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1.5ers to OTA 2.1 then back to 1.5?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BlazeD OnE, May 29, 2010.


this is for 1.5 to OTA 2.1, Please. How many went back to 1.5?

  1. Yes, I went back to 1.5!

  2. No, are you kidding me 2.1!

  1. BlazeD OnE

    Thread Starter

    how many OTA 2.1ers went back to 1.5?

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  2. BlazeD OnE

    Thread Starter

    were u people at, cmon!
  3. paleodust

    paleodust Android Expert

    Are you kidding?! 2.1 seems better in every way. Why would anyone want to take a step backwards? What would possibly be gained by going back? :thinking:
  4. BlazeD OnE

    Thread Starter

    I have a bunch of bugs with 2.1, and not with 1.5.
  5. BigDaddyFromCincinnati

    BigDaddyFromCincinnati Well-Known Member

    I have had so many stupid little problems with the new OTA update I am ready to go back to 1.5. I never had these problems before but now they are a daily occurrence. The phone has to have the battery pulled and reset almost everyday due to locking up and not being able do do certain things. I never had this problem before the OTA. Any advice?
  6. ianblaise

    ianblaise Lurker

    I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to the bugs and having to pull out my battery.
    Damn thing also can't find my songs, videos, and when i use a file manager to play my videos it only plays the sound -.-

    Definitely need to go back to 1.5
  7. BlazeD OnE

    Thread Starter

    it's very easy to go back to 1.5, if you need any help.
  8. paleodust

    paleodust Android Expert

    Rather than go back to 1.5, you should probably take your phones back and get them replaced. I'm not having issues like that. I don't think that's normal. It may be a hardware issue.
  9. BlazeD OnE

    Thread Starter

    can't be hardware issue if it's a problem in 2.1 and not in 1.5..
  10. paleodust

    paleodust Android Expert

    It can if it's only present in certain phones. The software is identical but the hardware isn't. It's been suggested that certain hardware issues may have been pre-existent but dormant. In other words, the software may be using parts of the hardware that were previously untapped.
  11. T2noob

    T2noob Android Enthusiast

    I'd be better to just root......
  12. BlazeD OnE

    Thread Starter

    Hey what do you think would be a good ROM for me, I like the aloysius ROM, I just want it to be fuly functional, like have all the soft keys and everything else work
  13. BlazeD OnE

    Thread Starter

    there's definitely something wrong, when almost half(the people who have voted) went back to 1.5(including myself)
  14. T2noob

    T2noob Android Enthusiast

    Mmmm it's all about personal choice. I haven't messed with any of the newer roms, but you might like cyangeon for the eris or senseless. I'm running my own version of the OTA that has root and over clocking and it's working fine for me only problem was the mms not working but I called vzw and it looks like they fixed it for me. I've heard great things from cyanogen for eris so you might want to give that sa try.
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  15. BlazeD OnE

    Thread Starter

    Thanks T2NOOB!
  16. justin514

    justin514 Lurker

    How do I fall back to 1.5

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