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Support $10 internet plan for motorola cliq xt?t-mobile

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mitchmoney1, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. mitchmoney1

    mitchmoney1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 12, 2010
    hello, i received a motorola cliq xt and i found out that the data plan is 30 bucks a month! does anyone know how to change the apn or something like that to get the $10 a month plan working or already did it to there xt? thanks for the input:)


  2. Sorry, but you can't. The Cliq is a class-C PDA that requires the full internet feature (as does all Android phones) for T-Mobile's network.

    The only PDAs that are available with the $10/mo plan on that provider are the Nokia Nuron and the Samsung Highlight.
  3. louiepolo

    louiepolo Lurker

    Apr 27, 2010
    When I first got my XT, the $10 plan which I already had on my previous phone worked....for about 2 hours. Then suddenly they caught on to me I guess. lol
  4. Jsaini04

    Jsaini04 Member

    May 9, 2010
    I have a behold but since its a tmobile phone and you have tmobile, I can teach you a trick. You can have them switch the data plan for unlimited texting for $10 and this $10 txt plan is separate from the family txt plans but you can also trick them and have it switched to family txt plan if you wish (after a month). They'll tell you that you shouldn't do it cuz it'll make your phone disable typa thing. But that won't be a problem if you have wifi access. Me (with the Behold II) and my friend (with the Cliq) have done this and it works fine. They'll tell you that its not possible cuz its a smartphone and it lose all of it's features but tell them that a friend of ours with the cliq did it. The only thing you lose to the ability to get internet everywhere which, in my opinion, is slow as F-word....
  5. eugenile

    eugenile Member

    Jun 26, 2010
    The only T-mobile branded Android phone that can use the $10 or cheaper unlimited data is the BEHOLD 2. Nexus one works too, but i dont think that is considered a t-mobile branded phone.

    That's the only reason I got the behold 2
  6. You're giving people very bad advice, and I'd caution them not to follow it.

    T-Mobile's newly updated SAMSON/WATSON system is now specifically designed to track features by IMEI, and it's now particularly attentive to accounts within the first 14days of an upgrade. Sometimes, particularly in non-focus cities or markets, you can get away with switching the features on the phone for a lot longer than that... but then, don't go crying to T-Mobile when you open up your bill and see $400+ due for internet usage, which is what we're already seeing now by people who thought they were pulling a fast one.

    SAMSON will switch their accounts back overnight (with no notice) to the proper feature, and WILL NOT BACK-DATE it, meaning that all the time they were on the former cheaper plan, they'll get charged per mb; up to one billing cycle later. This was basically put in as a response to people continually using other lines' upgrades (within a single account or family plan) to upgrade their line, something that the company decided to crack down on in October of 2009. You can also thank that for the reason the $18 upgrade fee is back, in the Southern and Coastal South markets, as well as several others.

    Again, it usually happens in 14days or less, since they've been running the new system, but I've seen it happen to people as far as nearly four months into a new phone.


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