1. boo222

    Factory reset with a non-working screen?

    If your Samsung Galaxy
  2. S

    Help Are there any current-spec Android phones under 5.7" in size?

    So.... I bought a Pixel 6. Too large for my pants. Bought a OnePlus 9 Pro. Too big for my pants. Bought a Galaxy Fold. Thick as can be, and doesn't open with one hand. The iPhone13 Mini is the perfect size (5.4"). But I really want to stay on Android. What are my options? (And I need either...
  3. richards1052

    Help Trade in question

    I want to buy the new 9pro and trade-in or selling my current 7pro. Does the 7pro have any value if it has a slight crack on the screen? The phone is fully functional. The screen is also fully functional. The crack is on the edge of the screen and has no impact on visiblity. Is it worth...
  4. arhmansss

    screen sharpness config ??

    I have a projector with an Android OS, Long story short, it shutdown itself, and when I turn on it back, the display is blurry, I've been rotating the lens to find the focus point is still blurry at the best focus point, At this point I thought it was a problem with the lens, so I took it apart...
  5. Anes08

    Help Galaxy M20 screen acting weird

    Recently I discovered that my phone's screen is leaving semi transparent stuck pixels on the edges of the screen , I don't know if it came like that from the previous owner (the phone is used) i just noticed it while using the phone in low brightness , if i set the brightness to 20% or above the...
  6. Jared Chafin

    Moto G Power Screen Replacement

    Just got a Moto G Power a few weeks ago and already I've cracked my screen. I'm having a hard time finding replacement glass. When I search, I only find screen protectors. Please help.
  7. N

    Help Missing home screen /application looping option

    I just finished watching a tutorial on where these options are located, I went to the home screen options and this one isn't even listed. How do I turn on the home screen/application looping options on my LG Stylo?
  8. R

    Help My phone screen isn't working (Galaxy S6)

    Hey, i dropped my phone and it showed few grey lines after two months my phone screen just doesnt turn on (But light that show phone is charged up is working) (Sorry for bad english)
  9. F

    Help Send screen to device with Android 4.1

    Hallo: I can send the screen from the mobil (android 5) to the tablet (android 6) and from tablet to mobil. Android includes that option by default. But also have a Google Tv MK808 with Android 4.1. I'm looking for a program which I can install on MK808 and send screen from mobil or tablet to...
  10. G

    Help Motorola Droid Z Force Screen Lock

    How do I/ we, disable the camera shortcut and microphone short cut on the lock screen? Ive asked Verizon Wireless and they didnt have a solution. I was able to do this on my Droid Turbo.
  11. difinka2

    Help Ultimate 2 locks and screen goes black

    Hi all, Do I have an O.S. issue, memory issue or virus that causes my LG41C to lock up after two or three screen selctions or five seconds and then all but the notification bar goes black on screen? I thought I was having a memory issue but while trying to make space on phone memory, it would...