when I try to flash using the SRKTool, I get this -------------------------------------------------------------------------- rawwrite dd for windows version 0.6beta3. Written by John Newbigin <jn@it.swin.edu.au> This program is covered...
  25. Elikala

    HELP, LG G2 D800 works only on 2G network...

    Hi, I just purchased a new, unlocked, Lg G2 D800 as a replacement for my G2 D802 international version. I updated it to 5.0.2. The problem is that here in Italy that I am trying to use it, it only works on 2G network... My carrier told me that that everything is ok with my line, and I should be...
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