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General (1 MB) Minimal App for Reminders

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Harsh Bhatia, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Harsh Bhatia

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    Jul 17, 2017

    Jul 17, 2017
    Reminder App for Daily Work : Prompt


    This app helps you create a reminder and alarm for any of your daily tasks with the option to periodically repeat them. There are a number of alarm and reminder apps used for daily tasks on play store but Prompt stands out. The beautiful Material UI of the app makes it the best available alternative among all other daily task reminder and alarm apps. We tend to forget a lot of things due to our busy lives, reminder helps us to complete all our tasks without fail. We need to wake up on time and alarm helps us do that.

    In today's era, punctuality is the most important characteristic of all successful people. A punctual person is able to complete all his task on time. Students, Teachers, Politicians, Officials, Traders and the Farmers all have used prompt in order to win glory and success in life. Prompt helps you stay punctual and always on time by reminding you about what to do, when.

    Punctuality brings in its trail efficiency. A punctual person commands the confidence and respect of others. If we look at the lives of all great men, we would realize that they had got a time schedule for every day. The Alarm feature of prompt will help you rise early in the morning and kick-start your day!

    Those who have problems in waking up early, Prompt is the ultimate solution for you. You will never fail to wake up, ever.

    Everyday routine provides a sense of structure and familiarity. Structure is a way of organizing your life so that it makes sense to you. You wake up with a sense of ownership, order, and organization of your life.

    One of the more convenient reasons why prompt is important is because it negates the need to regularly remind yourself about what to do. You already know what you have to do each and every day. Once you are finished with a task, you already know what is next on your schedule. This structure provides direction in your life, enabling you to act instead of standing still because of a lack of direction or decision paralysis.

    Another major reason for using this app for daily work is that it creates a routine. A routine is something that you do over and over again, eventually making it a habit. Once it is a habit, you do not need to think about it to act. The act of automation increases efficiency in your life, by enabling you to do things without consciously thinking about it. You will automatically get things done, without having to remind yourself to get things done. In this manner, you do not let anything slip and you save time by not having to decide what to do with your day.

    Use Prompt daily to never miss out on any task!



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