lg lucid 2

  1. J

    Root Updating phone for GSM use?

    Greetings all, Where can a pretty good tech who is an extreme newbie to Android find some basic instructions for updating a Verizon VS870 (Lucid 2) for GSM operation? The phone's menu says the phone is rooted, I read on other sites about editing the build.prop (I assume that's a file) but I'm...
  2. P

    Help Stock Lockscreen Background

    So I removed the LG lockscreen app (backed up first!) and have the jellybean lockscreen now. Does anyone know how to change the background on this one? Obviously LG has hidden the standard android menu, and the lockscreen just shows my home screen behind it..
  3. W

    Root accidentally deleted SmartShare from lucid 2

    I recently rooted my lucid 2, and like the title says I accidentally deleted the smart share app. Does anyone know how I can get it back?
  4. GameTheory

    Root [KERNEL][VS870] Unsecured Stock Kernel

    Unsecured Stock Kernel Lucid 2 VS870 CHANGES: Loki'd Unsecured Allows removal of any app without bricking INSTRUCTIONS: Just flash the zip in recovery. That's it. Download You guys can use this kernel in your projects if you like. ;)
  5. L

    Root Unofficial CWM Stable

    It wipes your data! Im not responsible for the loss of /data information or anything else you lose by loading this mod! aka /data is wiped right before you boot into cwm. (Not my fault, blame lg for their BS) Do a nandroid backup of /data before running the script or booting into cwm if you...
  6. rbheromax

    Root recovery image?

    can someone post the stock recovery image? i'll like to see if i can repack it with cwm for you guys to get it, while booted up adb shell dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery of=/sdcard/recovery.img and upload that somewhere (/sdcard/recovery.img) preferably Send Files Online...
  7. L

    Root cm11 lucid2 l1v vs870 wip port log/thread

    No, this isnt a completed build.(nor even an alpha yet) But a thread dedicated to getting cm11 working. I have attached the device config cause i dont care to upload to github yet. Here is the current build log: cm11 lucid2 l1v vs870 wip log - Pastebin.com I need help solving these errors. ^...
  8. achilles1643

    Root Porting a KitKat based ROM to Lg Lucid 2?

    I wanna port a custom for lg lucid 2 the custom rom I wanna port is the cyanogenmod KitKat ROM the version I wanna use is the LG Spectrum version of it and port it the lg spectrum has a dual core as well. It's also Snapdragon just like the LG Lucid is this possible? If not any suggestions?
  9. D

    Root LG Lucid 3...

    Before anybody says "This is the wrong place for this" There isnt any place for the Lucid 3.. I am already rooted with towelroot and was wondering if anybody has a custom rom or recovery for my phone (VZW of course) i hate this stock version of the VZW loaded version of KK (4.4.2) So just to...
  10. T

    Root towel root and other things

    I recently tried rooting through various methods but the last one i used was towelroot now after "successful" root, I couldn't install any apps from the play store. therefore i attempted a factory reset since I couldn't reinstall the stock rom as the files cannot be found ANYWHERE. after the...
  11. M

    Root CWM Recovery

    Hey guys my name is Michael and I'm pretty tech savvy but I need some help here. OK so I have a LG Lucid 2 and I love it and eventually I rooted it via framaroot and it worked flawlessly. Then I found out there was only one rom , Lucidian and I love it too. Well as you know Lucidian has CWM...
  12. S

    Root Has anyone made an attempt to root the Lucid 3 (VS876)

    Has anyone made an attempt to root the Lucid 3 (VS876). I realize that the phone is relatively new, but when I search xda or here for it it's like it doesn't exist. It makes me feel like I may have wasted my upgrade.
  13. L

    Root New root method, latest firmware.

    date: 5/2/2014 updated: 6/10/2014 Okay, this will root the latest firmware using framaroot. However, it still cleans up the rct logging afterwards and leaves you with the unrooted status. Just extract the zip, install the driver. Then hit the root launcher. Type in "run" without quotes and hit...
  14. C

    Help sound

    Cant hear media but can hear notifications fine , ringtones barely
  15. P

    Root Bluetooth Alternative

    Is there a different stack that can be used other than Broadcomm? Trying to use sixaxis controller thru BT.
  16. P

    Root Cant get into CWM Touch Recovery

    Reinstalled Stock. Rerooted with Framaroot. Installed Freedom Kernel... now I can't get back into recovery. I get a Secure Boot Error. It's not bricked, I just cant get into recovery to install a rom. Im not familiar with this phone. Thanks!
  17. F

    Root Spirited Away Read Only Error

    I have been at this since 5pm this afternoon, it's now 12:46 x_X I followed all the steps found in the Spirited Away guide, I tried flashing my KDZ, I made sure all of my drivers were up to date, but no matter what I do, every time I run Spirited Away, it gives me a read only error and says...
  18. GqHandsomeOne

    Root Freedom Kernel Overclocked

    So I have downloaded Game Theory's Freedom Kernel Overclocked Version on my Lucid 2 and I am having issues with my WiFi. I am unable to turn it on/off and its stays in Searching mode saying its connected to %*&$+*&. On his website its says if we are willing to test it and have issues to post...
  19. prince214

    Help Need a camera app with spot meter

    Surprisingly the stock camera app LG is using on some of their Lucid 2 level phones has no exposure meter focus, i.e. spot, center-weighted, etc. I am surprised because for years I had used the LG Dare (a non-smart phone) with it's very good camera controls including meter focus. That is one...
  20. B

    GameCiH not working for LG Lucid 2

    Before flashing my phone with a new custom rom, I tried using GameCiH and Game Guardian to speed hack games, they never worked and yes I was rooted. After flashing my phone, I tried again, still not working. I did not flash my phone for this particular purpose, but it would be awesome to use...
  21. L

    Root Lg vs870

    Emergency! ! My phone appears "QHSUSB DLOAD", the screen is blank. Can not drive! That expert can be resolved?
  22. O

    Root WiFi tethering

    I wanted to ask about the status of wifi tethering because i have read on a few forums on this site that we were waiting for a custom ROM/custom kernal. So I guess this is mostly directed towards game theory. Do you think you could include in your ROM the ability for us to use WiFi tethering...
  23. S

    Root Lucid2 & P875 (Optimus F5)

    Hi, So I've been running around the internet and it seems the Lucid 2 is the same phone as the Optimus F5 (L1V vs L1E). I'm currently trying to port Cyanogenmod (I haven't ported/created a ROM before) to the F5 and collecting as much information as I can. Everyone here seems rather alive...
  24. M

    LG Lucid 2 -VS870 - on GSM?

    On gsmarena says that Lucid 2 is global phone and can be used on gsm network. Has anyone used it on gsm? To be more specific my concern is: -Is Lucid 2 intenationally unlocked?
  25. N

    Root Quiet mode auto on after ROM

    So quiet mode keeps turning itself on at a certain time even when i turn off the "scheduled time" option. Any ideas? how can i disable it?