samsung galaxy rush

  1. Stettin

    Help Stagefright OTA - how to disable nag?

    I'm rooted with Titanium Backup. Does anyone know the process / app that I should freeze to disable the OTA notification? I only use the phone as a baby monitor anyway. I don't want to mess with anything. update_SPH-M830_MD5ToOIl_18SEP2015
  2. S

    Root Roaming on Verizon....

    Need help determining if it's possible to make this phone roam on Verizon. Is Verizon's 850mhz calling band software based (meaning I could flash a different radio and get it to work)? Or is it hardware based (meaning the Rush antennae only has the capability of connecting to a 1900mhz sprint...
  3. D

    Root Help moving apps to external sd card.

    I've recently rooted my Galaxy rush and i was wondering if there was anyway to move some of my apps to my sd card. My phone runs android 4.1.2 jellybean.
  4. A

    Root Insufficient Storage

    Maybe someone out there can help. My Rush is rooted. I bought an 8GB SD Card, but none of the apps can be moved to it. I have Link2SD installed. My SD Card is partitioned. The weird thing is that it WILL install SOME apps. I tried to make space by uninstalling the official Facebook app...
  5. D

    Root Enable Memory Swap

    I recently rooted my phone so I could install Link2SD for more storage space. Since nobody replied to my previous thread about completed ROMS, I decided to keep my stock ROM as at least I know it's stable. While I'm not a "power user" I'd still like to tweak my performance a bit. Is there a...
  6. D

    Root Completed ROMS

    Are there any ROMS that are considered fully baked yet?
  7. J

    Root System Status: Custom

    Hi, My galaxy rush has been having trouble booting. Sometimes it won't boot at all and I have to take the battery out and wait for a few hours before it will boot again. I suspect it has something to do with the phone overheating all the time. I want to send the device back in for repair, but I...
  8. Silverjunkie

    Help USB storage access from computer

    MTP to USB mode switcher. Could someone please direct me to the app that allows such? The one suggested here is not working for my Rush. :Edit follows below: Nevermind folks. Found it here. Or you can just search for USB enabler on Google Play. Works like butter, by the way.
  9. C

    Root Stock Galaxy Rush Camera/Gallery apk

    Can someone provide me with the stock samsung galaxy rush camera/gallery apk? I have tried updating the camera/Gallery to a newer version (from kitkat) and the video recording doesn't work. (Does anyone have a fix for this??) If no fix is found then i would like to return to stock...
  10. A

    Root Updated root instructions for Samsung Galaxy Rush

    I'm late to the party, but I would like to root my Samsung Galaxy Rush. Main reason is because I'm out of space and it is completely ignoring my brand-new 8GB SD card. So I began to follow the instructions, but the file is corrupted/empty. Does anyone have an updated...
  11. J

    Root rush won't power on or charge.

    I recently let a friend of mine put a custom rom on my galaxy rush. As soon as it loaded up my phone shut off and has not turned on since. It does not load up the Samsung screen, show a red light when i plug it in, or show any signs of life. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  12. F

    Root firmware reinstall?

    Is there anyway to reinstall this firmware via cwm? my usb is bad and odin doesnt work?
  13. tweaking_ninja

    Root all bloatware **detailed complet list**

    So I have some treats for the fans of galaxy rush, here is a list of all safe and kinda safe apps to remove, very complete. Boost Zone Mobile ID AllShare Cast AllShare PlaycodesShare Service AvrcpServiceSamsung Best Face Bubbles Calculator Calendar widget...
  14. P

    Root Visual Voicemail

    I decided the phone I upgraded to was just not for me, so for now I am back to my rush. I am bidding on an S3 on ebay, but in the meantime I want to get my voicemail notifications back. I noticed when I made this rush factory again my phone had visual voicemail and it works good. I loaded my...
  15. F

    Help slow Samsung galaxy rush (boost)

    I've had my Rush for a couple of months now and it's been really slow. It takes too long to open apps and even simple functions like opening up contacts or messages. I've cleared cache on all apps and tried clearing ram. I've also uninstalled all unnecessary apps. Its all just a temporary fix...
  16. M

    Root Fast boot missing from Galaxy Rush?

    I am unable to get to fastboot on the galaxy rush, am I doing something wrong? I tried from bootloader, and adb reboot fastboot just does a regular reboot? any ideas?
  17. F

    Root no wifi drivers or mac address.. I need /efs folder.

    i noticed that my wifi wasnt working.. i couldnt even connect to an open security router... whenever i try to connect, it makes whatever wifi im associcating with go crazy and shutdown... My MAC address is showing its unavailable.. I also noticed that my /efs folder is missing alot of files...
  18. D

    How do I find my shared passwords?

    Hello all! Has anyone found a way to discover the HA and AAA shared passwords for profile 0 and profile 1 on their Galaxy Rush? Thanks!
  19. P

    Root Sprint ROM?

    Wish we could delete threads
  20. C

    Help Galaxy Rush OTG cable Help

    This is my first post here. I am needing help using a OTG cable with my Galaxy rush to use usb flash drive. Has anyone been able to do this? Is this even possable?
  21. W

    Root sph-M830 root

    How to root Samsung galaxy rush
  22. E

    Upgrading my a couple of questions

    Hi everyone... Im upgrading my boost mobile galaxy rush to a sprint galaxy s4 flashed over to boost. Im getting it done this weekend and i have a couple of questions. My rush doesnt have a sim card but the s4 has a slot for one. 1. Will I have to go to a boost shop and get a sim with my...
  23. H

    Root Where can I find samsung galaxy rush ROMs?

    I'm looking for custom rom samsung galaxy rush 4.1.2. It doesn't need to be pretty. I just want to get better battery life. I also want to uninstall pre-installed bloatware apps. I have root the phone. I just don't know what safe to uninstall. Thank you.
  24. K

    Root Stuck in Factory Mode?

    My phone was recently stuck in factory mode for a few days. With the help of LordVincent, we managed to fix the issue. I ended up copying my wife's /efs directory. It wouldn't allow me to paste it until I deleted my efs directory. I just pasted hers into the location that I deleted mine from...
  25. eargasmicgiant

    Help phone stuck in factory mode

    i put root explorer on it and there is no Factory App folder in thr efc menu :confused: