1. J

    Help How to change the backup frequency for android phone

    I am running Android 11 on a Samsung Galaxy A70. I am unable to change the backup frequency from my phone to Google drive or Samsung Cloud. Both are preset at 24 hours. I want to change the preset to a more longer duration. I recently noticed that my call log was gone. By the time I noticed it...
  2. R

    What’s this app? A good challenge!

  3. S

    Help Looking for data recovery experts (android 12 phone) professionals for a paid consultancy opportunity

    Hello all, I accidentally got my photos erased from my samsung phone running android 12. The case is complex and most people tell me it's not possible to recover the data. While I definitely don't want to be fed false hope or placebo data recovery solutions, the erased photos mean a lot to me...
  4. R

    File named " .xxx_did " What is it and is it ok to remove it?

    Hi, I have a Galaxy A52 5G.... today i saw a file named as " .xxx_did " . i saw it when i was using whats app and when i was trying to share a document that was the first name appeared in the list.. couldn't find the file with the my file app, so i searched it using my Linux OS and the file was...
  5. elflamablanca

    Screen record TV from phone using smart view

    I have a z fold 4. If I am using smart view to cast my TV to my phone, how can i screen record it? When I try to do it the video is just a black screen. Is there an app that will allow this to work??
  6. lebigmac


    BRAND NEW DIY TUTORIAL BY LEBIGMAC ! How to ROOT your boot.img with Magisk (for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra & more) NOTE: For Android 13. Your bootloader needs to be unlocked for this procedure to work! 1) Download your device's firmware from the internet (check your firmware version in 'About...
  7. sshehab

    Help Good Samsung smartphone

    Hello, I'm searching for a Samsung phone with these features Supports 2 Sims, has a 3.5 mm jack and has a good battery life, I found a couple of models A52 5G and A32 5G, are any others and which one is the best of these mentioned models?
  8. V

    Would Samsung get rid of the A series in the future and no longer have a budget or mid-range lineup?

    Would Samsung get rid of the A series in the future and no longer have a budget or mid-range lineup in the United States? How likely is that to happen?
  9. 4

    Help Mobile hostpot name defaults and password randomises by itself

    I have a samsung galaxy fold 4. If I change the hostpot name and password to what I want it to be, it'll work fine for a couple of days. Then 1-3 days later it'll automatically default to "Galaxy Z Fold 4 xxxx" (Upper case and number combination of 4 characters)as name, and a random weak...
  10. T

    App Icon Needs Identifying

    Please can someone tell me what the two app icons are? Before anyone thinks i’m some crazy person with someone else’s phone it is a screenshot from my work phone, my manager noticed the icons on the screenshot I sent her and keeps asking what the apps are but I have not got a clue, she asked...
  11. L

    How to make a widget for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

    Hi! I have just made an android application for my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. But now I would like to make it a widget too, I have tried to find somewhere how to make widgets but cannot find out how to do so. I have tried to in my current project to "add widget" but then everything breaks (had...
  12. F

    Help Locked out of Galaxy S5

    After factory default reset, S5 not accepting my Samsung ID and/or Password. I had forgotten my swipe password, and PIN as well. Samsung wants me to bring it to an authorized repair shop where I assume it will cost money which I don't want to spend. Verizon was my carrier. Any ideas? thanks!
  13. M

    How to get rid of contact zombies

    In the contact app I keep seeing old telephone number that I have deleted long time ago. When I switch to edit mode I only see the current numbers but when browsing or searching for a contact in the phone app or the messaging app it keeps showing all that old garbage again and if one isn't super...
  14. R

    Help Custom binary blocked by oem lock

    I was trying to update android version on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I downloaded following tools for update process. Odin3_v3.14.4 (android-12L-stable) lineage-19.1-20220314-greatlte NikGapps-android-12L-20220222-signed twrp-3.6.2_9-0-greatlte.img.tar I followed this video Everything was...
  15. kylabeardad

    Busybox....HELP PLEASE! What/why/how is it installed on my device without my knowledge or permission

    I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 ultra 5g through my phone provider 2 years ago. I recently downloaded the app 'Root Checker Pro' to check for security reasons. While the app's root verification process produced negative results. However, the app's secondary verification process produced a...
  16. Camdroid9

    Mp3 files silently removed after some days

    I have used a Samsung Fold2 and now recently a version 4, during using the Fold2 I noticed that my media files would go missing after a few weeks of moving them from the cloud to the phone. Not all the files, but all the oldest ones that where before the most recent ones I copied. So its like a...
  17. G

    Galaxy Tab S4 in bootloop - I need to delete something from the storage through ABD

    Hello. The tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 itself turned off and got into a bootloop - it doesn't boot into the system because there is not enough memory. Before that it worked fine. All on the tablet is stock and official, there is no root. Wipe cache partition tried many times already. The...
  18. DavidWebb

    A5 compatibility with web-browser

    Hi, i have a Samsung A5. The problem is that when i try to open my website from chrome or samsung web-browser, some icons do not appear properly, and appears to be some type of glitch, however, it works fine with my Samsung galaxy s10, and other mobile phones e.g Oneplus 8, iphone, etc. Chrome...
  19. A

    Help Phone screen suddenly starts turning on and off

    Hello, I own a Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo and I often run into a problem with the lock screen The phone screen will go blank (not turn off, just go completely black) and after some seconds turn back again, showing my lock screen, last for a couple seconds and go black again, repeating endlessly...
  20. B

    My BFs Samsung G920a list his device 3x w/ diff IPs. Why??

    So, I was looking through my BFs phone looking for a password I saved under one of his accounts and saw where his phone is listed 3x on his Google account but only says (this device) beside one. And then I remembered that even his FB has 3 listed on his device logins with the same name - g920a...
  21. T

    Help Navigation buttons (home, back and open apps) freeze up

    Hello New Samsung Tab S7 tablet, the second one in two weeks and both have the same issues. Probably 5 or 6 times in the last 30 mins the on-screen buttons for home etc simply freeze, when this happens the pull down to view notifications also stops responding. The only solution is to either...
  22. S

    CalyxOs data transfer to new phone after old phone screen damage?

    I unfortunately shattered my phone. It still turns on but I can barely press anything on the screen. I am wondering if it is possible to transfer my CalyxOs data to my new phone somehow? It thought about doing a data transfer but not sure if it will work with the CalyxOs. If it is not possible...
  23. AdiA

    Help Screen flickers when I go to home

    When I go to home screen from any app, this happens: This is when I set all animations to 0.5 x, it'sore noticeable than 1x, but 1x still has that annoying animation, anyways I like to use 0.5 x. I've performed 2 factory resets already. Any tips?
  24. J

    Help Hard resetting/Powerwashing an android device

    How do I go about powerwashing a Samsung phone (galaxy a01 to be specific) while skipping the Downloading... Please do not turn off the target screen? I have tried hard resetting it the normal way (holding down all 3 buttons while its booting) but I've always been interrupted by that blue...
  25. E

    System apps 1969 installed??

    so the other system apps say installed in 2008 but this list on the bottom is 1969 and my ex wife is an IT specialist who used her skills to clone my phone and hack it before in the past I can't delete any of these apps or even look into them and can't disable any permissions what do I do?