1. T

    System MonCon: Updates

    v1.6.5_ap ☛ Compiled for Android Tiramisu with dependencies update. ☛ Some bug fixes and corrections as suggested.
  2. D

    Help Is IN2017_11_C.41 Stable for rooting OnePlus 8?

    Hi, I'm about to root my OnePlus 8 (hopefully today) but first I need to find out if creating a patched Boot file from the IN2017_11_C.41 update will be ok, I already have the Boot file patched using Magisk so I just need to know if this update will work or if I need to use another one cause I...
  3. U

    glSurfaceView not displayed after emulator-update

    Hi, glSurfaceView is no longer displayed on the emulator after the latest update yesterday. On the virtual device everything works - so it can't be a software error. The error is from latest update. Please help! Thanks for all!

    The Problem With Being An Amateur

    Hi pals! Recently, I published my game, Protectile, on the Google Play store, and posted about in various places, getting a bunch of traffic. However, a bunch of things came up, and I wrote a blog post about it. This is a crosspost from my blog over at itch.io. just a funny bug I managed...
  5. S

    Nokia 3.1c can no longer view videos after

    A few weeks ago, I received a typical 'cricket' update for my Nokia 3.1c phone. After obliging to this non negotiable update, I found that my device could no longer play videos, display notifications, or play most audio through the speakers. In more recent times, notifications show and their...
  6. Kelvin Water Treatment

    Help What to do if Windows updates fail to install?

    I bought a laptop 2 months back and it always shows "window update fails to install". And even service executive is not much of a help. Is there a way to solve this problem on my own, I have to work so I am not able to submit it right now!
  7. D

    Help Why did some of my videos turn into photos after Android 11 update?

    Hello, finally I got the update to Android 11. Leave that, I have other problems now, some of my videos in gallery have changes into photos, of course after the update. Why did this happen?
  8. ironass

    AUB6 update for Global S21 series, bugfix & camera update

    This latest update is the 5th for the Global, Exynos, S21 series and is currently being rolled out by Samsung. It would appear that this is a bugfix for the previous release, AUB3, as well as a camera update. The Galaxy S21 Global, Exynos, devices that will receive this update are... S21 5G...
  9. ironass

    AUA3 update for U.S.A. unlocked S21, S21+, S21 Ultra models

    The S21 series of U.S.A. unlocked devices are not officially released until the 29th January 2021 and there is already an update released by Samsung for them. The Galaxy S21 unlocked U.S.A. devices that will receive this update are... S21 5G model SM-G981U1 S21+ 5G model SM-G996U1 S21 Ultra 5G...
  10. paul spittlehouse

    Help Will updating my Huawei Y7 2019 with the attached photo file wipe all my Google 3 apps off?

    Hey, basically I've asked my question in the heading and the screenshot I've attached, but since reading about newer phones being released by Huawei such as the P40 pro having no Google apps at all. At the minute my phone is working fine, apart from the update pop up's occasionally so I don't...
  11. A

    Help Trio axs 3g tablet update

    I have a trio axs 3g tablet with the software 4.2.2 and I like to update it to version 5 or later versions so I can use chrome better and update or download incompatible apps. Can anyone help me with step by step and provide links to the required items to do so as well as make it simple as...
  12. G

    Apps Why won't my Android Room Update my Table?

    This is an issue I had posted elsewhere (StackOverflow and JavaRanch) but I had to abandon 5 months ago. Now that I'm back on this project this issue is still present and I'm not sure how to resolve it. I never received a comment or suggestion on previous posts and thought someone may have a...
  13. S

    Help Samsung Notes update wipes half of long memo after conversion

    Hi all. I use a Galaxy A20e. I've lost a large chunk text from a very long Samsung Notes memo, following an auto update to the app. The first time I tried to open the memo after the update Notes asked if I wanted to convert the memo to run in the new version. I said yes, but immediately found a...
  14. Ale978

    SM-G965U not update

    Hi , i Have the samsung s9 plus SM-G965U UNLOCKED with snapdragon The smartphone not check update help me please and i can't use sim from the united states, i live in france THERE IS A METHOD TO UPDATE? One UI version 1.0 Android Version 9 Baseband version G965USQS7CSJ7 Android security...
  15. V

    Verizon LG G5 lost its IMEI after update

    Recently I ran an automatic update to my Verizon LG G5 model VS987. After the reboot, the phone know longer knows its own IMEI or ICCID. Thus it cannot recognize the SIM card. Although the update seemed to work correctly, it may have failed because I only had 3% storage available on my main...
  16. M

    Help [OFFICIAL] T-Mobile OTA Update Thread

    DIscussion for T-Mobile Note 8 Variant OTA (Over The Air) Updates. I use T-mo. Just saw an update today.
  17. A

    Help why i still cant install any android 5.0 apk although i have updated my phone from 4.2.2 to to 5.0

    i have sony xperia c phone which work with jellybean android and there is no official update for its firmware where Sony gives up on it and won't release any more updates for its os or firmware i need to install some apps that needs android 5.0 as min OS , so i found some custom roms that...
  18. R

    Help Phone won't automatically connect to unsecured WiFi.

    Ever since the last update, my phone (Droid Turbo) will not automatically connect to unsecured WiFi. I have to go into my settings and connect manually, and even then, it likes to disconnect. I'm on a college campus where the only WiFi available is unsecured, so having to reconnect every time I...
  19. A

    Help Network issue with Nexus 6p android 7 update

    Nexus 6P user here.. Got updated to android nougat version 7.0 by yesterday. Everything seems to be fine for a day. Was very happy with the updated which didnt last long. My friends called ma office Number and told me like they couldnt reach me for an hour or more. It was saying like not...
  20. M

    Help Can I update my LG-P870, or is it too old of a phone?

    Software Update in Settings does absolutely nothing ("No software update to be downloaded") and I really don't follow this kind of stuff, so I was wondering, is my phone too old? It currently has 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich i think?) and I can't download any kind of app because of this... Help?
  21. steve

    How to flash OTA DP4 (NPD56N) on a rooted device with a modified /system

    This is not a full guide but a simple thread to share my success with flashing the latest OTA on my rooted Nexus 6P that had DP3 currently installed. In the past, well for a very long time, I always had to download the .img and manually flash. After the flash, then root the system again...
  22. G

    Help sent lg g4 in for repaire now it has android 6.0 i want to revert back to 5.1

    ok sent my lg g4 in for repair, works now.... but i want to revert back to 5.1, they installed 6.0 and it is no good causes issues. i have a t mobile lg g4; will i be able to do it and still get the firmware update that came with 5.1 for the touch screen issues?
  23. F

    Help Upgrading a Rooted MEIZU M2 Note with Xposed Framework to Flyme 5 manually... possible?

    Hey guys MEIZU M2 Note finally had Flyme 5 released, I am currently on flyme and I wanted to update to Flyme 5 manually but I don't want to lose my data. I am rooted and have Xposed Framework installed with modules such as ObbOnSD and Flyme Tools. What will happen if I try to update? Is...
  24. Android News

    Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge get yet another bug fix update

    Samsung may be going for the record for number of times a device (or two) have received updates in the course of the year. With the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, another bug fix update has been pushed by Samsung. he update solves an issue with power saving mode not working when Google Now is running...
  25. U

    Help Updates in Android 6 beta, rooted

    Hello. I would really like someone answering as I don't want to brick my device again. Thanks! So I have TWRP recovery installed and rooted (systemless, but I have modified the system partition as I installed iOS emojis etc) I'm currently on B317 (beta) and the latest is B321 that would be...