1. Astr4y4L

    [ROM] [ROOT] [Moto G Pure] [LiniageOS 20] [OrangeFox] Android 13 and ROOT with Recovery

    LineageOS 20 Android 13 Custom Rom and OrangeFox Device: Moto G Pure CodeName: ellis Model: XT2163-4 Android Version: 13 Build Type: VANILLA / GAPPS using included flashable A-Team Version: 0.03 Rom Built By: LgPWNd Recovery Built By: LgPWNd Contribution : PizzaG Testing By : David Cameron —...
  2. Lilmama88

    Best App for:

    So I'm looking for the best apps that will do the following: 1) Recovering SMS/MMS texts that were deleted 2) Best app for recovering deleted photos/videos/documents/downloads 3) Best app for Texting (that actually respects your privacy and data and doesn't sell it to other companies) 4) Best...
  3. S

    Help How to copy files to sd card when phone does not boot?

    Hello guys, I am having problems with my phone, so i am seeking an advice. Do you know any method of how to move files from internal storage to sd card while you are in recovery, or, even better, by using computer, through terminal or something like that? If not of how to move them then at...
  4. kumaranil13k

    Why Fastboot boot Twrprecovery.img hangs loads after 3-4 tries?

    Question :- Why Fastboot boot Twrprecovery.img hangs loads after 3-4 tries? I want original backup of Nandroid system userdata boot recovery partitions from twrp recovery from PC computers I load twrp recovery image in bootloader fastboot mode through command fastboot boot twrprexovery.img...
  5. Steveyg777

    Help Can i 'undelete' my erroneous sd card?

    Last night my phone suddenly reported that my sd card (sandisk extreme Pro 128gb micro sd) had a problem (i think to write to it) so it has made it read only. After restarting the sd card wasnt detected any longer. When connecting it to my Mac or asked if i wanted to format it. When looking at...
  6. I


    Hi, I've modified the stock bootanimation of an Lg Lucky (L16C) with another one (custom) from XDA. Once I gave root permissions to the smartphone with KingoRoot, downloaded a file explorer, copied the "" file in the proper folder (/system/media), edited the R/W permissions to...
  7. L

    Help Are there any programs/applications to recover photos after factory reset?

    Is there a way to retrieve photos if someone didn't back up?
  8. M

    Rooting Moto E5 Possible To Recover Photos With Appropriate Recovery Apps On A Reformatted Android?

    Hello. Nice to meet you all once again! I have a serious dilemma! I need your help and advice! Hello. This past week (Wed., July 22nd, 2020), in the midst of searching on Chrome on my Moto E5 (Non-rooted) [XT1920DL] Tracfone smartphone with Android 8.1.0 I noticed the webpages and the apps...
  9. C

    Help Lenovo vibe x3

    I NEED Help device :- vibe x3 I tried to install stock ROM via QFIL but it says "no port available" when i try to connect phone via USB. i have USB driver installed. but it is not detecting the phone and after switch off the phone i tried it to connect to the PC and screen is on infinite boot...
  10. whcrs

    Recovering data from completely broken device

    Hello. My phone (huawei mate 10 LITE) is broken and only wifi is working ( I can see it is connected to the my home network by checking my router’s web interface). The usb cable doesn’t establish a data transfer connection. It only charges the phone. No screen, no mhl support, no nothing...
  11. N

    Help sign in using previous owners...

    So I just bought a phone and I am trying to get into recovery etc. I want to install AOSP rom for my Xperia Z. I can't get into recovery because there is no PINK led for me to start pressing the volume keys. but is all of that irrelevant? I can't sign in using my google account, I have to sign...
  12. H

    Help Android photo recovery

    I accidentally deleted all photos on my Samsung Galaxy S5's SD card, and used the DiskDigger app to recover. However, most of the photos recovered are not only poorer quality but only show the faces of the people in the photos, not the entire photos. Any ideas for a re-recovery?
  13. Android News

    TWRP Recovery comes to the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 and other devices

    The most popular ROM recovery service has been released for the following devices: - Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 - HTC One Max - Wileyfox Spark - Wileyfox Spark+ - Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus