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【Honor 5X】 Hidden Features in your device

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Honor, Mar 3, 2016.


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    Did you know that the Honor 5X has a range of premium features that are built into the operating system that not even the Huawei flagship Mate S does not have? By looking at the fingerprint features, we are able to see these functions.

    They might look complex, but they are just as handy and functional as the SmartKey present in the Honor 7 and 7 Enhanced. Lets take a look.

    By accessing the >Settings >Fingerprint >Touch control and swipe feature
    Amongst these features, the most interesting include swiping upward to display the "Recently Used Apps", while tapping and holding here, will "Return to Home Screen." By using these, the user is able to skip several steps of the navigational bar to quickly access these functions just through the touch control.

    Did you know that EMUI also allows swiping down from the Gallery to access the camera function? From the Photos tab in the Gallery section, swiping downward from the middle of the screen will bring down the camera app which opens halfway, and further swiping would fully access the camera app. By doing this in reverse, you are able to acheive the Gallery! It works both ways!

    You can even hide your private photos without entering the privacy settings!
    Albums -> Menu -> Hide albums.

    Note: By entering "Photos" through menu, such feature is not able to

    Although Honor 5X has many features, however we should not only to pay attention the special features but also the minor usages in order to maximize the full potential of Honor 5X.

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