1. Mohamed_Shamir

    Apps Help to make a video diary

    I'm have just started with Android development and please bear with me if I'm asking trivial questions. I wanted to create a video diary where a person can create video dairy for a day. He will be able to see the videos he recorded laterwards. Since storing the video in the phone is not a...
  2. Kenneth Lopez

    Best Photo Video Maker with Music App

    Photo Video Maker with Music - King Master lets you create, edit and share amazing music videos, slideshows and stories with your photos, videos and free licensed music. Add filters, text, music and create personalized videos from your pictures. Photo Video Maker with Music - MV Video Editor...
  3. J

    Help LG V30+ Orange Border When Playing Videos

    For some reason, when I play a video in the browser, a orange border shows up around the video. I have all the accessibility options off so I don't know why it is there. Does anybody know how to remove the orange border? I have a picture below. The orange border is near the corners.
  4. D

    Help Hide it pro (audio manager) doubts

    Is hide it pro (audio manager) safe to use? Does it send your photos or videos to its server? I've not given it my Google ID and I'm not using the Google drive backup for this app. can it still create a cloud backup and send the data there or to its server?
  5. M

    My phone does not record videos - help please?!

    Hello, I have a Lenovo/Motorola Moto G5 running Android Oreo (version 8.1.0). When I try to record a video, it always stops immediately having recorded a 0s long video. These 0s videos are viewable in my "ES File Explorer" app but they're not visible in the camera app itself. Specifically...
  6. MoodyBlues

    Videos not playing in various browsers

    Well, my other thread is getting no love... :( So how about this?! I recently posted that, with Chrome, videos play just fine--but without sound. So I tried other browsers a few days ago when I wanted to see a specific video. [It's not on YouTube, so that wasn't an option.] Here's what I got...
  7. MoodyBlues

    [SOLVED] Videos play, but there's no sound

    Whenever there's a video in a web page, Chrome will play it--but without sound! Here's an example: Going to it in another browser, like Firefox, the video plays as it should. I'm using the most current version of Chrome, on a Moto Z² Force running Oreo 8.0.0. Ideas?
  8. A

    Help Lost video

    I accidentally paused my video while I was taking it and didn't realise until much later then unpaused it. Is there a way my phone may have saved what happened during the pausing??
  9. I

    Help Sound, video and calls not working at all Galaxy s5

    On Monday night my Galaxy s5 was working perfectly well... but I woke up on Tuesday to find that it wasn't allowing me to play any videos - on YouTube, Facebook, Snap chat, my gallery or anywhere else. I also realised there was no sound at all on my phone not even for notifications. Later in the...
  10. M

    Help Audi problem

    So every time I record a video everything is fine, but when i watch it the audio makes a loud beeping noise then sounds like a printer printing paper Everything is fine when I call, or listen to a YouTube video
  11. S

    Help Can an Android phone be used as a field monitor

    Ok, I'm hitting a brick wall on this and I'm hoping someone here can help me. I have several Android devices that I could use, including LG G5, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy 5, 4, and 3. I would like to use the Android phone as a field monitor for my Sony SLT-A57 camera. I know that you can tether...
  12. A

    Help Unknown error on video on Galaxy s6 but just ONE video- not all

    Last week I filmed a few videos with my Samsung S6. @-3 days ago I showed the video in question (just one of them) to somebody, so that moment the video was fine. I started to upload the video on google drive. Next thing I know: the video on the phone can't be read anymore "unknown error" and...
  13. Android News

    Video: Pokemon GO player crashes into police car and blames the game

    Another Pokemon GO incident has occurred. This time, someone sideswiped a parked police car while tracking down Pokemon. Funnily enough, the person blamed the "dumb" game for the mistake.
  14. Android News

    Facebook videos can now be saved to your Android device

    Facebook has silently rolled out a feature which allows you to save Facebook videos to your device. The videos can only be accessed and watched using the Facebook app, so you will not be able to share them with any other service.
  15. A

    Help Snapchat video problem

    Hi everyone! After some months, even after so many updates on Snapchat my problem isn't solved yet. My problem is whenever I take a video with the main camera, it just takes a picture and freeze instead. I don't know what to do anymore. I thought about changing the video quality but snapchat...
  16. Android News

    Video details updated TouchWiz UX for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    A new video showing off an updated version of TouchWiz has been posted. The new experience brings a cleaner overall look, redesigned settings menus, and an improved notification area. The update is expected to debut on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  17. Android News

    Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama will have a live discussion

    President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg will have a live video discussion today. The discussion will be regarding business and entrepreneurship, however we could hear an expanded discussion on the political importance of live video. You can watch it live on YouTube at 1:45 PM ET.
  18. Android News

    Facebook now allows users to post video replies to other people's status updates

    Facebook has announced that you can now post video replies to other people's status updates. To use the feature hit the photo icon under someone's status update and you'll be five the option to upload and record a video.
  19. A

    Help Record video using external microphone

    Hello. I'm trying to use a Sony ECM-CS3 lavalier mic with my smartphone. The problem is: When I use the voice recorder, the smartphone uses the ECM-CS3. When I record videos with the native camera app, the smartphone uses his own mic. I want to record camera videos with ECM mic. I am using this...
  20. Android News

    First OnePlus 3 official teaser video hits YouTube

    OnePlus has published its first OnePlus 3 teaser video on YouTube. The video doesn't reveal anything about the upcoming phone, but it does show that the handset will make its debut on June 14 at 10PM EST.
  21. Android News

    ASUS begins teasing Zenfone 3 announcement

    ASUS is starting to tease the announcement of their Zenfone 3 lineup. The teaser video shows vivid imagery of landscapes, mountains and skies, with bits of an actual phone sprinkled throughout. The phones are expected to be fully revealed at Computex later this month.
  22. Android News

    Moto G4 Plus unboxing hits the web

    An early unboxing of the Moto G4 Plus has arrived on YouTube. The video shows how the phone comes packaged. We get confirmation that the Moto G4 Plus does, in fact, ship with a Quick Charge 3.0 charger.
  23. Android News

    Samsung Gear VR ad shows how a dad can capture a 360-degree concert for his teenage daughter

    Samsung has released a new ad for the Samsung Gear VR. A dad apparently won't let his daughter go to a concert due to being sick, so he instead goes to the concert to record it with a Samsung Gear 360 camera. The daughter later enjoys the concert on her Samsung Gear VR.
  24. Android News

    Nat and Lo's latest video gives us a tour of the Android Auto research lab

    Nat and Lo are a duo of Googlers who started a video series to give us deeper looks inside the mega technology company. Their latest video takes us on a tour of Google's Android Auto research labs where the company undergoes tests and experiments to help shape Android Auto. The lab features car...
  25. Android News

    LG shows the making of their Jason Statham LG G5 ads

    LG is giving us a look into their advertising for the LG G5. The company used Jason Stathom to create playful ads for the LG G5, because they want to get across the idea of a "playground." The 2-minute video shows a brief look at what LG had to do in order to bring their crazy commercial to...