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1 month usage: Iphone vs Inspire?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jlm86, May 14, 2011.

  1. jlm86

    jlm86 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Purchased Inspire for my first Smartphone...
    So much tweaks for power containment, worrying about battery usage...

    I am curious now why I did not buy an Iphone? Never used one really, but do not hear all those "others" complaining about all this crap about battery issues.....

    give me your thoughts please...I still think for may folks, the battery issue is a Showstopper for purchasing this product....

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  2. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Android Expert

    My husband just went from iphone 3gs to inspire. His iphone (2nd one by the way) was so glitchy constantly freezing when he was on a call sometime he couldn't get back to the screen to end the call. And having to reboot it. Even when he did the iphone updates nothing was fixed. He hasn't really noticed too much difference in battery usage between iphone and inspire but I got some extra htc batteries just in case.
  3. nbaylinson

    nbaylinson Lurker

    I switched from having an iphone for 2 and a half years to having the inspire. I love it. The customization is really what impresses me every time I use the phone. EDIT: My battery life is really no different then my iphone was. I am a heavy user on both and am not really sure on standby times. Keep in mind - bigger screen = more battery drain. Rooting is supposed to cure battery issues but I am totally unfamiliar with it, so I can't advise either way.

    Pros: Huge screen, custom notification tones, thousands of free apps, widgets, custom keyboards, custom dialers, custom email, custom everything. You can always find an app suited for your exact needs.

    Cons: My only real issue (and its very small) is on my iphone there was no such thing as a "force close". everything just always worked.

    A few apps that I can't believe I lived without:

    Widgetlocker - custom lockscreen so that I dont have to unlock my phone to check all my missed calls/texts/emails/appointments/sports. I cant even explain how much I love it.

    Sportstap - Had it on the iphone, but having the widget makes it a million times better.

    missedit - lists missed calls/email/texts in a widget.

    clockr evolution - time and date in words. very unique. tajm and clockr free are also along those lines.

    GOLauncher EX - this is my fave. its a home replacement app. does not involve rooting, but allows me to change the look of the icons and add homescreens. Very important to me, as I could not stand how all my icons were different colors. Also offers dock replacement. The gross looking and underfunctioning dock on the sense UI drove me nuts. In addition, it changes your app drawer and allows you to create folders in it and organize it how you please. and its FREE. really its just the most awesome thing ever.

    Hope that gets you started. These forums are great for getting any info you could dream of!
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  4. Jim85IROC

    Jim85IROC Newbie

    My wife and I both stepped into the smartphone world this week... she got an Iphone 3G, I got the Inspire. So far, I definitely prefer my phone... and she prefers hers. I find mine more intuitive to use, and I'm quite satisfied with the battery life. We don't have cell service at the house, but we sit here for hours at night playing on the phones (wi-fi connected) and they seem to hold up well. I will say that my phone charges FAR more rapidly than hers.
  5. AustinTech

    AustinTech Android Enthusiast

    Inspire is a much better phone. Better GPS, better apps, better voice controls, hell, the fact that you get to choose darn near EVERYTHING you want on the phone makes it 100X better. Don't like your keyboard, get a different one. Same for the phone's theme, texting programs, e-mail...you do what you want. And a widget on an Apple? They don't exist.
  6. poriggity

    poriggity Well-Known Member

    If you are not happy with the Inspire, go get the iphone. I get tired of people coming in here saying how horrible the inspire is, and how they should have gotten an iphone. If you feel that way, instead of announcing it, go buy the iphone. Simple as that.
  7. lordpuffer

    lordpuffer Newbie

    I had the iPhone 3GS and the 4. I like the inspire way more than the iPhone. Many more options on the Inspire. And to me, I like an Android OS much better than iPhone's OS. Also, over the air updates are much easier than hooking your phone up to iTunes every time there is an update. To me, the iPhone started it, however, the Android is going to finish it. Plus, I love the design of HTC phones.
  8. blazeplacid

    blazeplacid Well-Known Member

    the reason the battery life is so bad is because no one ever puts it down LOL!

    its true, if im busy at work the phone will last all day with no problems, if we are slow the battery is done before lunch.

    but if you dont like the phone you should return it, nothing worse than paying money for something you are not happy with.
  9. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    I am a computer scientist working in a complex cross platform environment. Therefore, for the last fifteen years I've used Mac, Windows, Linux, and Unix.

    Being a very serious mobile communications and computing enthusiast, and traveling internationally for work, I've always carried two phones on my person and three or four more in my laptop bag. (Am I sick or what? ;))

    I've had every iPhone made from day one. I've had such a ridiculous number of other unlocked, unbranded phones from all over the world it's almost embarrassing. So my only point being I have some experience with several mobile Operating Systems, iOS, Android, Symbian, and OpenMoko just to name a few.

    One of the daily carries is an iPhone the Other is one of my many Androids. Personally I prefer the Android, but do not declare ANY phone the best, because we all have different likes and dislikes. l have no reason or desire to bash any phone or manufacturer.

    For me the choices are exciting and I get to learn a tremendous amount. It's inevitable for people to compare the iPhone to Android, simply because they are both phones. Where the problems come in is that too many people expect them to be the same and get lazy, refusing to spend time learning the Android Operating System.

    Most of you know this but for those who do not, the one major distinction is that Android is Linux based, it's a real hand held computer with an accessible file system just like your laptop or desktop. So as a result there is more to learn.

    iPhones are a bit simpler and do not have a file system to learn. They are basically iPods with phones included. They have apps in place of real programs like Androids do. And even though they are both called apps there is quite a difference in the protocols used to create them.

    Due to the exceptional marketing done by Apple, and the cult like following they have developed, their sales volume is huge. The advantage in that thus far is the number of apps that are available. However those of you who follow tech news know that Android is closing in fast and soon will have even more.

    At the end of the day they are both good phones, it's really a matter of personal preference.

    Being an engineer in this business, I naturally prefer the flexibility and openness of Android. It allows me to do things with my phones that are totally impossible on an iPhone, even if jail-broken. I have each and everyone of mine setup just a bit different for fun and productivity.

    My suggestion to those who are new, and if you have some patience and desire, read all you can both on this forum and by using Google. It will increase your awareness of all that is available for you to do even if your not a programmer or work in the tech field.

    Good luck to all!

    Cheers :)
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  10. jeffkoe

    jeffkoe Lurker

    Thanks. Great thoughts. I just got the Inspire after using iPhone 4. It's a big adjustment but I'm geeky and enjoy the process. Nice to see such a balanced response and welcoming attitude.
  11. jeffkoe

    jeffkoe Lurker

    Thanks for your balanced and well thought out review on the subject. Your perspective as an engineer is unique, I think. I've also had every iPhone model. The iPhone 4 is great, and the cellular reception is the best of all Iphones. Using the field test for my iPhone 4 versus my wife's 3gs, the 4 yields about a 10 dBm signal strength improvement. Intrugued by your thoughts about the difference between the Android's genuine programs versus the apps on iPhone. I just got the Inspire and am seeing if I can switch, primarily because I need a bigger screen to type more accurately and to better see it (my eyes are going bad). Android seems to have thought out notifications in a more coherent way. The iPhone notifications system isn't really a system to my mind. Also, while the iPhone 4 is beautifully designed, I'm constantly worried that I'm going to break it! I prefer a device with a more rugged feel. My Inspire has weird quirky stuff that I can't figure out. I plug it into my Windows 7 laptop and put it into disk mode. The SD card doesn't show up! Windows sees it as an Android device, however, in the "devices" menu. I download HTC Sync, it can't see my Inspire. I know I'm setting the connection correctly because I downloaded and read the HTC manual! With my iPhone I could just connect it to any computer and see the internal storage without drama. Very impressed with the build quality of the Inspire though. I'm going to give it a week then decide which to keep.
  12. mrcamp

    mrcamp Well-Known Member

    Well said Aatos.1. Each of these phones have advantages and disadvantages, and it really depends on what your needs are and which one suits you. I have both the Iphone 4 and HTC inspire, and I interchange them from week-to-week. Yes, if you are comparing the battery alone, the Iphone4 lasts longer. The inspire has a bigger screen and is much more functional, so that will obviously use up more battery. Chargers for both phones are cheap enough, so I always charge mine (Iphone4 or Inspire) at mid-day. However, they both will last me all day even if I do not charge during the day.
  13. allisonj614

    allisonj614 Newbie

    That was very helpful, thank you! Like you I had the iPhone. I am having so much trouble adjusting to the inspire. I think I knew everything that had to do w the iphone. My question is about rooting. At first I thought it was like jail breaking, which is frowned upon and sometimes messes up your iPhone. Rooting isn't a bad thing? What exactly is it? I'm totally confused! Please help of you can.
  14. kurpaige

    kurpaige Newbie

    I have the ip4 and inspire and so far i like the iphone for the look and feel. The display is amazingly clear. I like the simple OS. At the same time, I like the inspire because of android not being so simple. All you can basically do with ios is folders. Even after jailbreaking you can theme it but can't do much else. If your into using your phone to provide you with information as I am, android's widget are perfect. The notifacation system is only bested by webOS and its a close second. Rooting and adding leedroid is what helped me use the inspire day to day cause it really helped out on the battery life.

    One thing I do notice that in using both phones as a phone i do about 5 to 10 calls a day and 100s of texts so that's equal but then I switch from one to the other, I seem to use my inspire more for connecting to the web, typing up notes in evernote, replying to more mail rather then just reading them because of the bigger screen and I use the iphone more for taking pictures so my battery on my iphone last a lot longer.

    One other thing but i have to check more into it is with my iphone i can take pictures and videos all day long without worrying about my battery but with my inspire it feels like every second that goes by takes 1% of my battery live when the camera is on.
  15. Jim85IROC

    Jim85IROC Newbie

    After trying to copy some MP4 files on a data cd to my wife's iPhone for her listening pleasure last night, I'm absolutely confident that I made the right decision getting an Inspire.

    Putting music on my inspire: Drag & drop in Windows Explorer. Total effort not including transfer time, 4 seconds.

    Putting music on iPhone 3g: Load iTunes, spend 10 minutes looking all over for iPhone sync... then go to apple.com to download new iTunes version. 5 minutes to download, 10 to install. There's the phone! Want to sync the phone to iTunes? Not until you update the firmware on the iPhone. Want to do that? Not until you allow iTunes to make your PC it's bitch by linking it to the entire apple kingdom. We finally get around that, and want to put the cd contents onto the phone. But wait... first we have to get the cd contents into the iTunes "library" which should be called "vast wasteland of every song file anywhere on your PC, all dumped into one common area". If your files aren't properly tagged prior to this, good f'in luck ever trying to find them in the list of approximately 4,326,173,321 songs. After 30 minutes of trying to find a more logical way to work this POS, I gave up and my wife systematically searched for all 19 songs and manually transferred each to a playlist, then on to her phone. Total time, over one hour.
  16. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    I'm telling you the more you use the Inspire and discover all you can do with Android you will enjoy it even more.

    About the only problem I have with my Inspire is for some reason it takes me 4.3 seconds to load my music...

    I'm so much slower than you are... ha...ha...ha... :)
  17. karnblack

    karnblack Newbie

    I love that I can browse the android market on my pc then click "install" to wirelessly send an app to my phone.

    I can't believe Steve Jobs is saying we're living in a post PC world, but his devices couldn't survive without them.

    I love that I don't ever need to connect my phone to a PC.
  18. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, the Jobs is so out of touch, because he's so full of himself. I've never known any CEO as arrogant and dictatorial as Jobs. He truly thinks he the most brilliant person on earth. His attitude of knowing what's best for us, really ticks me off.

    Not to mention the way they censor apps. Swype is one of the best input methods for a touch screen ever. Apple rejected it, and I think the reason was jealousy that they didn't create it.

    On a positive note, ya gotta love Android :)

    I started with the first one that was sold through T-mobile, buying it just out of curiosity, and to have a secondary phone to try some things with (I'm a software engineer). Well that did it. Even though that first phone has many bugs I could see the potential.

    Now I'm deep into the Android mix with several phones and so much interest in the future of this platform. The freedom one has is just terrific.

  19. uklibre

    uklibre Lurker

    my iphone battery was better, but my Inspire kicks some iOaSs

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