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  1. sandra soteroe

    Help Can't add 2nd google account to my 2nd phone Defy XT

    I have 2 phones and 2 different carriers. 1 for work and 1 personal that I use occupationally. I was able to add one gmail account (administrator) to my Defy XT but Google will not let me add the 2nd gmail account which a personal one. I get "username and password do not match" I am using the...
  2. T

    Help Icon Mystery

    Hello, I have an icon I cannot identify. It is located on the in the Notifications area, on the right, just left of the Wi-Fi Strength Icon. I have attempted to draw this icon and, as a warning, I am not an illustrator of any sort so be forewarned. Please take a look and advise its meaning...
  3. O

    Root [solved] Is my Defy XT recoverable (no launcher)?

    I have a RepublicWireless Defy XT that is rooted and who-knows-what else I've done to it. I had a splurge a while back where I removed a ton of system apps and disabled some other processes. Anyway, it was failing to register to the RW network so I did a factory restore. All was good until it...
  4. R

    I can't download from android

    Hi I formatted my phone motorola defy MB525 without abolished downloaded applications from android but when I tried to download them again I find it not they become not consistent on my device. Please help me to recover thank you in advance
  5. M

    Root Help for a newbie? Froze the wrong thing...

    Hi, I hope this is a good place to post my question. I recently rooted my motorola defy+ (mb526). I was messing around freezing unwanted apps with app quarantine and have frozen something is causing the home screen to crash with this error "The application Home (process com.motorola.home) has...
  6. J

    Root Help with root

    I have a motorola defy xt 556 with ntelos phone service its running gingerbread version 2.3.7 I need help finding out how to root it,i have tried z4root no sucess and a couple other ones with no luck.Anyone that have expert knowledge on how to root this kind of phone please let me know what i...
  7. P

    Root Phone stuck in infinite bootlop

    My Motorola Defy MB525 went into an infinite bootloop just a few minutes ago after I tried to flash a UOT kitchen zip (I'm a noob when it comes to these matters). I backed up my CM7 today. I have no idea how to restore the backup( also when I try to go into hboot it just shows an android with an...
  8. !on

    Root Does adding custom roms corrupt android?

    Hello. Is installing custom roms bad for android? On my last two 'upgrades', I get a severe reduction in performance & I'm pulling my hair out over it. These were installed as per instructions, with the necessary delete cache / dalvik / fix permissions, before & after. Apps have been sacrificed...
  9. A

    Help Step by Step Guide to Rooting and Upgrading for Novice

    Motorola Defy (MB-525) without MotoBlur (Firmware 2.2.2) JEM_3.4.3-36-1.7 (Green Lens Camera) i am a Novice in terms of Rooting and Upgrading the Android System ROM I have not upgraded my Defy till now but now its 2 years old and there is no official upgrade available from Motorola for it , so...
  10. H

    Help Constant forced closing?

    I think I have tried everything, hopefully someone here can help?
  11. S

    Help Updating firmware on DEFY

    Hey guys, I own a Motorola Defy and it's an old piece of junk but i've been trying to update it without success. When i go to system updates, it says there are no updates available and that my phone is up to date. When i contacted motorola they told me that this phone was up to date to the...
  12. cradom

    Help Lattitude settings

    Trying to turn on Location Sharing. For some reason it wont stick. Any ideas? Defy, XT555C, Android 2.3.7, Kernal Apps_2.6.38-perf EDIT: Nevermind. Just checked at Google. Lattitude is no more.
  13. W

    Help usb charging

    Hi, newby here. Updated motorola device manager the other day now wont charge via usb. When I plug it in, up pops a message on comp "cannot install this hardware", motorola composite device.Yet usb connection shown on phone. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  14. funkylogik

    Few questions about the Defy

    Hey forum. Hope someone still posts here lol. My wife needs a cheap android and my mate is selling one, in the box never used for
  15. M

    Help I did a factory reset and now my motorolla defy won't start at al

    I did a factory reset and now my motorolla defy won't start at all...stays off. I followed the menu on the phone when doing the reset. I have shown it to a mobile repairer who checked it,checked the battery and replaced it but it still won't turn on. It's almost 2 years old. Can anyone out...
  16. G

    Help An error has occcured. please try agian later.

    I reset my phone because of bad connection and dropped calls now i get this message when trying to resign in to motoblur. but i still recieve and can view text messages. how can i sign into motoblur, it wont let me acess the phone without doing this.
  17. N

    Help Bricked defy plus

    I tried to root my defy plus and not going through the steps properly i didnt wipe the phone(first time trying to root a mobile) and rooted my phone using RSD lite. Although it says the rooting is succesful the phone doesnt turn on neither does it go to bootloader. However when joining to a...
  18. S

    Help Motorola Defy, resets at every restart, can't install any app, Internal memory shown is 0.

    I have been using CM 10 in my Motorola defy and one day I flashed it again with Paranoid Android but what happened is that the phone shows 0 internal memory, I can't install any app as it shows additional memory needed, at every restart the phone does FACTORY DEFAULT FORMAT( hard reset )...
  19. R

    Help Defy Mini Root Problems

    OK I'm in the process of rooting my defy Mini. It didn't have fastboot so I've installed a spanish version which does and it's working well. I've downloaded and copied it to my SD card. I power off the phone and enter recovery mode then I choose 'apply update from SD card' then the...
  20. S

    Call recorder

    I installed in my Defy+ many call recorder apps but none of them records both parties. Can you recommend one? Please note that I am a newcomer. I am not familiar with the technical secrets of cellular phones and I can perform only standard operations.
  21. P

    Help problem with sd card

    hello, i don't know what it happened but my phone doesn't mount automatically the sd card during boot, every application says "sd card doesn't exist". the sd isn't broken and if i mount it manually with terminal emulator, with filebrowser can acces only the 1st level of sd. my phone is useless...
  22. R

    Custom DNS for mobile network

    Hi, Does anyone know how to set up DNS for mobile networks without an app? It must stick after reboot. I have a Defy+ (MB526), rooted, and no other modifications. Thanks in advance. Regards
  23. S

    Ask root motorola mb 526 dfp-231

    Please Help Me I want to root Motorola Defy + mb526 I've tried superoneclick software, doomlord's, root_unroot v1.5, and Gingerbreak but to no avail Model number: MB526 Android version: 2.3.6 Baseband version EPU93_U_00.60.03 Kernel version
  24. S

    Help Help with high data usage

    Morning all, Got a similar issue, and i dont believe device specific (hear me out anyway! :D ) I bought x21 Motorola MB525 (JCB edition) phones which run 2.3.6 (gingerbread?) Anyway, out of all these handsets, which i configured the same (in November last year), the only additional apps that...
  25. cdysthe

    Root Error message from SuperSU when running Root Uninstaller

    Hi, I am using Root Uninstaller on a Defy XT557 but get what I think is an error message from SuperSU when the app is requesting root. In addition to the normal root granted message I get this: "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/vendor/lib:/system/lib/data/data/"...