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  1. S

    Mesmerize Won't Boot

    I still use a Samsung Mesmerize (US Cellular) because it allows me to tether. Finally the charging port went bad, so here's what I did.. I bought another Mesmerize - nice phone - from the original owner - original box etc. - not a mark on it. It powered up fine and booted to the home screen...
  2. H

    Help vcf importing problem

    I had encrypted my sd card and my device (note 8000) and export my contacts to the sd card then after that I reset my phone to the factory settings , now no matter I try to import it pack there is this massage 《this format is not supported》 What can I do for that any ideas ?
  3. S

    Help Dialer battery drain

    Hello all! Obviously I am new to this forum, and I hate to open with a tech question, but here goes: I have a SCH-i500 that was through US Cellular, and I have a major problem with the dialer causing serious battery drain. I had this problem before (had to do a hard reset), and I had found...
  4. blue_angel

    Help Samsung Galaxy Mesmerize (sch-i500) update issue please help

    So, this Samsung Galaxy S Mesmetize sch-i500 that I have started to update today around 2pm..... crazy thing is that it still seems to be attempting to finish or is stuck Im not real sure which. All I know is the crazy thing is apparently an US Cellular phone, I dial the MEID number in the...
  5. S

    Root MEID code file location.

    Ok, I've looked and looked and read and searched to no avail. So it's time to ask....... sch-i500 Mesmerize on U.S. Cellular, rooted, 2.3.4. GB EH09. I know this is an older phone, and not as "active" as it used to be but it still works and I'm not ready to replace it yet. I'm looking to...
  6. blue_angel

    Help Need EXPERT advice on Samsung Galaxy S (sch i500)

    Bought the phone last week. NO DATA CONNECTIVITY :( unable to axcess internet unless using wifi. Us cellular says data is enabled yet I get moble network disconnected and Ive tried everything to attempt fixing it. Its a CDMA phone so no apn settings visiable. Also, my mobile hotspot turns...
  7. cdula

    Root Galaxy S SCH-i500 soft bricked?

    So I rooted my phone, then unrooted it, to see I had no service. So I was using Odin to restore to stock 2.3.5, but I had to unplug the usb and plug it into another port, while it was in download mode. Now it is stuck on the connect phone to PC screen. I don't know what to do now. I think...
  8. A

    Help US Cellular Mesmerize phone to Cricket compatibility?

    I'm thinking of leaving US Cellular for Cricket. I have the us celluar phone Mesmerize and I'm wondering if it is compatible on the Cricket network. I have read users can 'flash' it over, but customer service is telling me that they can't promise the phone will work correctly once this is done...
  9. R

    Root Broken Nandroid backup

    I had CM10 daily on my sons Mes, from 10272012. I did a Nandoid backup using Clockworkmod (I think 6), and then proceeded to try and do an upgrade to the latest Daily, knowing that I could restore the Nandroid if it went wrong. At some point I guess CM10 went from 10 to 10.1 so the upgrade...
  10. T

    Root Need Help Rooting Mesmerize 2.3.5

    Hi I am new to rooting and all, and I really need help doing this so if anyone knows of a way that would be great and a tutorial, I have searched around and they all are for the 2.3.4. I tried that way and it did not work, I also have tried to find z4root on the app market and online and when I...
  11. A

    chompsms won't work on landscape keyboard

    How do I get the outgoing conversation fonts on chompsms to work on the landscape keyboard?
  12. L

    Root can u root mez without computer

    can I root my mez without a computer.if so how
  13. R

    Help Problem with improt from dropbox

    Hii I did a backup from blackberry divice to dropbox! I couldnt import it from my galaxy s3 i received this message ( couldnt import vcard ) I traid many many of times with many of aplication and nothing is happen!! I traid Improting with google sync but it backup only 200 of 960 !!!
  14. M

    Help Contacts not showing up??

    I recently reset my phone, but got the contacts back. Whenever I go to my contacts, only 19 show up, but I know I have more on the phone. Whenever I go to the dialer and type in a contacts name that isn't on the contacts page, it shows up so I know that the contacts are on my phone, but where...
  15. P

    Root Mesmerize ROM choices-How to pick 1

    I upgraded my Mez to GB 2.3.4 recently and am now having a problem with the volume on the ear & external speakers. I understand this is a common problem. My H/W version is I500.04 which, I understand, does not fall under the fixes in GB 2.3.5??? The phone was rooted prior to upgrading but I...
  16. D

    Help Factory restore/reset questions...

    I posted this under the tips but no replies. Has me wondering if this forum is a dead one or not. Any how. If you factory restore or factory reset using the droid menu option in settings will that erase your phone number and all the settings your carrier has setup for you? Or will it...
  17. X

    Root Galaxy S Mesmerize USB Not Detected.

    My USB is not detecting on anything, Odin in download doesn't detect it. My two computers both windows 7 wont detect it. I want to root it, its 2.3.4, but i cannot get any of the applications to detect the device. Ive installed around 3 driver sets. Can anyone help?
  18. S

    Help Can't uninstall Game Apps

    I downloaded some game apps awhile back and I don't play them a lot so I went to go delete them. For some reason they don't show up when I go to look at My Apps in the play store. I tried to look them up in the app store but they are no longer there so I can hit uninstall. Does anyone know...
  19. trippseventeen

    Can the Mes be flashed to Straight Talk?

    Can it be done? I don't see why it wouldnt be possible,i just want to know before i go and attempt it.
  20. galarue

    Root odin won't recognize phone in download mode?

    i believe there are drivers since i saw a link in the sticky, but it doesn't seem to work any more. does anyone have this still? sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but i looked and couldn't find it. any help is appreciated!
  21. L

    Help Pull data off of broken phone

    My sister in law broke the screen on her phone yesterday. A replacement is in its way but I wanted to know if I can get the data off the phone without being able to use the screen. Ideas?
  22. K

    Help Help do not know what happened

  23. K

    Root Help do not know what happened

    I am a noob to this site but not to rooting, today I decided to root my uncle's mesmerize using the Odin method, which went great well at least I thought so the first time it rooted it was a success except for the binaries would update for su then after u got them update titanium backup and...
  24. trippseventeen

    Help Anyone else having problems with wifi on gingerbread?

    My connection has download speeds of 2 mb per second on average,damn near 10 mb at peak,but my Mesmerize cant seem to break 200kb. Help?
  25. trippseventeen

    Any way to flash the mez to Sprint?

    I have two Mesmerizes,both brand new..the only thing is I HATE US CELLULAR! When you use your device constantly like me,as I am out and about most of the week,2 gigs of data goes by faster than the weekend. Any software I can download or is there an easier way to flash/unlock it for use on...