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    SHIELD TV bundled with SHIELD Remote for $179

    A typical SHIELD TV bundle came with a SHIELD Controller included, starting at $199. Now, there’s a new bundle available, a SHIELD TV coupled with just a SHIELD Remote, priced at $179.99.
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    How To: Set up GameStream on your NVIDIA Shield TV

    Marc from Android Central has published a guide on setting up GameStream with your NVIDIA Shield Android TV. This will allow you to play your favorite PC games on your Shield TV.
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    How To: Use adoptable storage on the NVIDIA Shield Android TV

    Andrew from Android Central takes a look at the new NVIDIA Shield Android TV and provides an in-depth tutorial on how to take advantage of the expandable storage options on the device.
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    Original NVIDIA SHIELD TV is getting Nougat today

    NVIDIA originally announced that the original SHIELD TV would be getting Nougat on January 15th, but that seemed to have been a mistake. The update is now rolling out for real, though. It brings with it a number of other enhancements alongside Nougat, including Cast mode for HBO Go and full 4K +...
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    Render gives us a look at what the 2017 NVIDIA Shield Android TV could look like

    It's been rumored that NVIDIA is looking to refresh their current Shield Android TV box, and a new render could give us our first look at it. We're also hearing that there will be two variants as well, but there aren't any details to reveal about either version yet.
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    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV can't play 4K content from Google Play Movies

    When Google Play Movies rolled out 4K content recently, the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV was surprisingly missing from the "supported devices" list. While the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV can play 4K content quite easily, its lack of compatibility with Google's 4K content likely comes down to its...
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    Square Enix is bringing 5 games to NVIDIA's Shield GeForce Now service

    NVIDIA has just announced that 5 Square Enix games will be coming to the company's GeForce Now streaming service. Starting today, customers will be able to play Hitman: Absolution, Thief, Tomb Raider Legend, Tomb Raider Anniversary and Mini Ninjas.
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    Team Pea publishes Hotlap Heroes in the Play Store for the NVIDIA Shield TV

    NVIDIA's Android TV set top box is getting a lot of exclusive games for its system. The latest is a racing game that has just been published in the Play Store for $4. It does not come with any in-app purchases, and supports up to 8 players locally.
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    QBert Rebooted lauches for NVIDIA SHIELD

    Classic arcade game QBert comes to the NVIDIA SHIELD in the form of QBert Reloaded. The game features classic-style levels with the nostalgic gameplay and graphics from the decades-old game, but also more than 30 new levels that have been made for the modern era. The game is available for $6 at...
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    Borderlands 2 is now available for NVIDIA SHIELD TV and Tablet

    After 4 years, Borderlands 2 has finally launched for Android. The game is available exclusively to NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV and SHIELD Tablet owners for $14.99. This includes the full game, and even the ability to play co-op as long as you have enough extra SHIELD controllers to use. The game...
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    Deal: NVIDIA SHIELD with extra gaming controller is $50 off

    NVIDIA is taking $50 off the cost of both the SHIELD Android TV and SHIELD Android TV Pro as part of Amazon's Prime Day. What's more is that the unit also comes with an extra gaming controller for free.
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    NVIDIA SHIELD TV 3.2 update is now available

    NVIDIA today announced availability of the 3.2 upgrade for SHIELD TV. The update's biggest addition is the Plex media server, which lets you use your SHIELD TV to deliver content to all your Plex-supported devices. It also gains support for more 4K video services, universal search in Netflix...
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    Plex Media Server app for SHIED TV appears on Google Play

    The Plex Media Server app for NVIDIA SHIED TV is now on the Google Play Store. A forthcoming SHIELD update will allow users to make their SHIELD TV box a full-fledged multimedia server.
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    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV 3.2 brings Plex server support

    NVIDIA has announced a new upgrade to their SHIELD Android TV box. It's version 3.2, and among other changes, the biggest is its ability to act as a Plex multimedia server. The upgrade also adds support for new apps, and other miscellaneous new features. It will arrive later this month.
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    UK Deal: NVIDIA SHIELD TV with controller for £149.99 at Amazon

    Looking to buy yourself an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV with a controller? Amazon has the 16GB model bundled with the gamepad for £149.99. The Pad normally goes for around £49.99 on its own, so it's pretty decent savings.
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    Ultimate Chicken Horse is now Available for NVIDIA SHIELD for $10

    A new game is now available for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. It's called Ultimate Chicken Horse, a party game where up to 4 people can compete to see who can get through crazy levels filled with dangerous obstacles. The catch is that you make the levels. The game features 9 levels, and the...
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    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV update brings virtual mouse support and March security patch

    The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is getting an update today. The update brings optimization for new games, as well as the March security patch. They've also added a new feature that lets you use the right analog stick of the controller as a mouse.
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    NVIDIA SHIELD TV gets Super Meatboy and Skitbold

    The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is getting 2 new games today. Super Meat Boy (platformer) and Skitbold (dodgeball game) are now available to download. They'll cost $15 and $10, respectively.
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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is now available for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

    NVIDIA and 2K have finally launched Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. It's launched in the Google Play Store for $15, but you won't be able to download it to any device other than the SHIELD TV. Borderlands is a console-quality first person shooter that has you...
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    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV 3.0 brings Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    NVIDIA is now rolling out firmware 3.0 for their NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. This update brings the set-top box up to Android 6.0 Marsmallow, and also comes with the following additional changes: * Access the power menu on the home screen by holding the Back button. * Seamlessly switch between...
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    Square Enix games are coming to NVIDIA Shield devices via streaming

    NVIDIA devices will soon have access to new games from Square Enix via streaming. The popular titles include Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs.
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    Deal: NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV + free remote is $174.99 at GameStop

    GameStop is holding another deal on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. It's not as good as Black Friday's $50 discount, but you can now get the device for $174.99 (down from $199.99), and that also comes with a free remote, which would otherwise cost you an additional $50 to $60.
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    NVIDIA SHIELD TV + gaming remote are $150 at Amazon today

    Amazon is holding a nice sale on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. The standard 16GB unit is going for $150, which represents a $50 price cut. What's more is that this price also applies for the bundle that includes a multimedia remote.
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    DEAL: Shave $50 Off NVIDIA’s Shield Android TV on Black Friday

    NVIDIA is having a little sale for Black Friday that will take $50 off the price of the base Shield Android TV console. This brings the original $199.99 price down to $149.99 and you also get a free Shield Remote with your purchase. Not only is this discount happening on NVIDIA's web store, but...
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    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV wins Popular Science’s ‘Best of What’s New’ award

    The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV has proven to be a thorough hit, and that feeling was corroborated by yet another outlet. Popular Science magazine has award NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV one of their "best of what's new" awards, which is the only streaming media player to do so.