sony xperia ion

  1. D

    Help Bricked Xperia ION

    I was trying to root the Xperia ION phone. I followed all the the steps mentioned(HERE) & flashed the kernel available HERE. BootLoader is unLocked Now after flashing the kernel, the device had gone in bootloop mode. I could access the recovery, but thats it. When i tried to boot to...
  2. T

    Help Can You Get the Walkman App on Any Phone?

    I just got a new phone and I'm very used to the Walkman music player from my old Xperia, so I was wondering if there was some way to get the .apk for the app onto my new phone either from the web, or from my old phone. I didn't know whether or not there were any legitimate downloads online which...
  3. S

    Root ROMs & Locked Bootloaders

    I have a Sony Xperia lt28at with locked boot loader but it is rooted I would like flash some roms but I can not get into boot recovery is there a way Sam
  4. S

    google apps for LT28H

    hi, my sony xperia LT28H does not have any google apps installed, i try to install google play store and google play services menually, it gives me error that google play services stopped working. help me how can i have goggle apps installed on my phone. thanks.
  5. M

    Help I really NEED help please! Network Unlock.

    I have a Sony Xperia Lt28i I literally just rooted 10 minutes ago for the sole fact of trying to do a network unlock but I'm so lost only keep finding these site that say pay $50+ for a SIN network unlock PIN which appears every time I turn the phone on. The Sony is a Rogers phone but I broke my...
  6. C

    Help texting mp3's

    Help! I'd like to send some mp3 audio files, but keep getting the message "audio file too large". Is there a way to send "a" or "multiple",as in playlist, audio files?
  7. R

    Help APN settings for gophone?

    I have tried every apn setting I have found on the net and cannot seem to find one that works. I can get internet but absolutely no mms. I cannot send or receive pics or videos. Can anyone help me out on this?
  8. S

    Help not getting text messages

    I haven't been getting my text messages for 2 days now. I had no idea until a friend told me she has been texting me several times with no reply. I can send texts but I'm not getting them?? I turned off phone... Removed SIM... Erased all old text messages...nothing worked. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. T

    4G working no LTE

    my 4G works but no LTE. i live in Dallas so LTE should be no problem.
  10. T

    Help Xperia Ion App Troubles After 4.0.4 Update

    I recently updated my Sony Xperia Ion to the 4.0.4 version of Android. I will list the system information below. Anyways the issue I've been having is that whenever I used certain apps they will simply close, no force close error pop-up or anything. It only works with certain applications...
  11. N

    Help Keyboard Problems

    I've had my Ion since November now, and recently, I've been having problems with my keyboard. The letters "g" and "v" do not work. I have tried the default keyboard, as well as Swift Key. They work in landscape mode, so it's not that big of a problem, just rather annoying.
  12. H

    Help message not downloaded error

    Everything someone sends me a pic it says message not downloaded? How do I fix this??
  13. M

    Help Urgent help needed

    Just bought the phone and had put the sim inside (self cutting from ordinary to micro sim) but unfortunately the sim size was wider and when i inserted the sim, it slipped inside and could not come out.:mad:..After that the phone stopped charging and i'm really in trouble how to solve this...
  14. M

    Microphone icon is Disabled on Ion keyboard??

    Hello, I own a Sony Xperia Ion running Android 4.0.3 and I am not able to enable the Microphone Icon in the default keyboard of my phone. I have done almost everything from enabling the checkbox in Settings-->Language & input-->Xperia Keyboard-->Google Voice typing Key. Still I can...
  15. J

    Help Not supported YouTube videos.

    Help! I wanted to watch the bangarang ep on YouTube on my phone but it says that the video is not available for mobile devices. Is there any way I can view these on my Xperia ion.
  16. A

    Help homescree

    so sony give you 5 pages to customize, i only use 3 how can i get rid of the other two?
  17. V

    Queries xperia ion........

    Hi friends, I want to know how is the battery life of ion on 2g and 3g networks compared to xperia s. I am from india and we don't get the LTE version here so please let me know about the battery life on 2g and 3g networks compared to xperia s. Also, how is the camera compared to xperia s?
  18. derrickdroid

    Root Framework-res.apk Themeing

    Hey guys. Today I pulled the framework-res and extracted it with ninjamorph. I have been looking in the Res folder and can't find the status bar icons. In the drawable mdpi and drawable hdpi folders I see icons that are similar but not the right ones. For example I see the c, evdo, and...
  19. A

    Help AT&T To Verizon

    Hello! I just got my sony xperia ion for AT&T. I paid over $250 for this phone and i am going on my sisters bill with verizon. I really don't want to spend another $200 for a new phone so can I get it unlocked? If so, how?
  20. derrickdroid

    Root MIUI Rom for Ion

    Here is an MIUI Rebuild rom for Xperia, Locked and Unlocked bootloaders. Note that you will lose LTE :/
  21. derrickdroid

    Camera Button (below volume keys)

    Anybody else having problems taking a picture with camera button on the side of the phone? (below the lock and volume buttons) Mine will flash and then focus using the button. But will NOT take a picture. I tried changing the settings to use only the camera button on the side. It still doesnt...
  22. derrickdroid

    Root Hey guys

    Hey guys, new Sony Xperia user here. Tomorrow i get my Sony Xperia phone because im switching from Verizon to AT&T. Im so used to using phone that have lots of roms for them and different ways of unlocking the phone. Looking through here i notice there aint much of nothing.... I heard someone...
  23. C

    xperia ion connecttivity

    i know the xperia ion has lte but does it support hspa+ and hspa?? would love to hear back
  24. CivicMommy26

    Root upgrade to ICS

    Hi i was wondering if the sony ericsson ion will make an upgrade to ICS?
  25. J

    Help Battery life on sony xperia ion

    The first couple days the battery life was great. Then one day at work I notices how fast the battery was dropping and at the end of the day it was at 4%! I thought maybe it was because I left it charging over night. And so today, the same thing but it wasn't as bad. It was at like 40% ... usage...