samsung galaxy apollo

  1. B

    Root Stuck on manual screen

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Apolo i5800 and I can't get it off of the manual screen. To get it on the manual screen, I pressed the home button/volume button/power button. Now it says: Android system recovery Samsung recovery Utils - for BML - and the options are: reboot system now apply...
  2. R

    samsung gti5800 apollo recovery mode probs!

    hey there i was just wondering if anyone can help me??. im having probs with my galaxy apollo gti5800 unlocked simfree. but since i updated the software version on the phone, it was fine for a while, but now it trys to reboot but it goes back to recovery manual mode, and when i try pressing...
  3. K

    Help Please help me find stock firmware for 5800D on Telus

    <tl;dr> Please help me find original firmware for my Samsung Galaxy Apollo GT-I5800D on Telus Mobility. I want to flash it back to stock. </tl;dr> Ever since the latest update to Smooth Calendar (coincidence?) my Apollo and my wife's GT-I5510M started popping up this error message. I...
  4. H

    Help i5800 logo came out n then nothing

    My i5800 won
  5. I

    Help Samsung G-i5801

    Help an old man out please. Re network connections, I get the 'G' and 'G3' but what does the 'H' connection mean please
  6. L

    Root custom roms for sg apollo (gt-15800)

    looking for some custom roms to try on my apollo its only a spare phone and would like to upgrade the rom on it. have been searching on the net and cant seem to find any without using odin which i dont have any help would be appreciated
  7. SuburbanSteve

    Apps will and will not install

    A few months ago I was given a working apollo for my son it was in great condition and well looked after being as there were a lot of files and apps not needed I did a factory reset and started loading some of the apps he used on his old phone unfortunately for some reason the dropbox app will...
  8. SuburbanSteve


    I have just put all my contacts on my phone including my gmail ones what I'm trying to find out if there is a easy way of moving the gmail ones as there is a hell of a lot of them to my phone or sd card whichevers best? As they show up in the contacts with a small g beside them and I can't...
  9. SuburbanSteve


    I don't use my phone very much except for calls as all my browsing I do on my pad connected to my home wififi what I want to know if there is a way I can turn off the wifi on the phone as it charges me each time it connects to the internet over the cell system and just use the free wifi or my...
  10. SuburbanSteve

    notifications and calls

    I was given a galaxy apollo and its been running great, tonight I dl some music off my computer via usb and since now when I receive a notification or call the assigned ringtone kicks in along with the callers name verbally which it has never done before so I was wondering if I've cheched or...
  11. K

    Help Gmail not working on samsung gt-i5801

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Apollo gt-i5801 phone. I am having trouble with connecting to gmail. It was working fine until two days ago, now when I press the gmail button all I get is the message "No Connection". Can anyone suggest what to try to get it working again. Thanks
  12. K

    Help can't switch on i-Fi?

    I was playing about with some buttons on the phone and now the Wi-Fi won't switch on, it keeps coming up with the message "Unable to scan networks". I tried to reload theSSID from Superhub but still not working. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem. Phone is Galaxy Apollo GT-15801 Thanks Ken
  13. K

    Help answering call on phone

    Hi, another question: When an outside call comes in to my Galaxy Apollo the phone rings, which is ok. When I press the answer button nothing happens or it will work about intermittently. I have tries adjusting the call setting but to no avail. A friend suggested switching the phone off during...
  14. K

    Apps not working

    I am trying to get Apps working on my Samsung Galaxy Apollo GT-15801. When I click the app store it will not connect. (message says disconnect WiFi and get good signal on GSM). I thought apps worked on WiFi. Any ideas anyone. Thanks
  15. B

    Problem with import cvs contacts file.

    Hi, i got a problem with import contacts from cvs file to my android, i did it by apps from store and by gmail way. I dont know what should be a schema in cvs file( names of columns). Contacts are imported, but name, surname, phone cell are in various (bad) fields in Android contacts. thanks in...
  16. K

    Help [Q] Root problem or what?

    Phone was working fine, I'm using Kyrillos' ROM v9.7 JPU and I have SetCPU, Zdbox, Titanium. Today for the 1st time I had the phone configured for Internet use with an installer the provider sent me via SMS. After succesfully installing and using Internet, I used the phone as AP to get Internet...
  17. S

    Help Change default apps/icons

    On the home creen of my apollo, there are 4 default icons which stay there whichever screen I go to - they are PHONE / CONTACTS / MESSAGING / APPLICATIONS I am installing Handcent SMS and would like that app to be launced by the messaging icon, instead of the default app. Is this possible?
  18. 1

    Replece SD card

    Hi, I decided to beef up my Apollo by changing to an 8GB SD card. But when I plug the device into my PC, the 'found new hardware' wizard comes up with a message saying it cannot find the relevant software, and of course nothing happens. I'm a bit of a novice at this sort of thing, so it...
  19. K


    i am also the user of galaxy 3
  20. A

    Root Galaxy Apollo Firmware Upgrade Problem

    Hi, I had a galaxy Apollo of 2 years. Today, I tried to update its firmware through KIES. After couple of minutes of downloading relevant files later, KIES hung. I woke up to find 98% downloading completed on my phone and KIES showing an error. I touched the phone and it was too hot...
  21. F

    Answer calls without swiping ?

    Apologies if this is already asked and answered elsewhere, but a search produced no results. Is there any means of switching the way a call is answered, from the default swipe option to (e.g.) pressing the home button ? I have seen answers to this question in relation to other Galaxy phones...
  22. P

    Second Facebook App

    I have 2 phones, an HTC wildfire which has Facebook preinstalled and I would like to also install Facebook on the other phone, a Samsung Galaxy GT15800 where obviously it is not preinstalled. Every time I try to download the app from google Play it tells me that it already installed on the HTC...
  23. M

    Apollo sound effects

    Does anyone know if the sound effects for the Apollo are available online anywhere? I can't find anything. I've got a new phone now but like some of the sounds from my old Apollo you see.
  24. A

    Help SAMSUNG i5800 Slow Problem

    I have Samsung GT-I5800 from some days i facing a problem that cell phone is working slow, I opened messages and contacts its taking much time than usual :-( Please help me, Or also tell me can i upgrade my firmware to android version 2.6 ?
  25. A

    Help Phone doesn't receive calls when SD card installed

    I've recently picked up the Apollo and have noticed a problem with more than 75% of incoming calls going straight to voicemail, and often calls to and from the phone appear as long distance. (I believe these are related) I've done a fair amount of testing and research on the problem and I've...