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1 text message to read Notification (ICS issue)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by socialphobia, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. socialphobia

    socialphobia Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys,

    Just moved over from the easy life of Blackberry to Android (not even been a week yet) and all was going well till I upgraded to ICS.

    I Have a GT-l9100 running 4.0.3

    The issue is, I receive a new text message, I read and reply to it yet I still see '1' in a circle over the message icon at the bottom of the screen. I went in to the messaging section in applications and cleared the cache and that just created more issues (all sms failed to send from then on), I rebooted the device and the icon was gone and I was able to send sms again.

    I did try to search for a solution, but with no luck.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  2. v28

    v28 Newbie

    Hi, just to let you know you are not alone with this. Since the update I have also had this problem with both text and emails. Some times it goes after ten mins or so, other times not unless I restart the phone. I think this is one of the issues which will be fixed by 4.0.4, when that will come is a grey area at the moment though.
  3. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    Even I am on official 4.0.3 but I am not facing this issue and I haven't seen many others face this issue.
    Do you both have a third party messaging app installed? Which version of ICS are you on? LPQ or later? Did you do a full wipe while upgrading to ICS??
  4. caloyzki

    caloyzki Android Enthusiast

    im running 4.0.3, i dont have any third party apps. i have LPE... i dont know it that is later or before ofr the ICS. i dont know how to do the full wipe. i didnt do anything bfore the update. my phone is not root. what do you think?
  5. socialphobia

    socialphobia Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sorry, I don't know what LPQ means (I'm still new to Android), all I know is that when I first got the handset (nearly a week ago) I installed kies on the laptop, backed up all my stuff and updated the firmware through Kies so I'm guessing it's an official version of 4.0.3.

    I don't run any third party apps for sms, just use the phones stock sms system.

    Thanks for the replies so far guys.
  6. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    LPE was an unofficial build as far as I recall also since you did not perform a full wipe certain problems are expected.
    I would recommend updating to a more latest version of ICS (LPQ, LPS, LP7 or LP8)
    Furthermore I would recommend getting root installing Titanium Backup to backup your apps then doing a full wipe when you update.

    Full wipe guide

    O'm not really sure what the root of your problem is and whether it will solve it or not, but according to me this is your best bet, also you would be on a more latest rom.
  7. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    Well if your update was pushed via kies it was definately an official one.

    Can you please dial *#1234# from your phone and post the 4 lines of text that you will see. Also which network carrier are you on and your region.

    To be honest you shouldn't face this issue with an official build, anyways we can try to see what the cause of the problem is and try to solve it.
  8. v28

    v28 Newbie

    I'm running stock lpq, upgraded through kies and have performed a full wipe. Problem still exists, but now thinking of rooting and flashing to get away from touch wiz. Thinking of the new F1 Galaxy Nexus rom.
  9. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    Hmmm... before you change ROMs can you please install a third party sms app like goSMS pro and tell me if using that solves this problem or not? Since you went through the entire proper update sequence you should not face this issue at all.

    p.s. do pm me on the performance of the ROM after you have flashed it.
  10. socialphobia

    socialphobia Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Here's the info required:

    PDA: l9100XXlPQ
    Phone: l9100NELP2
    CSC: l900H3FLP2
    Build info: Fri Mar 9 01:58:19 KST 2012

    I'm in the UK on o2.

    Thanks again.
  11. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    Ok, I'll have a look if others on your firmware are facing the same issue.
    As an alternative solution try installing a third party SMS app and disabling notifications on the default app. See if that works.
  12. caloyzki

    caloyzki Android Enthusiast

    i get the LPE update from KIES. so that is unofficial even i get it from KIES? how can i update to LPQ, LPS, LP7 or LP8? my phone is not rooted. can i still update it if im not rooted? i tried download the titanum but it says it only work if the phone is rooted. is this phone much better if it is rooted?
  13. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    If you got it via Kies its an official update.

    Dial *#1234# and post the 4 lines that you see.
    I will post the link from where you can download the latest release for your phone.

    Alternatively you can wait for it to be pushed via Kies.

    You do not need to be rooted to update the phone.

    Titanium Backup requires root to run. There are many more advantages to having root. But it is risky too and it voids your warranty. It's upto you if you wish to root your phone or not.
  14. caloyzki

    caloyzki Android Enthusiast

    this is the version
    PDA : I900UHLPE


    CSC : I900UUBLPE

    BUILD INFO : FRI MARCH 9 13:49:34 KST 2012.

  15. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    From this I can see you are from either Trinidad & Tobago region or Venezuela or Dominican Republic, which one is it?
    Also is your phone branded to a carrier or unbranded?

    I like your enthusiasm :)
    I'll post the simplest guide that I can, give me a little time.
    But be vary of the risks involved and remember that you shall be responsible for it.

    Post the details that I asked for and I shall get started.
  16. caloyzki

    caloyzki Android Enthusiast

    im from usa. and i just bought this phone from one of the seller online. i think the phone is unbranded because i cant find anything apps or something that it says from any of the network. ok just let me know what do you need and il let u know. thank you so much.
  17. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    In that case I'll make a guide for the latest version for an unbranded handset.
    I'm in the office right now so you would have to wait for 10-12hrs.
  18. caloyzki

    caloyzki Android Enthusiast

    ok sounds good. thank you... im waiting. :)
  19. caloyzki

    caloyzki Android Enthusiast

    my friend, i thought are you gonne help me?
  20. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    OMG, it totally slipped my mind :eek:... am really sorry.

    Will upload a guide soon.

    BTW i looked around, LPE version is actually the latest version available for your region. So you are on a latest firmware, so you only need help with rooting. Or do you want to manually reflash too?
  21. caloyzki

    caloyzki Android Enthusiast

    my friend to tell you the truth, i have no idea which one i really need to have. maybe all the best way that i need to do before rooting and after rooting? sorry my friend. you know more better than me.
  22. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    Looking at the information that you have given above... and assuming that you have missed out the number "1" after the "9" in each of those listings, (otherwise you have an I900, Samsung Omnia!), then you have as follows:-

    A Samsung Galaxy S2, (GT-I9100), running the latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0.3, for Trinidad and Tobago.

    If you now wish to root your phone then I would suggest that you carefully read and follow this step-by-step, easy to follow, guide with video, here:-


    The kernel that you will need to root your phone, see post #1 under, "The Root Kernel", in the Dummies Guide, can be downloaded here:-

    CF-Root Download

    If, after carefully reading the above guide, you have any further queries then do not hesitate to post them on the, "All Things Root", section of the forum, here:-

    Galaxy S2 (International) - All Things Root - Android Forums
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  23. caloyzki

    caloyzki Android Enthusiast

    im sorry yes it is gt-i9100. Sorry i forgot to put the "1" . So this is the simpliest way of rooting?
  24. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    Trust me... it doesn't come any simpler, (short of posting your phone to me). Everything you need to know about rooting your phone and what it is all about, is contained in the, "Dummies Guide". It just requires careful reading... no shortcuts!

    It is also the recognised and recommended way to root the Galaxy SGII.

    Grab a coffee and start reading! ;)
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  25. caloyzki

    caloyzki Android Enthusiast

    i know. Are you able to help me anytime if i got any problem while doing this?like if im stuck or something.

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